Ruffling feathers is good for democracy

EXPOSE: The litigator is vocal about releasing the results of an investigation on corrupt practices in high places

For a very long time Batswana mastered the art to suffer in silence.

For ages they adopted apathy as their middle name. But not anymore. Our fellow citizens have finally found their mouths and their voices.

Eileen Parra says: “The truth hurts for a little while, but lies hurt forever.” This is very true.

This past week the man about town is member of Parliament, Robert Masitara who is threatening to open a sack full of worms. This follows an investigation on corruption.

Some are in favour and some against his action to become vocal about this sensitive issue. So what?… the man has decided to use his freedom of expression.

He should be commended not ostracized. We need more people to speak out if our country is to become the jewel it is portrayed to be.

We hear loads of disturbing stories especially the high rise in corruption.

People who hold the right political party cards are more prone to be rewarded highly with tenders, lucrative jobs and instant wealth…

We have heard chillingcorruption stories, but we don’t have hard evidence as it is difficult to penetrate the system.

DECLARE YOUR ASSETS: Joy Phumaphi requested members of Parliament

When we hear those in the system singing like canaries about these discrepancies, we rejoice.

Our dream is prosperity for all, so we embrace any light that is shed on the ever growing corruption in our diamond clad motherland.

Allow Masitara to speak. Let him release the findings of the investigations. If he is expelled from his party, at least it would be for a good cause—not petty political differences.

In her time in Parliament, Joy Phumaphi called for declaration of assets by members of parliament (MPs)… In vain..

We have hope that one day, this too will come to pass.

While we toil and spend sleepless nights trying to make ends meet, some effortlessly watch their bank balances soar daily.

Not that we are envious of their sudden fortunes. Far from it… Some of us abhor bribery and just want a level playing field in business affairs, with no favours from anyone.

We have the capacity to work hard to contribute to the development of our country.

But the corruption hinders us as the gatekeepers make it difficult for us to realize our dreams—to fulfill our roadmaps for a better future.Which is why we applaud Masitara for speaking out on corruption.

We respect Phumaphi for demanding the declaration of assets.

We commend Unity Dow who after joining the ruling party pointed out that citizens should know that schools, health clinics, hospitals, roads etcetc.., belong to the people, built through their tax… and are not owned by any party.  This is what our people need to know.

It’s high time each and every Motswana put Botswana first.

HE President SeretseKhama Ian Khama started this politics of dissent by calling his colleagues in Parliament “vultures”…

He went on to say in a candid interview with The Voice that politics was a dirty business citing primary elections as appalling when the politicians attack each other disregarding that they belong to the same party, including his own Botswana Democratic Party (BDP).

NEW KID IN POLITICAL HOOD: Roads, schools, hospitals belong to Batswana not government – Unity Dow

After that, he has stepped on his comrades’ toes in pursuit of what he deems right—at party and government level.

Before BotsaloNtuane defected to the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD)  and re-defected to the ruling BDP, he used  to differ with his own, putting former President Festus Mogae in an embarrassed position as he had specially elected him to parliament. Ntuane was against the call to change closing times for bars and clubs.

He also spoke out against the Media Practioners’ Act, which was enacted. He didn’t win in both rounds but at least he put up a fight.

Speaking out about wrong is noble even if it creates enemies…
Let Robert Masitara  speak… It’s his voice after all… he is the only one with the power to muffle it
. Go for Broke, Mr Legislator!

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