SENTENCED: Paseka Jipi

A man has been jailed for six years after attempting to rape a girl 36 years younger than him.

Francistown Magistrates’ Court heard how 46-year-old Paseka Jipi, from the border village of Mbalambi, lured the10-year-old girl into the bush on Christmas Day.

The girl, who originates from Zwenshambe village in the North East district, had visited her grandmother at Mbalambi rural community for the 2009 Christmas holidays and was watching a festive football match.

Jipi who defended himself in court had pleaded not guilty to the charge, but was convicted by Francistown magistrate Milidzani Faith Masiye-Moyo on the State’s ‘overwhelming evidence.’

Jailing him the presiding officer took into consideration that he was not a first offender since he has a string of previous convictions involving violence, although this was his first offence involving sexual violence. She also noted the accused person was a father of five children.

The court had earlier heard evidence from a witness who told how he was alerted by the girl’s screams after he had gone into the bush to answer the call of nature. He then found Jipi holding his erect penis and trying to have carnal knowledge of the girl as he held her down.

The accused, who worked as a bricklayer in the village, was said to have been drinking alcohol before committing the offence.

In passing sentence the magistrate said: “This is a serious offence aggravated by the fact that you attempted to rape a young girl. You did not stop by himself, but only stopped after someone found you while you were about to insert your manhood into the young girl’s vagina.”

Masiye-Moyo said the child was obviously traumatized by the experience and may be sacred of men for the rest of her life.

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