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Veteran politician Daniel Kwelagobe is well known for his effortless good sense of humour.

Daniel Kwelagobe

He is the man who once compared Shaw Kgathi’s head to a an anthill to the amusement of many.
He also  once sent parliament into a fit of laughter by passing a remark on how fast MP Fidelis  Molao who was being welcomed into parliament had gained weight even before he could lay  his hands on his first  cheque.

One of his favourite expressions which Shaya has heard him say at least twice is a about a dam with a tricky name, with a name which sounds a bit like the Setswana name for female genitalia. Updating residents on developments DK would often like to remind them that the BDP government has developed the country well, they have even  built big dams  like Nnywane, all to the laughter of many.  Why the MP always singles out this dam is still a mystery; and the funny part is in the way he pronounces the name.


It is common knowledge that a receding hairline for women folk in this country is referred to as mmaChiepe, named after the former Minister of Education Dr Gaositwe Chiepe who spotted that look for many years.

Now it seems like the new Ombudsman Festinah Bakwena  is spotting a MmaChiepe. It remains to be seen whether her new high profile will change the famous MmaChiepe to MmaBakwena. But now that Honourable

Festinah Bakwena

Mme Mma Chiepe has grown back her hair, the famous statement may as well be bestowed on Mme MmaBakwena.


It is indeed sad to see talented people being sent to prison. Ditiro Leero and Deben Natale’s incarceration has already hurt the infant local music industry.


It is worth noting that it is also sad for the victims of their alleged crimes.  While DT has just arrived in prison, his cousin Gongmaster is forging ahead and is working with Shumba Ratshega on a new album. Shaya suggest that DT and Natale should team up and work on a collaboration behind prison walls.

Who knows they could both get a presidential pardon on their birthdays and  freedom to record, so guys use those long hours productively.



Daniel Kwelagobe_3875

Daniel Kwelagobe_3875

3 Responses to “CHILLIN OUT 06.07.2012”

  1. spinach 2012/07/09

    Modimo a nne le wena DT. Re ikgomotsa ka pina ya “Mosadi yoo pelo ke mang a ntshalele le bana”. o dumedise deben natale

  2. Ditiro o nkamile tota, but fa o ka itshwara sentle 48 months yoo ba tla mo fokotsa my brada

  3. i think bo Ditiro shud understand gore they’ve chosen to be public figures an so shudbe their actions, we are what we are cz of our mistakes so this shudbe a lesson very well learned, victims feel more pain dan them thoo ene in his songs are o ne a ithaya are ke motsofe kante lekgela. ke makhaya bt whn u go law wrng side u wil definately the bite. i’m hopin gore baseke bamotima bo gongmaster and others frm their teamed new release. toronko gase bonno boetelo otlaa boa mona…

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