It is very surprising that despite all the education on HIV/AIDS and  its statistics there are people out there who are still ignorant about how the virus is acquired and how it spreads. This was recently demonstrated by commuters on a Gerald Estate taxi who clearly needed more enlightenment on HIV/AIDS

Old lady: Why is everyone so quite? Are you frightened by the HIV infection rate that was in The Voice?

Man in striped shirt: That does not bother me a single bit I still use our underground resources.

School girl: Gatwe underground resources? O raya ditswa mmung (You mean traditional herbs)?

Man in yellow cap: I have very little chances of getting infected I do not have money and cannot afford to take girls on silly trips!

The whole taxi laughs. Just then the old lady interrupts.

Old lady: The reason why people get sick is because they do not consult traditional doctors after their wife or husband dies. There is no such thing as HIV this is boswagadi ( Boswagadi is a Setswana belief that sleeping with someone whose spouse is dead before the set mourning period is over and traditional treatment that follows can lead to illness)

Man in striped shirt: That medicine you are referring to is not meant for healing anything old lady it is for simply suppressing sexual desires for a year.

Every one laughs hysterically

Man in a white shirt: I guess that is the right medication for me as after every piece job I do I get ladies following me everywhere .Is it because I am irresistible or my money is very tempting? All of sudden I turn into a hunk once I am loaded!

Old lady: You do not know that girls are tricky? They will spend all your money and you will be left wearing only the shoe top and no sole under! You will be pricked by thorns while everyone is of the impression that you are wearing shoes.

Man in a striped shirt: I cannot wait to see the day that the medication works permanently on you!

Man in white shirt: (shouting) Glory halleluya! Then I will be saved!

(giggles and laughs in the combi)

School girl: I am still interested to know why HIV is associated with Boswagadi?
I also want to know if the hospital has a special machine to test for boswagadi as all the people who have boswagadi test HIV positive?

Old lady: Boswagadi has taken a special name, it is now called HIV since it confuses the western doctors and nurses a lot and leaves them speechless!

Man in a white shirt: Haha! You are right last time I went for an HIV test the counsellor was knocked down by my results she went round and round before giving me my results .I said Ya!  Boswagadi will drive her dizzy.

The whole taxi laughs hysterically. The man in the white shirt gets down .The taxi drives on.

School girl: So he honestly does not believe that HIV exists ? Well he is slowly but surely sinking into his grave!

The conversation stops

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