ACCUSED: Matlhabaphiri (left) BITTER: Simon Tafi (right)


Minister Matlhabapiri returns to court as scandal unfolds

Details of an illicit affair between the Assistant Minister of Health, Gaotlhaetse Matlhabaphiri and his maid were expected once again to tumble out of the closet as the case resumed on Thursday.

Matlhabaphir’s alleged sex sessions with his former maid were exposed when an ongoing assault court case involving the maid’s husband Simon Tafi, hit the headlines last year. He was subpoenaed in a court order issued on 30 May by the Extension II Magistrate’s court in Gaborone to give evidence.

Also ordered by the court to testify in the same case was the Molepolole police station commander, Andrew Bosilong who was accused by the 46-year- old Tafi of having aided Matlhabahiri in wrecking his marriage.

Whilst the Assistant Minister will be asked to answer allegations that he slept with his maid, Bosilong was expected to tell the court the truth of whether he once locked Tafi in a police cell for a night to give Matlhabaphiri a chance to enjoy illicit sex with her.

The court decided to subpoena both the minister and the Molepolole top cop after the frustrated husband pleaded guilty to assaulting his wife, Mmaonane Tafi, 39, and her mother, Kgori Ramotla. In his defence he pleaded with the court to accept as mitigation that he acted in a fit of anger caused by his wife’s love affair with her employer.

Arguing that his wife, whom he hit with a rod on the head, had provoked him by flaunting her adulterous love affair with the Assistant Minister who is also a Member of Parliament for Molepolole North, Tafi had in his previous evidence said:  “When I confronted my wife about her multiple sexual encounters with Mtlhabaphiri and cautioned her that she could be exposing us to sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and AIDS, she told me to my face that Matlhabaphiri could not infect her with HIV/AIDS because he was circumcised.”


He had further alleged in previous court proceedings that Mmaonane in fact boasted about her affair with her boss.

“The affair was a daily topic in our house so much so that she even told me that I should be proud of her because she was dating an MP and a Minister.”

Relating in court the stress he had gone through he revealed that at one stage he had taken a decision to commit suicide, but fortunately went to church and received counselling, which helped him cope.

The distressed husband further revealed how his wife would deny him sex because Matlhabaphiri had already satisfied her.

“She told me to my face several times that she couldn’t have sex with me because she had had a round of sex or two with the minister during the day at work.”

In his claims that Bisolong aided Matlhabaphiri to wreck his marriage Tafi went as far as alleging that when he was released from an unlawful incarceration ordered by the police boss, the same officer advised his wife to his face to allow herself to be impregnated by Matlhabaphiri in order to give the minister a valid excuse to visit her in her husband’s house.

“He said that Setswana customary laws allow a father to visit his children at their mother’s place even when she is married,” he previously told the court.

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