APPOINTED: Motswaledi

The leader of Botswana Movement for Democracy, Gomolemo Motswaledi has been elected the Vice President of the Africa Liberal Network, an organization of Liberal political parties from across the continent.

Motswaledi was elected to the high position last week in Abidjan, Ivory Coast where he was attending the Liberal International Congress, the BMD National Spokesperson, Rasina Winfred Rasina announced on Monday.

“We at the Botswana Movement for Democracy are not only pleased but greatly honoured to announce that our President, the symbol of our revolution; Mk Gomolemo Motswaledi who is still in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, has been elected the Vice President of the African Liberal Network,” Rasina had stated.

In addition to Motswaledi’s appointment, Rasina said the BMD was accepted as a full member of the Liberal International organization.

“ This is a rare and unique decision by the Liberal International as the rule and the trend is that organizations take up to a year as observer members before being accepted as full members,” he further stated

Expressing pleasure and pride on the new development for BMD , Rasina further noted that BMD would not be a disappointment to the  new organization and neither to Batswana as the party will fully utilise the benefits of full membership in full favour of Botswana and the World.

“We congratulate Mk. Gomolemo Motswaledi in his new role as the Vice President of the Liberal International and we furthermore congratulate all Batswana for the attainment of this progressive and revolutionary role,” said Rasina
At the organisation’s last meeting  Motswaledi presented to the congress about the status of politics in Botswana and a need to support by all means possible regime change.

“The Liberal International members have vowed to support both the BMD and the Umbrella for Democratic Change which they hailed as ‘the ultimate solution’ to Botswana’s unfortunate one party state,” added Rasina.

Some of the African Liberal Network principles include the promotion of freedom and dignity of all people through the establishment of political and civil rights, ensuring basic freedom, the rule of law, democratic free and fair elections with peaceful transition, ensuring religious, gender and minority rights, fighting corruption and establishing free market economies.

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