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Dear Gase,
I have been to dentists, bought the products they recommended, I have used different mouthwashes, toothpastes,
changed my toothbrushes frequently, used mouth sprays, used dental floss, cleaned my mouth at a dental clinic but nothing had changed.

This has affected my academic performance since unlike other students I am embarrassed to get into discussions with other students or ask a lecturer.
This problem has also affected my relationship. Please sis Gase help me before I do something stupid because at other times I ask myself why do I have to be punished this way.

I ask myself what horrible sin I’ve committed to deserve this; imagine being described as ‘’YO O NKGANG LEGANO” (the one with bad breath).

Gase Says…
I have approached a reputable dentist friend of mine and made an appointment for him to examine you. He is willing to assist free of charge.
If necessary he can refer you to other medical professionals.
In the meantime we posted your problem on our Facebook page and received the following feedback.

Moemedi Disele
This also happened to me during my primary school for about four five years. I ate two bulbs of garlic everyday before sleeping, and the odour disappeared.

Olly Arsenal Olly-Kebonye
It is not your mouth, it is the gastrointestinal tract. Just go to the hospital and they will help you.

Maipelo Lekang
Don’t know if you have diabetes but if you do, then that’s Ketone Breath. If not then it might be a gastrointestinal infection. So go back to the hospital and tell them that everything you have done has failed.

Prof-Ricardo Tirelo Setshego
This isn’t a huge deal. I am health worker specializing in this area. Bad breath or Halitosis can be real or perceived. When it does occur,
it can originate in the mouth area as well as from your body systems- e.g lungs, stomach- especially when you have other medical conditions like diabetes mellitus,
pneumonia, stomach ulcers, cancers and the likes. From your dentists I advise you to check with the medical doctors. Mouthwashes to use: Andolex-C Chlorhexidine.

Follow Ripeze
I am just like you, try Sensodyne Cool Gel it helps.

Loco Lox Abram
Every morning before brushing your teeth drink water or eat an apple because it cleanses your system inside including breath,
avoid hot food/tea and eat a lot of onion in food it works, and yes get gums.

Mendez Boemo Mosetlhane
SUGARLESS YOGHURT….Doctors swear by it!!

Dear Gase,

Two years ago I met a guy when I was still seeing another guy – we dated for a while and I fell pregnant.
I was confused as to who between the two could be the father, but decided to wait until the baby was born to find out.

After the baby was born I realized that the new guy was the father. I then contacted him and we arranged to meet when the baby was about 3-4 months old.


Upon meeting him he wanted to know why I never told him before and I said it was because I wasn’t sure.

His last words were that I should either take both guys and the baby for DNA tests or find the child another father.
I then decided to raise my child without his assistance because I couldn’t afford a DNA test.

We met a month ago at a wedding where I showed him the child’s picture taken on her first birthday.
He could see the obvious likeness and now wants to go for a DNA test to confi rm that the child is his before deciding how he can help me raise her.

I’ve given this a lot of thought and I believe I should do it for my child because if I refuse I might be denying her the chance to know her father.
My worry is that he wants us to do the test without involving our parents, so that if the results are negative then we will both forget about it.

Do you think I’m making the right decision? I only feel bad because she’s growing up without a father in her life yet I know that this guy is her father.

Gase Says…

I quite agree with you that refusing to do the DNA test may deny your daughter an opportunity to know her father.
It might also mean that when she is old enough to ask questions, you don’t have to tell her that her daddy was ‘hit by a train.’ So go ahead and do the paternity test.

You’ve been raising the child by yourself and will continue to do so should the test reveal that he’s not the father.
You say you know that this guy is your daughter’s father, so the test will give him the proof he requires and he can start helping to raise the child and forming a bond with her.

The cost of a two-person test from a private company takes about six weeks  and costs around P3000. I suggest you ask him for a contribution.
Did he give any other reason why he doesn’t want both your parents to be involved in this matter?

If you ask him perhaps you’ll no longer be worried about the issue of not involving the parents, as you’ll then understand exactly where he’s coming from.
Personally I don’t think it matters much whether or not your parents are involved.

The subject of the child’s paternity must have been raised with them at some stage, but do not tell me what was discussed.
The important thing is that the test gets done for the sake of the child.


Dear Gase,
I’m 26 and have been dating two guys one is my long time partner with whom I’ve had many ups and downs.
He can be abusive and violent and has had a problem with drink. We once broke up for two years but now we are back together again.


While on that break I met this other guy who’s married and awaiting his divorce to be finalized.

When I started dating this married man it was on the understanding that he would soon be all mine.
However, the divorce seemed to take a whole lot of  time and the pressure of dating a man who belongs to someone else became too much for me.

The  guy had told me that he wanted us to have a child, which was something that I also desired. To tell the truth, since the day we met we’ve never used condoms.
Then in the middle of all this I got back together with my long time partner and we did not use condoms either.

Both guys love me so much but both relationships have challenges although my long time partner claims to have changed for the better.
The married one is a soldier and you know the soldiers’ syndrome. The rumour is that he’s playing the ladies whilst hiding behind the fact that he’s a pastor.

I also ask myself why his wife is divorcing him. Now the main problem is I’m pregnant -which way do I go? I feel like taking my life… I’m finished! Please help me.

Gase Says…

Haven’t you heard how dangerous it is to be in a sexual network…and why the unprotected sex?
You say that you and this guy both wanted a child… but how can you plan to have a child with a married man?

You should have investigated first why this guy’s marriage was falling apart and waited for the divorce to be final before you committed yourself to him.
What is the use of asking yourself now, after the deed is done? Why ask yourself and not him, when he’s the one who has the answer to your question?

Are you saying both these guys love you and you also love both of them back? Do you know who else they’re having sex with?
If they are having unprotected sex with you they’re probably doing the same with their other partners–
If you play with fire sooner or later you’re bound to get burnt.

Tell me, if there’s “soldiers’ syndrome,” what do you call what you’re doing? Taking your life is not the answer and it will never be.
There are people whose lives have been turned upside-down by circumstances beyond their control…

such as diseases, extreme poverty, natural disasters and wars; many have lost all their belongings, their homes, and their families;
but unlike you, they are not talking about suicide! You created the problem you now find yourself facing –

I suggest you start working on fixing it instead of looking for what you think is an easy way out. You’re not finished…you can overcome this, believe me.
You just need a reality check because it seems to me you’ve been in dreamland.
It’s time to think about yourself rather than relying on the men in your life and decide what is best for YOU.

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