A Voice reporter last Friday went into a photocopying shop which is in the same building and same floor with one of the many colleges in Gaborone. While waiting to be served, a lady who judging from her talk is a lecturer at the college walked into the shop to hand over the toilet keys.

She however did not just hand over the keys and walk away as one of the ladies behind the photocopying counter started a conversation which centered on how modern day girls have no respect for themselves.

Purple dress: Mma, I hope you didn’t forget to lock the toilets, the ways these girls mess up the bathroom is just too disgusting. How I wish we can put those CCTVs which I hear are installed at the Debswana mines toilets so we can see who does what.

Yellow top: Eish how can I forget when I know that if I don’t lock them up we will be greated by used pads and tampons at the door. Nna (me)I really fail to understand why somebody fails to properly dispose off her used pads. I wonder if these girl’s mothers didn’t tell them that no one is supposed to see their menstrual blood.

Traditional blue dress : You can say that again, I almost vomited the other day when I saw what seemed like a fresh removed pad lying on the floor, this is a cursed generation I tell you. Kana menstrual blood should never be seen by anyone except the owner, but for these ones (pointing at three girls who were walking past) their blood is for all to see.

Purple dress: It’s not even only their blood, even the urine and the pooh pooh I never knew that women also mess up the toilet seats with urine.

Traditional dress: Even if we did you would expect a proper woman to at least clean up when they mess up but these one I surrender ( she says lifting up her hands)

Yellow top: The only thing that they know is to apply make-up instead of practicing proper hygiene. Mxim, they disgust me waitse, even in class you see them seated with their legs wide open as if they are selling something in between those legs. I don’t even bother now to tell them to sit properly because they have an attitude.

Purple dress: Maybe they are selling something, you never know (all ladies laugh)

Traditional dress: They are selling to banna bagolo, (old men) haven’t you noticed that some of them are picked up by men with expensive cars who are obviously not their fathers.

Yellow top: I have also given up on this generation, let them continue selling whatever they are selling, it’s sad though that they always realize the consequences when its already late, anyway, see you later bo mme, ( she says leaving and the conversation comes to an end)

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