• 25 million condoms needed for the next four years
  • Incidence rate high at 15 000 new infections every year

Botswana needs over 25 million condoms to meet the country’ safe sex activity for the next four years, the Assistant Minister of Presidential Affairs, Dr Gloria Somolakae has said.

Highlighting the urgent need to find more sustainable means to HIV& AIDS treatment at the 12th biennial conference in Francistown recently, Dr Somolekae said that estimates have indicated  that HIV and AIDS reduce the Gross Domestic Product(GDP) growth  even with the widespread roll out of ARVS.

HIV is still outpacing government’s efforts to fight the disease as the incidence rate remains high with 15, 000 new infections every year”, said  Somolakae.

“With these staggering infections and a huge ARV procurement bill, government is forced to look for more sustainable means of treatment.  Our annual budget surpasses P1 billion only to cover the essential HIV programmes,if we are to fully finance every little aspect of the response we would need a budget of P2.4 billion.

We need to invest our meager resources towards turning off the tap which is the source of new infections and at the same time  increasing and sustaining  treatment coverage”, said Somolekae

The concerned minister further  called upon the captains of the private sector to dig deep into their coffers to partner with government in financing the national resource base to close the budgetary the gap.

“Our latest reports indicate that private sector spending on ARV treatment alone constitutes 8% followed by 9% outsourced by Government, while Government is left to shoulder the remaining 83%” Somolakae noted.

In order to increase the current figures of people who know their HIV status from 56 per cent to 90 percent by 2016, more resources had to be poured into HIV counseling and testing.

The need for a sustainable finance resource base is  also accelerated  by the treatment threshold which has been increased  from 250 CD count to 350 CD count.

“ We need to collectively invest  beyond HIV  and AIDS workplace programmes and to contribute to the national  financial resources  base in order to achieve  Zero infections by 2016”, pointed out Assistant  Minister.

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