BOSASNet depends on donor funding and donations from individuals and organizations in our community in order to be able to provide our services.
The core of our operations is our Counsellors, as these dedicated men and women are the ones who provide direct services to individuals, families, and groups on a daily basis.

Since seeing the first client in September 2010, BOSASNet has helped over 200 people who were affected by or suffering from substance abuse and dependency.
The substances that our clients have presented include (in alphabetical order) Alcohol, Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, Crystal Meth, Heroine, Mandrax, Nicotine, Ecstasy, Painkillers, Marijuana, Sleeping pills.

Although BOSASNet has been fortunate enough to receive support, particularly in kind, from other organizations and individuals over the past few years,
the funds from the Alcohol Levy Fund have been the single largest source of cash that has helped us establish and run our programmes.

BOSASNet successfully secured a P3,1m grant from the Alcohol Levy Fund under the Ministry of Health (Botswana) from June 2010 to May 2012. In June 2012,
BOSASNet was approved a no-cost extension of this grant up to 30th November 2012.

Despite submitting funding applications various funds, foundations, trusts, individuals, and corporations for support beyond 30th November 2012,
BOSASNet has unfortunately not been able to secure a Grant or funding from any of them to date to support operations beyond 30th November 2012.

Furthermore, BOSASNet’s own fundraising activities to date have not been successful enough to raise substantial funds for continued operations.

We therefore appeal to you, our supporter, to assist us with a donation of any amount towards our operating expenses so that we can retain our specialized
staff and continue to provide our services to those in need in our community.

Please contact us on 395 9119 or 72659891. You can also visit our website at or email


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