CHILLIN OUT 19/10/12

Mlesho Kai-One should be missing his former girlfriend Slizer, who has since found love in neighbouring South Africa, to a bulky and apparently moneyed body guard.
Recently the kwaito-kwasa star wrote a suspicious update on his Facebook wall which read “Ka nte do u still luv me or you have moved on?”
Well we will never be sure who this question was directed to, but if it is left this open we have to ask. Do you miss her sir?


As a little boy I was obsessed with pens, I remember I cried on my first day at school when I was told I should use a pencil instead of a proper pen with ink.
Well I grew up and got over my obsession; today I prefer a keyboard.
Kegaisamang Ramokwena a Headman of Boseja ward in Maun seems to have a similar liking for the inky writing tool. He never leaves his house with less than six pens. The Headman who is also a Pastor is a regular figure at all important kgotla meetings but Shaya is wondering the logic behind all those pens because he does not carry a notebook and does not write anything during the proceedings except praying and giving a vote of thanks. Next time you desperately need a pen check Ramokwena he can afford to give one and a spare.

Shaya has heard a lot about a certain man called Nyenzeni from Maitengwe.
He has been described as a very strong man, a workaholic and a people’s man. But among his many qualities Shaya has learnt is his extra ordinary appetite. Just recently during a wedding in Maitengwe he left everyone queuing for food and demanded to dish for himself.
He shocked everyone with a mountain of rice he had put in his plate and as expected he was also too generous with the pounded beef (seswaa) and all the available relish. Although it was a steep climb to the peak Nyenzeni gobbled down the food in no time.
Talk of hidden talent, Shaya recommends that, the talented man should consider participating in international eating competitions; the country could have its first entry in the World Guinness Records.

Psst! Please don’t tell anyone you heard this from me OK.
I don’t want people to think I love gossip. A fly in the wall told Shaya that a certain kwaito star and radio presenter beat the mother of his child to a pulp last weekend at the 48 show in Mmopane.
Gossip has it that two ladies of which the star has children with rocked up at the event and the talented presenter turned on his younger former lover who is also a teacher at a junior school in Gaborone. It is not clear what caused the man to lose his cool and eventually spank the mother of his child, but witnesses backstage said it was ugly.
Lady, I think you get the message, this guy does not want you any more, move on.

In his life as a policeman, soldier and politician President Ian Khama has worn many hats in all shapes and colors.
However the one hat that the former army Commander has shunned is the Chancellor’s hat. Khama turned down the offer to become the UB Chancellor unlike his predecessors Festus Mogae and Ketumile Masire. Just last week former President Mogae was appointed BIUST Chancellor and Khama was there to do the honours.
At one point the President seemed to be examining the funny hat he was putting on Mogae’s head and I have to admit he did not look impressed. With the flashy hats he has worn before Khama must be wondering what all the fuss is about with this shapeless hat.

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