CONCERNED: Kgosi Leboko Keletso and some Gamodubu residents

Gamodubu residents take council to task over flies and diarhoea outbreak

Gamodubu residents have expressed concern over swarms of flies that have terrorised their village in the past two months.

At a meeting to demand an explanation from the council, residents listened in disbelief as the authorities confessed that the council had no capacity to maintain the landfill which has been the breeding ground for the flies.

“The situation is bad and we know. But our machines are down. We are doing our best to get them fixed so that we can destroy and stop any more eggs from hatching,” the Chief Environmental Health Technician in the Kweneng Council, Prince Segokotlo explained.

He revealed that in fact one of the bulldozers which cost over one million pula broke down right on top of the rubbish sometime ago and rats have been eating and destroying some of its cables.

“It takes time for these machines to be fixed and we cannot guarantee when the situation will get back to normal and because of the financial constraints, we have not been able to buy a third machine,” Segovia explained further.
He admitted that the situation has gotten out of control and the it was exposing residents of Gamodubu and Gakgatla to serious health risks.

“However I do encourage you to keep your food, water and utensils clean. Cover them from flies,” he advised

Segokotlo was responding to concerns raised by some of the residents who said the village was now attacked by   diarrhoea caused by contaminated water and food.

“We can cover the food and water, but for some of us who work for Ipelegeng and are forced to leave our younger children at home, your advice would not be practical. Even when the water is covered, the child would use a cup, which would be decorated with fly dropping and therefore infected,” pointed out one of the concerned residents who did not identify herself.

Since the fly outbreak began, about two months ago, Gamodubu residents say they have been forced to keep their doors and windows shut, but still the flies find a way into the houses.

The Village chief, Kgosi Leboko Keletso, said the government has invested millions of pulas in the Landfill and a decision to close it down would not be easy nor  cheap.

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