CHILLIN OUT 21.09.2012


Culture Spears lead singer Magdalene Mogwe a.k.a Charmagal is furious, and apparently the source of her fury is none other than former Culture Spears controversial promoter Gilbert “PP Wa Pimp” Seagile.

Shaya was reliably informed by a Voice Reporter that the Matebele hit maker called him to register her displeasure with what she termed mudslinging by PP.
“I know he is the source of all the recent media reports about Culture Spears. He is using our name to promote Jojo but it won’t work because she is still a little girl. Culture Spears is a big company that employs a lot of people and is paying tax and cannot be shut down by a promoter,” fired MmaMogwe.
PP had a successful time with Culture Spears as a promoter and has now hooked up with Jojo of Mpatiseng fame who is on the brink of breaking into the SA market.


Rapper A.T.I has caused more controversy than any other local artist alive today; even Phempherethe’s brawl with pirates does not come closer to what ATI has done.

From being labeled a Satanist, now there is an entire facebook page dedicated to the “Polao ya motho” rapper. Titled we hate A.T.I, which has close to 8000 people talking and by Tuesday evening the page had 2 422 likes. But the man apparently doesn’t give a rat’s bum.
“Personally I hate it but, I looked at it and saw that it made a great business sense. The comments on the page are balanced and it can work well for my portfolio because now I have the numbers of people out there who are defending the A.T.I brand,” he said.
Interestingly the page is being used to market the Dramaboi Fanz page which is viewed by many as a form of sabotage.
“The most fundamental thing about myself is that I’m not petty and I know Dramaboi to be a very wise person and will not let such things go to his head. Whoever is doing this is downright shallow, but his stunt came at the right time because now interest on A.T.I is at its highest,” he said.


Personally I don’t like make-up. Kim Kardashian looks much better without her war paint.

Well ladies can’t face the world without their war paint which has become acceptable in a modern society. The secret to make up however is that you need to apply it the right way to avoid situations like this one. Radio Botswana sports presenter Lovemore Mario was seen last Thursday in the company of an unidentified beautiful lady at the Coke Awards at GICC. Though she has very striking features and a killer smile the lady in question did a total mess of her makeup. Sometimes you need professionals to do your make-up. The whole thing looks like it was done in a hurry, which I don’t understand because big Mario was not even an award nominee.







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