Claims victim’s father owes him P10 000


A 60- year -old man from Semotswane village has admitted to having sex with his neighbour’s teenage daughter but vehemently denied in court that she raped her.

In his evidence , Otsetswe Samson claimed that the rape charge was trumped up by the girl’s father to avoid  paying him back the P 10, 000  he owed the accused.

“I never raped the girl. The relationship was an agreement between the girl’s father and I. He only claimed I raped his daughter after I had dragged him to court to demand payment of the P 10 000 loan I gave him in 2008.”

Samson who has a seven- year-old child with the same girl accusing him of rape told of how he financially took care of mother and child until 2008 when he realised that the girl’s father had no intentions of paying him back.

Producing a debt acknowledgement letter signed by the girl’s father and some court documents, Samson further said: “The rape charge came shortly after I had summoned the woman’s father to  court for failing to pay me. That is why I suspect that it’s her father who is pushing the case so that I go to jail and then he wouldn’t have to pay me.”

Meanwhile state prosecutor Inspector Paul Chaluza told the Magistrate that the parents of the girl who was a minor by then had agreed to resolve the issue at home but the state was forced to proceed with prosecution when she roped in  Child line to assist her push the matter.

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