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DJ Sid’s lawyer briefly detained

The on-going case between radio personalities Sidney Baitsile and Robin Chivazve took an interesting twist on Wednesday when the former’s lawyer was briefly detained for having not furnished himself with the details of the case.

This came after the defence complained that the state had been ordered to hand over witnesses’ statements in their possession on October 3 but only did that on the day of the case.

When asked by Village Magistrate Cele  Motlaleng why they had not done so, the seemingly confused lawyer let it slip that he did not know much about the case hence had no answers, a response which irked the magistrate.

“How can you accept to take a case you know nothing about?  Where is the rightful person? You are going to be remanded in a holding cell until the rightful person arrives so this case can continue,” fired Motlaleng.

The case was adjourned while the police whisked the shamed lawyer into a holding cell.

An hour later Baitsile’s usual lawyer Mosewu Ditodi arrived and the case continued.

It was then postponed to January 2012.

Meanwhile Chivaze, a former Duma FM employee who had twice failed to show up in court to answer for his charges and in the process attracting a warrant of arrest this time around turned up early, immaculately dressed in a pair of  blue jeans, a black jacket and sun glasses.

Chivazve was reported by Baatsile also a former employee of the radio station after he allegedly threatened to beat him up and even tried to run him over with a car.

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