CHILLIN’ OUT 31.08.2012


An old Maun woman who can still not stomach the fact that her beloved Botswana Democratic Party gave birth to a new political home that is Botswana Movement for Democracy made her point clear last weekend.

The irate lady disrupted a BMD rally, shouting the famous “Tsholetsa Domkrag” to the dismay of the BMD faithful who had attended the rally. The young BMD officials did not know how to control the lady who was many times their senior.


A reliable source has informed Yours Truly that a certain District Commissioner and a Council Secretary’s love gone sour is threatening to stall developments in their region.

The two who are said to have had a relationship openly in front of their subordinates are said to be continuously fighting with words most of the times disrupting council meetings. “So ugly is the situation that the two recently got into an open war of words during a full council meeting,” claims the source.
Apparently the two have been warned many times that their relationship was a disaster waiting to happen, should they have a nasty break up. Come on you two; this is childish.


News reaching Shaya has it that a certain celebrity couple who recently tied the knot are up to their neck with issues of adultery.

Apparently the wife who was accused of cheating with a certain fitness fanatic before the couple wed, has resumed her affair with the same gentleman. The gentleman who owns and runs a gym apparently can’t keep his hands off the sassy girl and a fly in the wall who is also a client at the said gym said the husband of the cheating wife is not squeaky clean either.


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