When villagers attend Kgotla meetings addressed by the President and cabinet ministers they expect to get a chance to ask questions and air their views on certain issues.

When that doesn’t happen some take it very personal and that’s exactly what happened in Maun last Friday. When this man was denied a chance to speak in front of Ministers
Kitso Mokaila, De-Graff and Lebonaamang Mokalake he went bersek and caused a scene. He shouted that as a ‘Mokoba'( undermining or vulgar word used to
undermine the Baherero tribe) he was not being allowed to talk adding that there was no point in ministers visiting their village if they were coming to undermine them. The man had to be chucked out of the Kgotla, a job which seemed to be too much for a police officer.


During month ends people do all sorts of crazy things as their pockets will be loaded but this man’s sitting style caught the eyes of Shaya.

This man was sitting relaxed and comfortable outside Wapula Bar in Maun over the weekend. He was also no doubt enjoying his drink. Shaya could not help but wonder what else the flexible man is capable of doing.


What was supposed to be an eye opening trip to Moremi game reserve for teachers and their students turned to be a disaster as they realized that instead of a bus they were going to travel more than 100km of dusty road in an open truck.

The students who were part of the trip seemed not to be bothered whilst the same could not be said about their teachers who struggled to get in and out of the truck. In the end they decided to call it a day before checking all the places they were supposed to have gone to.


There are things that are part of growing up and adulthood but this does not mean they are ideal to look at, actually they can be a real eye sore.

And here I am talking of stretch marks, for those who like showing off their bodies or are in industries that require them to dress in a way that exposes their thoroughly marked bodies I would advise them to try bio-oil. Not sure if it works but if the adverts that I normally see about this product are anything to go by then I would like to advise this dancer to try it because we don’t like seeing those marks.

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