How supriced I was to see a five star place when I was looking for a typical Botswa­na hospital. The friendly nurses, signs of where srvices were evenan outdoor resting and eating place left me in shock.

TAX WELL SPENT: Scottish Livingstone Hospital on a class of its own. BELOW RIGHT: There are signs inside and outside to show a visitor where to go and pack

The Scottish Livingstone Hospital in Molepolole is one of the most beautiful hos­pitals I have ever seen, even better than pri­vate medical centres, not only in our coun­try but worldwide.
I saw the worth of my tax and it felt good to be a tax paying citizen.

Not that the ruling BDP should bask in the glory of this success. It is the duty of an incumbent government to use the taxpay­ers’ money for the welfare of its citizens.”
It is their duty to build schools, clinics, roads and hospitals etc etc.

If I had power, I would make Scottish Livingstone the referral hospital and ease  our Princess Marina Hospital of the bur­den. There is space to accommodate a bigger number of patients at Scottish Livingstone and there are enough packing spaces. The smell of fresh disinfectant dispels the worry of getting infections associated with hospi­tals generally. The friendly Laboratory Technician, not deterred that she was the Boss, was at hand to assist patients, establishing whether they were at the right place.

Opened by former Minister of Health Lesego Motsumi in 2008, it is not a brand new hospital. But it is well maintained, squeaky clean and tidy.


It is such a good feeling to see one’s tax well spent for once. If Daniel Kwelagobe used his infl uence while a minister in the various ministries he has served to advocate for this fi rst class project, we commend him. Not that development should be used to lure voters. It is the right of each and every Motswana. WHAT VOTERS don’t know is that the tax we pay is part of the income used to develop our country, even non BDP members!
Batswana should be taught that the dia­monds, tourism and Beef exports bring in­come which belong to them and not the gov­ernment.
But all said and done, we do appreciate when those in power are able to produce an infrastructure like the Scottish Livingstone Hospital.

It makes us smile to see something positive for a change.  When David Magang was Minister of transport, communications etc etc, we saw roads emerging in his constituency, Lents­welatau. And even though Marokolwane, our bush home is not 10 kilometers from Kgope, we are still travelling in a dirt road.

This didn’t bother us before our neighbours sold their fi elds and farms to 4×4 speed maniacs of all races, creed and culture who have made our road a living nightmare We hope to get a minister of transport in the coming elections so that we too can get, at least a road!

Director of Transport etc etc., Kabo Kote, has failed to use his influence to give us a road. Guess he is worried that this would be seen as a confl ict of interest as he stays in the area.

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