KILLED: Sadie Kgopisi

Jealous lover kills teenage beauty then hangs himself

What started as a romantic way out of poverty for a beautiful teenager who cohabited with her older lover has ended up as a double tragedy for the ill-fated couple.

Sadie Kgopisi, 19, was choked and drowned in a bathtub by her 29- year- old boyfriend who accommodated her soon after she migrated from the little village of Mokatako in search of a job in Gaborone a few years ago.

In a twisted and drama-filled love affair characterised by cheating and fighting, Sadie’s lover Botho Senyang took her life in a jealous rage when she wanted to move out of his home. Senyang it is alleged couldn’t accept that she had found a new boyfriend, who owned a car and was more affluent than him.

After killing her, he stabbed himself in the stomach and neck with a knife before hanging himself on the wardrobe door in their bedroom.

Speaking in an interview on Wednesday evening Sadie’s distraught mother, Mosetsana Kgopisi sobbed as she said: “ I am devastated and in a state of utter shock and grief over the death of Sadie and the distressing circumstances surrounding it. ”

Describing her daughter as a beautiful obedient child, Kgopisi, 45, added: “Contrary to the stories we heard about her apparently telling friends and colleagues in Gaborone that she was an orphan, to me she was always well behaved. I don’t understand why she would do that when she communicated with me regularly. She came to visit me at Princess Marina Hospital when I was admitted on April 17, but didn’t tell us she was living with a man. My heart has been broken to pieces by the way Sadie was taken from us. Me and her eight siblings expected a lot from her.”

Meanwhile Sadie’s mourning friends and colleagues have talked of their shocking discovery of how poverty had made her vulnerable to sexual exploitation by older men.

Paying tribute to the ‘beautiful’ girl,’ her shaken boss at Statement boutique in Game City mall where she was employed as a shop assistant, pastor Joy Jacobs said, “Poverty has no shame. It exposes your nakedness and embarrasses you. All she wanted was a way out of poverty and the only thing she had was her stunning looks which older men didn’t hesitate to exploit. She needed guidance and I tried to offer counselling. I even offered her to move in with me, but it was too little too late I guess.”

Her 19- year- old friend who on Wednesday was battling to come to terms with the tragic news said. “She was a really beautiful awesome friend, a bright personality who was always smiling, always pleasant. She was a rare type of human being.”

The friend who asked to be identified only as Sweetie, Sadie’s pet name for her, told how she was shocked at finding out that she wasn’t an orphan. “I don’t know why she lied about her parents but she must have had reasons for that.”

Senyang’s family refused to comment but his friend and mentor Isaac Marumo, a Multi Media lecturer at Limkokwing University said he was still in deep shock about how the calm and gentle young man that he had known for almost five years had ended his life and that of his girlfriend.

IN HAPPIER TIMES: Sadie Kgopisi and Botho Senyang

He said they were brought together by the love of art, photography and graphic design adding that what he liked most about Squair, as friends knew him, was his great artistic talent.

“ I just cannot believe it. He was a calm, talented person who had a bright future ahead of him. He had bought equipment as he wanted to open his own studio. He used to talk about making it big in the industry but that will never be now,” said grief stricken Marumo.

Mogoditshane police station commander, Nkwebi Chilisa confirmed the incident and said investigations were still underway. Sadie will be buried in Mokatako tomorrow, (Saturday), while Senyang’s funeral will be held on the same day in Serowe.

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