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ACCUSED: Chrispen Chawinga (left) and Alex Chipembe awaiting trial

A man was conned out of P27 600 in a desperate attempt to steam up his performance in bed after two self-styled traditional doctors claimed they could enlarge his penis.

The 34-year-old teacher told a Francistown court that he consulted the men after he failed to satisfy his sex-starved fiancée. He described how his manhood was measured against a 15 centimetre long thick stick, which was produced in court as evidence, and told that after treatment it would enlarge to the same size.

Zimbabwean Chrispen Chawinga (24) and Malawian Alex Chipembe (31) were charged with fraudulently obtaining money.

Relating his story to the court the victim described how he had tried sex booster pills but only obtained temporary relief, and so turned to traditional doctors hoping to find a permanent solution.

“When I came home from work I would be very tired and needed time to rest a while before love making, but my fiancée constantly complained. She said I was not satisfying her and suspected the reason I was not performing was because I was cheating on her.

“I also felt that my penis was too small and that was another reason for the constant complaints. I saw an advert in one of the local newspapers claiming to treat such problems, and sought traditional help,” revealed the father of two.

“When I called the number on the advert Chrispen Chawinga answered and I told him that I wanted my manhood enlarged to be able to perform better sexually. When we met he introduced me to Alex Chipembe, whom he said was more powerful and would help with all my problems.”

The teacher, who boldly gave evidence despite the obvious amusement of the court, said the accused had demanded payment of P40 000, which he refused to pay in one instalment.  He told the court: “I didn’t pay all the money at a go because I was not convinced. I was told it was a process so I kept popping out money believing that in the end I would have all my problems solved.”

He explained that he was told to bath in certain medicines and underwent a series of rituals.

“Because I refused to go with them to the bush for the ceremonies, I suggested my house.  But they told me they needed a quiet place so I booked into a lodge.”

HOW BIG?: The court exhibit showing the promised penis length

It was that Chipembe suggested that the teacher had other problems that he could solve. When he revealed that he had money problems they convinced him that they could increase his money if he made a further investment of P12 000.

When it later became apparent that neither his bank balance nor his penis were getting any bigger, the teacher at last came to his senses and reported the matter to the police who arrested the suspects.

The case continues next month.

Although the name of the teacher is known the man pleaded with The Voice reporter not to name him in the story, nor take his picture, as it would cause him embarrassment in front of his students. We have stood by our word even though his name has appeared in other media outlets.

According to the website ‘netdoctor’ the most detailed research into the average length of erections, carried out in Mexico in a sample of around 300 American men, showed the average size of the erect penis to be 14.93 cm. At normal temperatures a non-erect penis usually measures between 8.5cm and 10.5cm from tip to base.

The article goes on to say that despite the fact that some men have big penises and some have smaller ones, just as some men have small feet and some have big feet, the measurement is not an index of virility.

It also points out that there is no correlation between penile size and race despite the myth that black men are better endowed than their white counterparts.

The article written by family planning expert Dr David Devlin states: “Though the vast majority of guys have more than enough bulk and length to perform well as lovers, there’s a widespread masculine obsession that ‘more would be better’.

“Companies who advertise penis-enlarging creams and pills on the internet make vast sums of money by exploiting this obsession. But other than surgery, there’s nothing that’s clinically proven to increase penis size.

“To the average man, his penis is, consciously or unconsciously, one of the most important things in the whole world. At an early age he discovers it and immediately becomes fascinated by it.

But then a note of uncertainty enters his mind: ‘Isn’t mine rather small?’ Look at Dad’s, look at big brother’s, look at those in the men’s changing room – and he asks himself if he will ever be as big as that.

And so he goes on through life, always a tiny bit sensitive about the size of his organ, always convinced that it would be nicer if it were just that little bit longer.

No matter how often it’s written that penile size doesn’t matter, and that women aren’t attracted to a man because of the length of his organ, many males continue to think the same way.”

For the complete article see http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/sex_relationships/facts/penissize.htm



46 Responses to “P27 600 FOR BIGGER PENIS”

  1. ditso 2012/10/28

    Batswana le rona re a gana Sepodise ka sunday mongwe le mongwe se leka go re ruta.Mo ke moipolai yoo sa lelelweng.

  2. mhata 2012/10/28

    tota ka modimo ke ene a go diring ke eng o sa ikamogele…….waitse ga kena kgang!!!!

  3. Real Motswana 2012/10/28

    Tota ke eng ne a sa inwele moringa fela jaaka batho ba bangwe, a tlogela go itsenya mo dilong!!!!! Ao P27 000 o ka latlhiwa motlhofo jaaana??

  4. Chris M 2012/10/29

    Batswana are an easy prey. This is pathetic! When are we ever going to stop obsession with witchcraft?

  5. Tsa OX 2012/10/29

    wa itse le bue leina la this teacher o ruta bana eng tota, o kile a bona kae dilo tseo di okediwa. seso teacher yo!bomata, monna bata di tip mogo rona gore ha o timilwe o dira jang go kgotsofatsa your lover.

  6. pierre 2012/10/29

    People never learn!! I wonder what you teach children. Who will educate the educators tota??? If you are weak in bed, just go to hospital or men’s clinic!!!! Or ask your lady for clues on how to play the game satisfactorily.

  7. eyes 2012/10/29

    o seso…ba santse ba tsile go lo ntsha diso…makoni….P27 000..

  8. Kgogomodumo 2012/10/29

    Waitse kana!!!

  9. neetah 2012/10/30

    batho baba ratang dingaka ba santse batsile go duela thata,oka ipotsa gore ke eng asa amogele seemo a dirisa jone bonnyenyane jo a bo filweng,keeng tota bane basa mofe e tsamayang ko mangoleng a gamolega

  10. boselep 2012/10/30

    I understand what the teacher could be going through. I have tried pills and tablets but didnt work. ke kile ka isa alawance yame yotlhe ko ngakeng with hope that i might increase from 18 to bo 22cm gore mosetsana a itumele le gofeta but as usual ka nokiwa. But for this guy its just strange waitse! how can a 34year old have 15cm? Um only 21 but um around 20cm.

    And the money is just too much!!!!

  11. Tsa OX 2012/10/30


  12. LERALEHUDUGA 2012/10/30

    bangwe batho ga ba rutege le fa go buiwa. mapodise ba lekile go ntse go apala. mme ba le je fela makwerekwere. …………….go tshela yoo dithetsenyana

  13. maure 2012/10/30

    Tota ga motho asa itse gore oka diran ka madi kegone fela gore a lathele ko dingaken. Mothaka yoo obatla esale ngata bathon but monyana ke ene amo tsenyan dingalo are ene gaa kgotsofale. mme gongwe motsadi o bolawa ke tala ene a tshamekisa madi ka dingaka.

  14. Carefokon 2012/10/30


  15. @tshek 2012/10/30

    yaah..neeh mothaka ooh wa tlhanya stra8.

  16. boselep 2012/10/30

    Forgeting about the crazy teacher.. This question is for the ladies, is penal size an important factor in bringing about sexual satisfaction to a woman?

  17. spinach 2012/10/31

    P27 600? I feel sorry for the poor bastard. anyway, for those ba ba dumelang mo dilong tsa setswana, ke rekisa moringa le letsoku. will advertise mo advertiser, le letse autlwa

  18. rouge 2012/10/31

    as a woman, i think 15cm is enough, but the we are different. size does matter, you jst nid to find sum1 your size. there are smaller and bigger women just as there are smaller and bigger men.

  19. @tshek 2012/10/31

    so do u mind me am a nigerian and i have 25 cm lenth and 15cm circumfrence…

  20. Neo Rantsia 2012/10/31

    ehee,borre o ithela ba ikgatha bare rona basadi we are easily tempted gago tsena kako baruting go raa gore bone keba tsa setso.

  21. @tshek 2012/10/31

    Neo Rantsia October 31, 2012
    ehee,borre o ithela ba ikgatha bare rona basadi we are easily tempted gago tsena kako baruting go raa gore bone keba tsa setso.

    Hi Neo,

    Num..num with yum yum…nice..ke tswa jwaneng 15 minutes ago.

  22. boselep 2012/10/31

    rouge… Tanki motho wa modimo!!! ba gaetsho size matters when it comes to sexually satisfying a woman!! if you dont give her the length she wants, shes gona look for it else where!! But dont check dingaka tsa setswana, otla go nosa meroto are bonna botla oketsega a gabile your cash hela, instead check the chemists or pharmacy for such drugs!!

  23. boselep 2012/10/31

    Another question.. this 1 is for the guys cz go tlhotse go ganetsanwa phakela. Does circumcision have an effect in increasing penal size?

  24. @tshek 2012/10/31

    mmmm now ladies like these topic if u are going to look for a bigger size elsewere A.I.D.S is just 2 cm from the pupunas…..

  25. boselep 2012/10/31

    That y there are condoms.. to increase that 2cm to 10cm away. Now buwaing, gatwe which is which?

  26. karabelo@mlangeni 2012/11/01

    wena o tshamekisa batho tichere ke wena, 15cm is to much e bile o kabo o fokoletsa makula if it was possible, or o tsaa gore bone ke dimata modimo o ba timile jaana. madi the a kgona go bela motho.

  27. pierre 2012/11/01

    You people size doesn’t matter! Forget about the rubbish u see in xx films. The woman’s organ is elastic, thus it can expand and contract to accomodate any size. Furthermore the most of the sensory nerves and organs are from the outside (e.g clit, twinnies) to about 2 inches (about 6 cm??) inside the V. Any excessive stimulation of those parts will lead to any lady to reach orgasm. Therefore even a man with about 3 inches can satisfy a lady, as long as he knows what he is doing!!! Some ladies can even climax even with a mere finger!! Wake up guys!

  28. boselep 2012/11/01

    pierre,i find it a bit hard to believe your theory.. i always hear gotwe a woman sweet spots are hidden deep inside (V) so how can a length of 6cm do all that?

    Ever wondered y girls go for older man? Thats because they want that ideal penis (long) that can reach those deep sweet spots which small guys like this teacher cant reach.

  29. pierre 2012/11/02

    @ boselep
    Please read the Voice of this week and you will see that size doesn’t matter. Some gals may go for older men, as you put it, not because the older men have bigger sizes, but i guess because they may have better skills/techniques of pleasing them. Others just go for their man. Growth of a person and organs like the P stops at a certain age, maybe not beyond 20 years – if i am not mistaken.

  30. pierre 2012/11/02

    Sorry, i meant to write that “others just go for their money”, “not their man”

  31. boselep 2012/11/03

    Ok, kea utlwa.. I was just toking from experience plus the answeres i always get from asking my friends ba banyana. Ur right that sometimes it can be all about the money but I will read it tho.

  32. boselep 2012/11/03

    I forgot to ask. Will all of the voice news and articles be posted on this website? Gakena access to the hard copy newspaper cz um in UK.

    Any one can just be free to tell me..

  33. Mmuwa lebe 2012/11/03

    ijah! o e o ketse mr cz mosadi ga a sa e utlwe o tswa mo tseleleng kana e kgalema le nyatso mo lapeng………

  34. Mmuwa lebe 2012/11/03

    @boselep u mast b insane hw did u commment on dez if u cnnt access the voice…….go ko ko UK ba le ruta eng or wht is it that u learn or jst wnted to tell us that u a in UK……

  35. boselep 2012/11/03

    @Mmuwa lebe
    Um not sure wat you mean but i can access it online in my room. This a allows me to speak setswana cz i cant speak it to anyone else here. I need to know if the voice news thats online is the same as from those sold as hardcopy (newspaper) so that i can follow up on whats happening mo gae. The fact that um in UK is not show off honestly. Obatla kego fa my Uk number ra bua as proof?

  36. 27 grand!! and i got mine mahala!! born talented!

  37. mtwizana 2012/11/06

    folks its not always bout tha bigger tool….i bliv mostly its the performance tht matters. u can buy ak47 machine gun and not able to use it well but once u got a pistol, u get a better target and efficiency. and preferably, find a partner who is decent and not jst pic up from the bar nd expct paradice.

  38. boselep 2012/11/06

    So in other words, slender women fit well with a smaller(P) while non-slender women are more suited for a bigger/longer one? This topic is really important to talk about especially for guys cz if our girls bare palela were likely to cheat them for girls ba re ka bakgonang. Honestly, thats what most guys do. Look at the issue yaga mokaila, i strongly feel that one a palelwa ke her wife for reason’s i cant specify but found it easy to do it with a smaller more portable girl.. Lets teach one another and put setswana culture aside for once tlhe bathong..

  39. papa le papa 2012/11/06

    ladies n gents, boys n girls, get this ryt coz i persenally don think size matters, its solely abaut how u play ur game tlhe bannah, im not eny big bodiwise and my third leg, mare BIG girls ga ba kgone ka nna. so hit the right spots ka morethetho o e leng one and o taa aga malapa. by tha way this advice e tenela gor they are gonna follow u like no ones bizznz.

  40. boselep 2012/11/06

    @papa le papa
    But again, how will a guy no that his hitting the right spot? Cz its not common for a woman to tell her man gore “Rra, ontiela nako, ur not hitting my favorite spot”. They will always say that ur satisfying them even if your not. Uwl find that the very same woman whose saying ur sexual performance is good is sleeping with another man. Ka goreng???? Fa o bua le man sleeping with your woman, ofitlhela a go feta ka size (P). From ur discription about how big girls crawl for u dispite ur size mixes my head a bit. Goya ka gore monna osokeletsa dinoka jang? Bagaetsho, um still not convinced sentle ha lere size does not matter cz your not really justifying your reasons sentle.

  41. boselep 2012/11/06

    Kana gape if you think about it carefully, every single case whereby a girl is cheating on his guy, u will always find that the guy (Rra fifing) has a bigger (P) than the guy being cheated. Even a slender girl, uwl always find that o go tsietsa ka motho yo go fetang down there. How do i know? Well, guys never hide things from each other, and will always tell you why your girlfriend chose to cheat on you with him. Personally, i would advice a friend to buy enlarging pills from the pharmacy before considering to start a sexual relationship. Bologo ngwanyana a tlogelle gore gaona madi, eseng gore gao mo kgotsofatse mo bolaong, goa khabata go khandelwa ntsari.

  42. baswabile 2012/11/08

    mathata e le ruri

  43. Tafburg 2012/11/19

    gone mme dick tsedi tona di isiwa kae, nta rona reja monate mme ntse di siame, le wena o rata morobalo monna so much mani just gre ote go letsa banyana ka one, ota ntsha bana ba batho dipopelo ka morithitho oo wa gago oo kareng wa tonki…

  44. Kedisang aka ctttd 2012/11/25

    Hey monna wa batho, rutega plis, tota ene mosadi wa gago one o batla go mo, go mo, go mo ijakg!

  45. tity 2012/11/25

    Size does matter……if he doesn’t satisfy you,mostly gals tend to leave n find someone who makes them happy in bed….it also brings about the respect to a man if a woman is satisfied-thereshe would not mind waking up in the middle of the night just to cook for you because she would be satisfied

  46. cosy 2012/11/27

    aww! shame! seorooro sa Modimo! ke gore wa bo ane a pressurisiwa ke monyana…nxtym ha ngwanyana asa kgotsofale mr tichere, let her go…i am a woman, nd i blve size does not mata at aii..*my opinion*, wata matas ke botegeniki ka nako ya motshameko, buisanan le bone le kgotsofala hale dira jang, tota ebile e mnate ha esa thame, e tsena e tswa esa go gobatse…kana makgoa bare dynamites cum in smal packages..dirisa mo o nang nago o ithute metaele go tlaa sima…bona hela gore piro o kana ka eng, mme o thago di maswe, gaa hloke go nna dimo go re a rage dishoto mo lebaleng..so do th same rre tichere.

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