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EXPOSED: Lindah Sihluphekile

Minister Mokaila’s alleged sex exploits with young lover become facebook hit

Minister of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources, Kitso Mokaila’s sex life was the talk of the social media this week as details of an alleged illicit sexual affair with a 21-year old woman were revealed on facebook.

Although he did not respond to enquiries despite repeated attempts by The Voice to get him to clear the air on the damaging allegations, by Wednesday the damage had already been done.

Sexually suggestive insinuations between him and the young woman spread like wildfire across the internet as people shared them with each other on the social network with hundreds of facebookers commenting on the matter.

The former minister of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism, whom some dubbed ‘the minister of wild gal’s,’ alleged romantic affair with the youthful socialite – well known in political circles – entered the public domain last Thursday after it was a leaked by her alleged ex-boyfriend.

The screen captured communication that appears to have been entered on 4/10/2012 at 18:30hrs suggesting that Mokaila, who had allegedly gone to Pitsane, had asked the young lady to bring her friend as he wanted to have sex with both of them. It read in part:

“-…I am going to Pitsane tonight back in 7 days. Do u want to go with me?
-Ee! We wanna cme 2mrw than sati’s cme back
-Lets see when I get to Pitsane, I would love to f**k both of u silly all day, all night honey.”

“U know I can do u both”

Bua le nna Monnamogolo wame (Talk to me my old man) when you get there! Love u!

Despite the implicating evidence, the woman at the centre of the controversy Linda Sihlupheki, this week denied having an affair with Mokaila and blamed her reporter ex-boyfriend Daniel Kenosi, of having sinister motives against the minister.

Kitso Mokaila

“There is this thing that Mokaila likes Ma-14 (young girls) and Daniel has always wanted to nail him so that he appears to be some kind of a hero.

When he borrowed my phone recently I did not know what he was looking for. So he screen munched it and posted it on his wall,” she said before later changing her statement claiming that she never communicated with the minister. “I don’t know that man – I only know of him through politics. What will happen if his wife reads about this? Where will I get the money if she sues me?” she said in a tape-recorded interview.

Meanwhile Kenosi who vehemently denied that he was Sihlupheki’s bitter and jilted lover said: “I was a caring brother up until she touched my BALLS.”

LEAKED: Extract from facebook

Kenosi further said that he spilled the beans on facebook only because he was giving himself a right of reply after Sihlupheki had posted defamatory statements about him on her wall.

“She posted sh**t about me, stuff about me wearing cheap underwear and living in a one-bedroom house which is not even true after all, so I challenged her on same platform which she used to discredit me.”

At the time of going to press Mokaila had not responded to The Voice enquiries on the matter.



50 Responses to “THE TALK OF THE TOWN”

  1. chen 2012/10/20

    mo ke matlhabisa ditlhong.mogolo o jele error f ke nnete..v always thot so highly of hm bt now m soooo disapointed..

  2. Sekaba 2012/10/20

    Re tshwere ntshenatshe ka diatla Batswana.a ke yone moral degration

  3. phomphoko 2012/10/21

    Uhu u can do them both mototegi hle o nale maata oa tsaa kae le rona ree go a tsaa mathata aona game just checked out this gal pics on fb ga a monte gothelele mototegi legale ka ne ose after looks ne o ipatela punani gota tweng…….shame on u though

  4. mthebos 2012/10/21

    Uhu,dilo tsaga Mokaila.morobalo oa ratega the!

  5. Lerebele 2012/10/21

    Makgarebe a tletse jaana mo toropo kgolo abo a ya go ja leswe le. Le wame o botoka fela thata

  6. spinach 2012/10/21

    Danile Kenosi u r a disgrace to your family and all men around the world. ur ex is dating Sir Mokaila, why not forget about her and move on. You are the type ya basimanyana ba ba bolayang banyana. You shud undastand gore mongwe le mongwe o ja ee wa gagwe ebile o go dumetse, le mokaila o mo dumetse. I advise Mokaila to sue your broke ass.

  7. ditso 2012/10/21

    Mo go a stress thata ga o ka akanya o ka fitlhela o peka.

  8. yoyo 2012/10/21

    tota this issue z btween mokaila nd this girl…..even though this is bad who r we 2 judge??mistakes happen and no one is perfect so y r ppl so heartless??the reason why we as batswana re palelwa ke go gola and progress is bcoz we spend tym judging and looking down upon other ppl so nna i think lets leave this thing t doesnot cconcer us a single bit so a re tsweeng hela mo go yone…May God forgive you

  9. I see U 2012/10/22

    Gao plan’a goya go ja banyana bale 2, its not a mistake. Mistakes r not planned YOYO. Used to see HIM s a political leader but now I See HE’s just a pervert leader. In this world of AIDS u would think they would practice wat they preach. SIS..wat a disgrace

  10. memos 28 2012/10/22

    Le a di dira the batho dilo di a lo dumela shuuuh! Wetha tru or false god bless u,sis lo thabisa dithong,even a dog e ka se bogole

  11. pineapple 2012/10/22

    To think that i highly respected the man,these is a letdown.But nna ke sale ke tlhoboga when i read his interview a re mosadi o nna ko UK kare nyaa betsho.Our legislators who we trusted to represent us have roving eyes and they are embrassin not only themselves but their families and supporters as well,ao borra itlotleng,le setse le ira Bechuana,Hollywood fela,nonsense.

  12. Semausu 2012/10/22

    Hohoho waitsi mothaka yo Mokaila,Daniel gana molato keraa ene one a ntse a feta ka tsone hela…

  13. sherry 2012/10/23

    i had so much faith in my minister,im lost for words right now,i fell sory for the dear wife.i pray that he doesnt infect her with STIs

  14. @tshek 2012/10/23

    lol.monyakazo at its best…kuku rules the universe…kwakwakwahehehehe.

  15. @tshek 2012/10/23


    ke tseo ditaba ngwanmetsho whats happening with these nation may god help us before the world comes to an end.

  16. lawson meshack 2012/10/23

    i am not saying Mr Mokaila cant go out with ma14 or he isint going out with one. but as soon as i saw this headline and the messages that he allegedly sent i say this is all a lie. Bo dishashe luk at the reason 4 him postin dem messages on fb..its all sounds corny 2 me. I DONT BUY THIS STORY

  17. Monna Kgosi 2012/10/23

    Kitso is human, there’s nothing wrong with what he’s doing. Ga a pateletse ngwana yo go robala le ene. She’s getting what she wants from him (money) & he’s getting what he want from her(sexual pleasure)

  18. Tsa OX 2012/10/23


  19. economist 2012/10/23

    Hey bo kitso ba e leka porn…. Are o ba bata ba le two. Ba di dira dilo tsa hollywood.

  20. economist 2012/10/23

    Ijaa mo le ntsa e ia sia

  21. Dolly by nature 2012/10/23

    o thabisa dithong Mokaila

  22. Sarah 2012/10/23

    okare motho o ka mmona a ba leka ba le 2.ija,dilo tsa bopalamente le bo miinister

  23. @tshek 2012/10/23

    another spear….kwaakwaakwaa

  24. pineapple 2012/10/23

    Ba re, he watches too much porn,”i would love to f**k both of u silly”bwhaaahaaaaaaaa!eish ke mathata….mopalamente o tlotlegang#my foot#

  25. Yami 2012/10/23

    so painful…..

  26. Rraagwe Software 2012/10/24

    Kitso le wena o rata bana okare o mamina. Re setse re go tshaba, le ntsa di tshaba go go bogola. o dimo rre mokaila. ntsha ditedu mo baneng. ao!

  27. Semausu 2012/10/24

    mmmm oka ba dira!!! kwakwakwa, u cn’t xpct this of him he looks so mature and honourable.

  28. mhata 2012/10/24

    ga ke makale……..matona puso a tlwaetse ke mokgwa wa bone ga se mokaila fela an rona banyana le rona ga re tlhalefe e.g is not like mokaila o cheatr wife ka lindar fela ba ba ntsi an ba a mo lwela or ke tlaa re ba lwela malwetsi ba akanyetsa ko morago mo2 wa bone ga hiwa madi a re ke gone jaaka a ratiwa kante ene go itlhatswiwa madi ka bone motho o fita ka bona…..girls pliz a re itlhokomeleng

  29. mhata 2012/10/24


  30. Glasco 2012/10/24

    Nna ke kgathanong le phatalatso ya dikgang tse mo dipampiring. Kitso ke motho hela jaaka mongwe le mongwe. Sex gase bothodi. We are all products of sex so why should it be news. I think govnt shud cme with a law to block papers frm making money thru destroyin others. Jst thnk of balwapa le masika a Kitso le ngananyana yo.

  31. Chinekeeeeee!!!! KITSO!!!!
    but the fact remain the same ha. GLASCO u said it all

  32. Prika 2012/10/25

    come on guyz..i dnt say its rit,evry1 is doing it…he is nt the fist n nt the last ida…..

  33. O itse BoMokaila le re sotlisa ka dichaba………..wat kind of msg are you sending out there? Ke dumela gore rre o ke rre yo o nyetseng yo o nang le bana, what woman and children deserve such a bastard in their lives, ga ke batle go bua ka batlhophi and us as a nation. Re leka go lwantsha mogare and people who should be spearheading the campaign are just acting like f***ups. Whats wrong with you old man? O mogatsa mang tota yoo boneng pono, bana bone??? Fa e le mmadirabanyana o ene, a naare ke moagisanyi fa maina a gagwe o kare go tewa toro e e maswe jaana………u are a disgrace to yourself, your parents and an insult to all the women. Mma a ko o iphutlhe motlhala……….o tla re tshegisa magakabe Mma Mokaila suer mmamphai yoo tlhe. O tsile go bolawa ke bannabagolo seakanyana ke wena.Siis

  34. pierre 2012/10/25

    Am sorry for the family! Its really embarassing. How do u face your wife, children, in-laws, etc?
    I think its also high time govt legalises polygammy. People should be free to marry at least 2 wives, as long as they can support them. Its better than pretending that one has one wife and 100 mistresses/girl friends/dinyatsi, whatever one may call them.

  35. molecule 2012/10/25

    fine mogolo ga a dire sentle. but kenosi to do this come on. what kind of man do that. ha o tladilwe move on. i doubt ke mmega dikgang o rutilweng tiro.

  36. eish hay….neh…what about ke le bone le le two its sound funny……..kwaaakwaaa…hehehe!!!!!!!!!!

  37. masego 2012/10/26

    Tlotla mmago le rrago gore malatsi a gago a oketse!learn to respect the elders ad their privacy.shame on you Botswana youth!

  38. Kgogomodumo 2012/10/26

    Waitse kana!

  39. tashata 2012/10/29

    Ba gaetsho mosadi o kgakala lefa gotweng 1 once a year gotlhata.E kare go palelwa mu papa sisters and brothers ene a kgona no gatwe nopa gotwe tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ga go robalwe fa o tlhanya o fitlhela selo sele 1 way,

  40. cheerful 2012/10/29

    “She posted …..about me, stuff about me wearing cheap underwear and living in a one-bedroom house which is not even true after all,

    Why should one be ridiculed for living in a one bedroom house (the one bedroom house is better than having no roof over ones head)and for not wearing expensive underwear- better to wear some than none(???)

  41. Carefokon 2012/10/30

    Hei tlhe le a itswapola ke gore le ikaeletse mo banuzeng ba ma 14 le tla gasa jang molaetsa ka bo HIV AIDS le ntse le kopakopane le bana okare le lbalekane so? Le a ichaota tlhe bo MK

  42. malema ''The Great'' 2012/10/31

    tlogelang magogo a ijele ma14….. just because ke ministara go bo go tla tsoa dikgang

  43. christos4111 2012/10/31

    Mr mokaila is now becoming dramatic with hypocrisy, not so long ago he had joined a chorus of socratic moral fanatics accusing an innocent person of wrong doing, the same people he was trying to entertain don’t seem very impressed with his conduct, at least your accusations offered this poor fellow an opportunity to squeeze his way out of a political mess, good on you buddy!!

  44. boselep 2012/10/31

    Ke bone baba re jelang basetsana. Bare jesa line mogo maswe!!!!!

    Some rich man okile a njela ngwanyana & hei!! believe me, gago monate!!!

    Go tlhoka madi can be a disadvantage for guys sometimes.

    Le ene ngwanyana yo o ipokela go rubelwa?

  45. cheerful 2012/11/03

    there seems to be a gap of 33 years between the two.

    The 21 year old seems to be very arrogant towards the person she has posted ridiculous comments about on her wall

  46. boselep 2012/11/03

    Ahh still, gago monate sentle despite the age difference. Just imagine hela how the girls brothers and parents could be feeling. Put yourself in their shoes. Nna nkase itumele at all keikgomotsa ka gore the man is 33 and the girl is 21. I wonder what the wife could be feeling. Ahhh tota basadi ke le utlwela botlhoko, le bontshiwa dilo goo mo lifeng.

  47. boselep 2012/11/03

    Oww!!! sorry to criticize, i thought you meant that the man is 33 and the girls 21 so the age difference gase bothata.. Gotlhoka go bala sentle, anyway cheers cheerful!!!!!!

  48. cheerful 2012/11/05

    boselep aplogies accepted!!

    Advice to Daniel move on with your life and be wary of women like your ex make sure she has not taken what belongs to you- you have a profession move on

    Think you should be commended that you did not fly into a rage and beat her like some have.

    Infidelity is one of the factors leading to domestic violence

  49. mtwizana 2012/11/06

    kitso mokaila s private affair should stay private

  50. cheerful 2012/11/07

    Daniel keep your chin up- every dark cloud has a silver lining!

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