A poll via social media has revealed that a slim majority of readers feel that Minister of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources, Kitso Mokaila should not resign following sex scandal allegations.

Of the 420 readers responding to the poll question: “Should Minister Mokaila resign following allegations of sex scandal?” 53% believed that the Honourable Minister should stay put in office.


“Do you think bearers of political office (e.g MPs, Ministers) have a moral duty to behave responsibly and act in a way that serves as an example to others, or should their private lives have no bearing on their public duty?”

Thato Rams Jr.: It’s an obvious case, you need not ask such a question. Even though they have to act responsibly, we must know that in the same breath they are entitled to privacy!

Mosupi Ossie-Oscar Molebatsi: I believe they have a moral obligation to the people they represent. We cannot separate their private life from their public duty.They are role models to the aspiring politicians of tomorrow.

Ookeditse Motlhala: We should first realize that those people are just like us. What we do they can also do. They are human, it is just that people put pressure and expectations on them. That guy made a mistake just like we all can, but that doesn’t mean he is a bad leader. He also has a life to live. As long as the Ministry is running smoothly I don’t have any problem with him.

Mokena Mokoena: They must behave responsibly because their misbehaviour affects not only the public, but also their political status. The opposition parties will use that in their campaigns to win voters.

Kagiso Comsah Mogami: Public figure public image! They should behave. People say “Batswana” not “that man who works for Botswana”. That’s silly.

Darlinton K. Sabone: Their private lives should have a huge bearing on their posts. It would be insane to think that our MPs lead two lives now wouldn’t it? Any leader in any organization leads by example, should we now say that since they hold high posts they are invincible in some areas. We should be able to look up to these people and wish we were them. But the latter is far from evident. What is he (MP) teaching kids in Botswana? What is he teaching his own kids?

Promise M Chuma: It’s true guys that public figures are human beings but let’s face it: They have a moral obligation to protect their image and that of the country. Once you become a Minister your privacy is invaded into by default. You need therefore to protect your image and dignity as well as your children.


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