CHILLIN’ OUT 29.06.2012


Botswana Television reporter and news reader, Ernest Phiri got the taste of his own medicine recently in Gantsi when an excitable young lady turned the tables on him and I have to admit he did not enjoy it, at least from the expression on his face.

Ernest Phiri

The young lady seeing him in the crowd decided to make a mock interview using a twig for a mike and Phiri gave her the get lost look but onlookers found it amusing. The lady said she decided to do it as she always sees the BTV man shoving mikes on people’s mouths.


The man pictured here made a nuisance of himself at the Gantsi Agric show last weekend.

The gentleman from Maun who identified himself as Bigboy Ngwenya drove through the crowd during the official opening ceremony. Ironically MVA’s Cross Kgosidiile was making a speech and in front of dignitaries like former president Masire, Kgosi Kgamane and others, the man clad on a 50th anniversary BDP t-shirt drove through a crowd and nearly injured hundreds of people.

He was charged for driving under the influence of alcohol.


Luz Boy

The Desert Race has come and gone. It is one of the few activities that gives Batswana opportunities to make money by selling food and beverages to hundreds of motor fanatics.

While others brought their hot dogs and chicken intestines, funny man Luzboy decided to bring his catapult. Why bring food into the wild while you can hunt for it. Shaya  spotted him in Ga Modubu with his weaponry proudly displayed from the back pocket. With many guinea fowls in that area Ma-Luza definitely had something to eat. By the way, are you any good with that?

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