Only 360 out of 2560 men get circumcised

The number of men that took part in the Safe male Circumcision in the North West District has been disappointing, a report has revealed.

Out of the targeted 2560 men, only 360 have been circumcised so far, a figure that translates into a paltry 14 percent of the target group, the recently released North West District Development Committee Report has indicated.

The figures did not sit well with some NWD councillors  who felt that there was a need for re-strategising the campaign to achieve better results.

First to address the disturbing matter at a full council meeting discussion which had female councillors in stitches was Makalamabedi South councillor, Moetetsi Mogalakwe who blamed the unimpressive turn out to the call for circumcision on the youth who were used to educate the public on the issue.

“Majority of the representatives of  the campaign were young people who lacked the skills needed to convince older people like us to be circumcised. Apart from anything else the subject is too embarrassing for young people to engage in with men old enough to be their fathers.”

The councillor also blamed the ‘Banana’ symbol used in adverts promoting circumcision for the poor turn out, arguing that it was too comical to be taken seriously.

Councillor for Kubung ward Pelokgale Monyamme however claimed that many older men did not respond to the call because  it was too risky for those over the age of 45 because they would take too long to heal.

Monyamme further noted that instead of the campaign focusing all the attention on men,government needed to involve women too because they had influence on decisions taken by their spouses.

“Women should also be targeted because married men like myself do not entirely own our bodies. Our wives have a say in what we do. If  a married man was to be circumcised  without his wife’s  permission he would be in big trouble. Circumcision is not reversible and one has to be careful not to be  divorced,”Monyamme said.

Meanwhile Council Chairman, Lathang Molonda suggested that  council set aside a special day dedicated to the promotion of circumcision and on that day councillors must be prepared to  lead by example.

“Men are afraid of pain, some have wrong perceptions that their performance in bed would be reduced while others are restricted by religious beliefs that are against cutting of any human flesh, but  councillors as the people’s representatives are the ones that need to spread the true message about the benefits of Safe male Circumcision and to lead by example.” Molonda said.



Maun Councillors express views on sex and condoms

Botshabelo ward Councillor Ramasu Ramasu explaining why  female condoms are not used much said:  “Women’s private parts are not of the same size just like men’s penises.

Some women are shallow inside while some are big. The tiny inside cannot use female condoms because the condoms are not designed to be one size fits all like the male condom. People need education about women’s condoms.”

Councillor for Thito Mmoedi Modiege briefing the house about condoms said: “There is a condom called Smile in Namibia.  It smells nice and  tastes good unlike ours which are either oily or smelly.

Ours always ruin sex and make it a bad experience.

I would urge our chairman because he travels a lot to bring some of those Namibian condoms for honourable councillors to use and after that I guarantee you they will give you a positive feedback.

I am not out to market the Smile condoms but it is something enjoyable that I felt I had to share with you. After sex, Smile condoms leave a beautiful aroma of sweets, which is nice.”

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