A group of young ambitious individuals have come together to organise a business summit targeted at like minded young people.

Young Achievers Botswana (YAB) is an organisation that was founded by a young Motswana by the name of Chicco Mokhe, and this organization has mandated itself to working with organizations and individuals to bridge the gap between the corporate world and the youth of Botswana.

YAB has thus organized a Summit with the theme ‘Empowering the youth through entrepreneurship’ targeted at both youths in business and those looking at going into business.

The Summit will be the first of its kind, having been organized by youth with expected attendance from organizations across the corporate world, both private and public. It  attempts to not only provide attendees with information regarding funding of their start up businesses but will also learn business related soft skills as they receive motivational addresses from those who have been doing it successfully for a long time.

The Summit is scheduled to be opened by the Mayor of Gaborone, Haskins Nkaigwa who has endorsed and stated in his endorsement letter that he believes the summit will provide a platform from which the youth of Botswana will be empowered through entrepreneurship. Attendance is expected from organizations from both public and private sector experts such as LEA, CEDA and KBL KickStart who will deliver various presentations on their services as well as advice and procedures to access these services.

Heads of local initiatives such as Brand Botswana and Consumer Watchdog Botswana are also expected to attend and give presentations.

The Summit will also provide an opportunity for youth in business to promote their businesses, showcase their products as well as provide their peers with advice and insights on the business world.

The Summit is scheduled for November 9 and will be a full-day event. It will be held at the new Tlotlo Hotel and Conference Center Block 5, Gaborone.

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