Tshepang ‘Chyna’ Mokaila

Q. TOP fi tness instructor and coordinator of the popular ‘Fat Boy Challenge’,
Tshepang ‘Chyna’ Mokaila, will be conducting his fourth annual fitness marathon
on October 20 under the auspices of the Kata-Bo fitness and life style programme.

The Chyna’s Kata-Bo Aerobathon will be at the Ditshupo Hall and this week he talks to Your Money ,
about the fi tness passion that he has since turned into a business venture.

Q. Tell us about Tshepang Mokaila and his love for fi tness and wellness.

Tshepang is a young Motswana man born in Tsabong and raised in the diamond town of Jwaneng.
I’ve always had the love for martial arts and growing up as a child I was crazy about our all time movie stars,
the ones we used to call “ di-staring”, the likes of Van Damme- my favorite even to this day.

I remember I used to emulate him a lot and get in trouble with my parents because I always got hurt.
My parents have been supportive, probably one of the main reasons for my success.

Q. You have been doing fat boy challenge for a while now. Take us through the thought process behind it?

Well, we didn’t create the concept behind the fatboy challenge,it is a Yarona FM initiative.
We got involved about four years back, I think it had been in existence for about a year.

At the time, our brand was new and we went to Yarona FM seeking sponsorship for our event, little did we know they would give something bigger.
Being a part of the fat boy challenge has done wonders for our brand, we are truly grateful.

Q. Please tell us a little about the upcoming fitness carnival.

It is basically an aerobics competition and tickets are selling for P 260, this will include the day events and a price giving dinner later in the day.
Tickets are available at Energym or contact 71502353.

We have instructors and participants form Pretoria , Polokwane, Durban, Vaal ,Kimberly, Swaziland, Lesotho and here at home.
We are going to start the day with a six hour fun class and intense work out.

The workout / aerobics competitions will be divided into three categories; Kata-box, Hi-low and Step with Zumba as a fun class.
If you are new in the world of aerobics don’t worry, we are going to divide the participants into two groups. Beginners and advanced, so the competition will be fair.

Q. How will Batswana benefit from this?

Firstly I wish to encourage Batswana to take fi tness seriously, they can benefi t from this events in so many ways.
Firstly, those in the business of fitness or fitness related industries like water,drinks, apparels etc.

This is a great platform for them to showcase their products to the f tness world of Southern Africa, Basically this event is like your fitness expo.
Not only do we get people fi t and teach them how to stay fi t but we also provide a platform for those in the industry to show case their abilities.

Q. What is your take on nutrition and exercise? How best can we remain fit?

This is my honest answer and probably the best question here for those struggling with weight loss.
One won’t achieve anything without a good diet and by a good diet I don’t mean an expensive one.

Our traditional Setswana food can be a good substitute for many things we eat and find expensive.
Take for example; ntatawane, very rich in proteins and fi ber and low in carbohydrates and starch
and very affordable too.

Basically, I am saying you can jump all you want but it you don’t complement that exercise with
a good diet you won’t achieve the desired results.

Q. There are so many claims on weight loss. It’s all over the internet. Which voices make sense?

Very simple, eat right and exercise and you’ll have the body you desire. Don’t take short cuts.

Q. Fitness is a lifestyle for you. How feasible is it for Batswana to emulate that with work, studies and family?

Very simple and fl edible, let me give an example, if you are working on the third fl oor of a tall building take stairs instead of a lift.
Make fitness a part of your life not a burden. Fitness has to be fun otherwise it will be very hard to do, it’s not easy to lose body fats.

You need a certain level of discipline to achieve this. Introduce your kids to games that involve a lot of movement not a TV game.
Parents complain everyday about lazy kids but they are to blame, teach your child from a young age.

Q. What can we expect at the fitness carnival?

Expect a fun fi lled fi tness learning experience. As custodians of the knowledge imparted on future leaders in Fitness,
Chyna’s Kata- Bo has taken up the challenge to grow the event each year in terms
of local and international participants, Mreviewed speakers, content and overall quality.

We trust that the programme planned for this year’s Aerobathon will be appealing to a broad spectrum of those in the fitness program.
An organising committee has been formed that is responsible for arranging the event while a review committee,
consisting of both local and international experts, has been established to ensure the quality of the event.

To ensure ongoing improvement, we again encourage input from all those interested in the field of fitness,
particularly those who are actively seeking to progress the field, to take part and share their knowledge and experience.

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