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ACCUSED: Ketshwenyegile Okaile

Daughter (18) tells shocked court

An 18-year-old schoolgirl’s graphic account of sexual abuse at the hands of her father could land the middle-aged man with a hefty prison sentence if found guilty.

In front of a shocked Francistown court last Thursday the girl gave evidence claiming that her 44-year-old father, Ketshwenyegile Okaile fondled her breasts and private parts in an attempt to have sex with her.

The victim who was 17 at the time of the assaults had known her father as a decent, caring person for over a decade after her parents separated, and shared a single-roomed house with him.

Giving sworn evidence before Francistown principal magistrate Kgololesego Segabo, the young girl confidently recounted the events of the night of 26 June 2011 when her father attempted to have sexual intercourse with her.

She told the court that her ordeal first started some days earlier when her father begged to have sex with her.

Explaining in explicit details she described how her father came to her on his bended knees and beseeched her to accept his proposal.

“I vehemently refused saying that cannot happen because he is my father. In anticipation of a change of mind, he started fondling my breasts and buttocks. I then made it clear by refusing his advances and threatened to report the matter to elders. He then backed off,” the girl said in evidence.

Fearing that she would report him, the court heard that the worried father pleaded with his daughter not to make the incident a public issue before promising to buy a cellphone for her as a show of remorse.

Three days later however, the girl related how her father had severely beaten her in a move the victim described as a way of threatening her.

“By beating me, he wanted me to fall into his plan. This is so because four days later he came back again fondling my breasts. This time around, he was vigorous and aggressive. It was around midnight when he started by fondling my breasts and buttocks after sneaking into my blankets since we share a single-roomed bedroom,” she said.

The girl described how with his mouth close to her, her father caressed her abdomen before moving his hand into her pants.

“With his hand in my inner pants, he fondled my vagina. He said he wanted to have sex with me and feel what my boyfriend is feeling when I am having sex with him,” she said.

Giving evidence in the case, Thato Sambino a member of the Chadibe community whom the victim approached after her ordeal, told how the girl came to her place as early as 6am the following morning to report the matter.

“After explaining what she had gone through at the hands of her father, I referred her to the school authorities. I took her to her class teacher where she explained what she had gone through,” Sambino said.

For her part, the victim’s class teacher Priscilla Sebogodi described the “victimized girl” as a reserved but trusted student.

Sebogodi said: “But on that particular day, she was bold when presenting her case. She never stammered as usual. And her face was full of sorrow.”

The matter was then taken up by a social worker to arrange for the girl to move back to live with her mother.

In response, Okaile dismissed the state evidence as a fabrication aimed at incriminating him of the offence.

The case continues next week.



27 Responses to “MY DAD BEGGED ME FOR SEX”

  1. peadar 2012/07/22

    Nna kare a fagolwe

  2. thabsdk 2012/07/23

    tota ha batsadi ba rona ba dira jaana who are we suppose to run to….

  3. tipa11 2012/07/23

    O batla ya ngwana wa gagwe? Fatshe le ile bokhutlong. Ke eng o sa latele mmaagwe? Botlhodi le nna ka re a fagolwe

  4. Tubeless 2012/07/23

    Slut! Ke ngwana yo o goletseng mo spotong sa bojalwa. She is merely describing what her forncating partner does or what her imagination wants and pins it on her father, the only man in her life right now. I can’t believe the court doesn’t see that. Kids of today should be expelled from home as early as possible. Especially girls. As soon as they have breasts and a brain big enough to imagine erotic images with the male, they should be adopted by the courts and the social workers. How can we prove that the father touched this girl’s vagina, breasts or any of her erotic body parts? How can the court stand there and let a man be humliated by an oversexed minor in this manner? This country is going to the dogs, really fast.This why many families are miserable when they get a girl. It is just trouble, mathata, mashang, chaos,uheld. And in India the father of the girl pays lobola, because these beings are considered worthless. And I can see why. If someone can stand in public and say her own father wanted to do what she is imagining but did not happen, they ought to be de-recognized and made worthless.Sorry ladies!

  5. Total 2012/07/24

    I have a strong suspicion that the kid is using these ridiculous accusations as a weapon against the old man’s discipline. She sounds like an eloquent little brat. I believe the courts will be able to pierce through the veil of her scheming ways and get to the truth behind this matter. The whole thing seems to anchor around the disciplinary incidence. All her accusations are so convenient and doesn’t seem to require her to provide solid evidence. I hope the doctrine of the burden of proof lies with the accuser still holds in the courts of Botswana. As it is these allegations can be leveled against anybody you meet on the street coz that is required in this particular case is to have a hole in your head in the form of a mouth!

  6. Tgirl 2012/07/24

    @Tubeless and Total

    Let’s not crucify the girl before the court decides on the judgement. What if she is right and her Dad did that to her?

  7. @tshek 2012/07/24

    haibo….heeheehee…winter at its best LOL.

  8. @tubeless, o chubulese tota ga wa tala gaona mowa, how cn you be so heartless to an innOcent child? Waitse men are all Dogs

  9. @tshek 2012/07/25

    ony July 25, 2012

    @tubeless, o chubulese tota ga wa tala gaona mowa, how cn you be so heartless to an innOcent child? Waitse men are all Dogs

    monona wa gago ke mokgerwa wa go diga ditanka nxa.o re rumolelang o phatlho.

  10. @tshek 2012/07/25


    go jwang girlfrendo when are you coming to G.C ratlaa raja calamari le di qeen prons mxwa.

  11. @tshek 2012/07/25

    kooo kooo rules the universe…kikikikiki

  12. mr ntebelenyana 2012/07/26

    In this case,either side may be true, nd on the girls’ side u may find out gore may b is a mother-daughter plan. But it all lies in the hands of the procecuters.
    @ Ony:NOT ALL MEN ARE DOGS, out here we are responsible nd caring. When people comment online, they forget that they can be sued for what they post, mind you there is sonmeone who can go into your account, extract all the bad words used when the tables turns down. Be responsible Batswana nd shine as Motswana.

  13. @tshek 2012/07/26

    mr ntebelenyana
    When people comment online, they forget that they can be sued for what they post, mind you there is sonmeone who can go into your account, extract all the bad words used when the tables turns down. Be responsible Batswana nd shine as Motswana.



    singing JUJU BOY.ngwanaorata attention ngwana orata attention oitlopela make up…baby orata attention…kikikiki

  14. @tshek 2012/07/26


    my cheese choclate why are you not responding to my emails a o sharp ne ke go shwele huree.

  15. skheb 2012/07/26

    ntate yo gaa itlhaloganye,ba mo shapile ka saefotha,ele gore basadi ba ba kana kana ga a ba bone? o a peka, ga o bone le dinko tsa gagwe gore ke tsa motho a sa akanye, nywana wa gago,sis
    u deserve tronko straight, not nothin else.

  16. @tshek 2012/07/26

    go jwang ma lovisto.

    o tsogile jwang ma babes..
    who is that spekepeke keeping you busy 4 me nxa. a ga a itse gore reya sheera.

  17. @tshek 2012/07/26

    ha ha ha ha mdala obatla go ja poponono ya ngwanaage the world is coming to an end.

  18. Total 2012/07/27

    Gongwe you may be right guys, the old man who has been forever caring thus far, all of a sudden, has changed into a monster just at that time when the kid a simolola go nna mo seemong sa go ka bechediwa ke mathaka. The mother all of a sudden comes into the picture. Before when the girl was still a liability mum was no way to be seen. How convenient! In any case for one to have a case to answer they should be some sort of evidence guys eseng mo go beewang mo go Rramasedi, good people. Ke go sutla motho yo mongwe ga pele ga sechaba after sweating for you for so many years inspite of difficult circumstances.

    Wena Tshek, you are behaving like modisa who has just had access to the internet. Stop posting your love letters on this forum. Have a little bit of respect for yourself and others. You are the only one behaving in a despicable manner. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. You are such an embarrassment to your so called ‘babes’.

  19. @tshek 2012/07/27



  20. Total 2012/07/27

    Hello Tsheki. May the good lord have mercy upon your soul

  21. he is innicent til proven not so and she is lying til the father is found guilty, its her word against his, coz there is discipline done there which the girl cud use as a way of being punished for saying no, we all knw kids of her age can be so nd very so dificult. nna i dnt think the girl cud hav escaped seemo sago tshwarwa kuku yabo ya henenwa, this man cud hv raped her, coz she didnt state how she escaped go henenwa. so nt all men(or shud i say fathers) are dogs, neither nt all ladies(daughters) are this naughty, lets wht hapens nxt week as the reporter says.

  22. Tgirl 2012/08/02

    @tshek. How r u my bro?

  23. bonyanalekoba 2012/08/03

    monna yo bagaetsho o tshwanetse a bo a sa itekanela sentle mo tlhaloganyong ijoo lefatshe le ya bokhutlong ga o bona go nna jaana.

  24. Banda 2012/08/06

    nxa battho ba ban gwe baa sokola ba batla bana fa ba bangwe bone ba ba tshamekisa.

  25. Best 2012/08/10

    it’s worrisome to be hearing of these fathers committing incest,tighter and severe sentences need to to be meted against.Its disgusting.I believe our courts are capable dealing with issues of these nature

  26. Romeo Stone 2012/08/15

    Ke tshaba serame, ha o bona bo madala ba ikopela mo baneng ba bone ke mathata!!!

  27. bongz 2012/08/17


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