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It looks like it’s going to get worse before it gets better for the township rapper Dramaboi.

The ‘Matlharetlhare’ hit maker’s former record label Heaven Sent Production (HsP) claim the rapper who recently went on record about his move to Mafia Soul is still contracted to them.
“We have not yet reached break-even point, and the contract is clear on that,” said founder and Producer Karabo “Bally” Leburu.
Apparently both Dramaboi, Mafia Soul and HsP are in talks to try and resolve the issue. Shaya warns that if this issue is not handled properly we might have our very first hip hop court case.


In a well meant effort to motivate Maun Senior students NACA’s National Coordinator Richard Matlhare might have perhaps revealed too much.

The National Aids Coordinating man told a packed Maun Senior School assembly point that he did all his primary school until Form 1 without underwear. The students who most seemed to not understand what he was going on about since anybody can now afford an underwaer today, thanks to the noble Asian investors burst out laughing. Shaya is not that old school, but is well aware that underpants used to be luxury, but not anymore.


Finally Thobo Thasana and Gaone Dintwe will walk down the aisle this coming weekend.

The two Radio Botswana presenters finalised legal paper at the District Commissioner’s office on Thursday. The wedding will be on Independence Day at the bride’s home village in Lentswelemoriti. The celebrations will continue the next weekend at the groom’s place in Kanye.


Are there any similarities between the newly unveiled Motor Vehicle Accident Fund and the free template form the internet?

Some people say they can see striking similarities between the two logos and I totally disagree. I know I have bad eye sight but these two logos are not similar; you can see that a lot of work was put on the new logo, it looks sophisticated.


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  • Monna Kgosi
    October 15, 2012, 11:35 am

    I see two ladies getting married!


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