CHILLIN’ OUT 17.08.2012


Minister of Education and Skills Development Pelonomi Venson Moitoi has sent a plea to President Ian Khama to let her stay in Cabinet at least until 2014.

The iron lady Minister  told a packed BOCODOL hall in Maun where she was addressing teachers in a closed door  meeting that she was praying day and night that the coming cabinet reshuffle does not affect her. “I feel for you because if they remove me from this Ministry whoever is going to replace me will have to start again and it will take years to have your problems solved,” she said. SKI are you listening; surely you can’t say no to a lady.


There was never any doubt that with the hottest guys and girls from America and Europe coming to town, the bedroom scene in Gabz would be turned upside down.

Apparently one sassy girl and a former beauty queen could not get her hands off one of the top male celebrity who was part of the fashion show last weekend. A little birdie whispered to Yours Truly that the brother could not believe his luck and how easy it was to get his catch. Apparently the former beauty queen who harbors ambitions of turning into a professional model hopes to hook up with the dude when she finally leaves for overseas. You go girl, get that money!


Anybody looking for a dancer?

Hit Shaya at a mobile number of your choice and this talented dynamite is yours. Females could not hold themselves back when this guy hit the dance floor at a popular joint in Maun last weekend. Despite big names like DJ Gouveian and Big Pun, ladies had eyes only for the pint sized stunt man. They took turns in dancing with him and he seemed to relish the attention. His favourite move is ‘ma-get down’ and he is extremely good at it too; Shaya knows why. He is much closer to the ground than many of us.

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