Ricky Lamar is one of the finest Djs in the country.

He has played in almost all the top gigs in the country and definitely deserves to be making big money.
Despite having some form of deformity, Lamaar can put many to shame when it comes deejaying.

He recently put his skills on display at Fresh Exclusive Club in Maun. Ladies could not contain themselves as Ricky turned on his magic,however the popular Djwas at some point disturbed
a by a gentleman who kept moving back and forth behind him?



Yours Truly’s suspicions have finally been confirmed.

A certain young Radio Station Manager has apparently been playing hanky-panky with one of his junior staff members.

The talkative lass; well known for her guttural laughter is apparently pregnant, and has let the cat out of  the bag about her off the MIC dealings with her boss.

Now backed into a corner the boss man has allegedly decided to flex his muscle and forced his beau into resignation.
Shaya has always wondered why wonderful bedroom dealings end up in pain.

I expect those two to be very responsible young people so I will assume that the condom burst.




Shaya has been informed by an impeccable source within the ruling Botswana Democratic Party that  there are a coupleof individuals
within the party who are determined to frustrate President Khama’s grand plan of surrounding himself with “Yes men”.

Apparently these individuals have now realized that their dreams of occupying political office in a democratic way are none existent;they are the lowest ranked in the perking order.

Now these individuals have now decided to revolt and are prepared to expose the party’s dirty linen.
So serious are these men and women that they dare the President to fire them from the party which will only give
them more reasons to dish out more dirt on the party.

Poli-tricks; now opposition’s frowns turn into smiles.

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