CHILLIN’ OUT 13.07.2012


Somebody should call the Mascom help line and ask them to stop this.

We cannot allow football and handball to take place on the same pitch at the same time. A fight for a place in the Mascom Top 8 final between Gaborone United and Township Rollers took a nasty turn when Bakang Moeng decided to take matters into his own hands; I mean literally. Simisane Mathumo shielded the ball so well to Moeng’s irritation, and in moments like these players usually go for any ball they can see.

He was lucky the incident happened at the halfway line, otherwise it would have been a penalty. Handling a ball inside the 18 yard box is an offence.


Botswana National Front Youth League big wig Arafat Khan believes he has found the winning formula to get rid of Botswana Democratic Party members.

“Just ask money from them and they will disappear,” he said. Khan put this to practice last week Tuesday when he asked P200 from Minister of Defence and Justice Ramadeluka Seretse. He told Ndelu that they needed P200 for a BNFYL trip to Maun and the minister reminded him that he could not give him money to sponsor his party.
“But sir it’s just for the trip you know BNFYL is broke,” said Khan.

“You can’t ask for money in public,” was Ndelu’s reply before walking away with a cynical smile on his face.
Khan later said the best way to get rid of BDP members, especially if you don’t want their company is to ask money from them.
“They will simply vanish,” he said.

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