CHILLIN’ OUT 22.06.2012


Local artists are rehearsing for the annual Presidential competition, of which the finals are in a month’s time.

Manto 7

When they started, Shaya thought it was a great idea, local artists needed something exciting to get their creative juices flowing; and it did. The problem arose when year after year the same artists participated and won. It came to a point where some artists were dormant for the rest of the year only to awake in time for H.E’s competition; time to cash in. Please no more Manto 7, Slizer, Trinity, Punah and many other seasoned artists.

This stage is too small for you.


Mochudi Centre Chiefs winning coach Madinda Ndlovu is still hung on the league chase that every match his team plays, gets him concerned about how many points his side will take out of the match.

Recently crowned league Champions, Chiefs were held to a goalless draw by Ecco City Greens in a Mascom Top 8 in Francistown.


In the post match interview Ndlovu praised his charges for a job well done because “coming back with a point away is better than nothing”. Good Lord; there are no points here Champ. If Ecco can manage a 1-all draw in Gaborone, you don’t garner four points; you will be out of the competition!


Yours Truly has just got news that a certain kwaito artist who also has a show on a private radio station is involved in a paternity row.

Apparently the brother who graced this page last year with allegations that he was “entertaining” a certain teacher at a Gaborone Junior school who was also dating a former Eco City Greens striker does not want to associated with the new born baby. You are probably asking yourself which baby.

Well apparently the said teacher fell pregnant and has recently delivered and the child is a splitting image of the father with similar punctuations in their names.  I’m teary right now, who is gonna take care of this kwaito child?

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