CHILLIN’ OUT 20.07.2012


Superintendent  Alfred Magudu is a no nonsense cop, as the Minister of Local Government, Peter Siele recently found out in Maun.

In his eagerness to stop control multitudes of people who thronged the Maun Kgotla for President Ian Khama’s visit Magudu, with a raised  commanded the Minister to stop and Siele had no choice but to olige.Talk about executing one’s duties without fear or favour.


Gilbert “PP” Seagile is not dead.

Deadmen don’t talk. Of late Radio mall has been spreading news that the music promoter is no more.

When a call to him on Friday went straight to voicemail, there was some brief confusion, but atext message and a call later PP was on the phone quashing rumours of his death and angry that someone has pronounced him dead.

“Someone is wishing me dead but the truth is that I’m alive and kicking, doing a major assessment of Zambia. The devil is a such a bastard,” fired PP.


I love men of the cloath; be it at a funeral, wedding or Kgotla meeting.

What fascinates me is their easy-not-in-a-hurry manner they conduct their business.

There is no rush-rush when you are dealing with Godly matters. Archbishop Samson got the shock of his life at the Maun Kgotla while he was nudged from behind by the MC.Some people sitting at the top table with President Khama apparently were not happy that the man of God had already taken over 10 minutes praying, and did not show any signs of stopping.

The sharp dressed Samson had to cut his prayer short……oh boy!

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