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KILLED: Sadie Kgopisi

Jealous lover kills teenage beauty then hangs himself

What started as a romantic way out of poverty for a beautiful teenager who cohabited with her older lover has ended up as a double tragedy for the ill-fated couple.

Sadie Kgopisi, 19, was choked and drowned in a bathtub by her 29- year- old boyfriend who accommodated her soon after she migrated from the little village of Mokatako in search of a job in Gaborone a few years ago.

In a twisted and drama-filled love affair characterised by cheating and fighting, Sadie’s lover Botho Senyang took her life in a jealous rage when she wanted to move out of his home. Senyang it is alleged couldn’t accept that she had found a new boyfriend, who owned a car and was more affluent than him.

After killing her, he stabbed himself in the stomach and neck with a knife before hanging himself on the wardrobe door in their bedroom.

Speaking in an interview on Wednesday evening Sadie’s distraught mother, Mosetsana Kgopisi sobbed as she said: “ I am devastated and in a state of utter shock and grief over the death of Sadie and the distressing circumstances surrounding it. ”

Describing her daughter as a beautiful obedient child, Kgopisi, 45, added: “Contrary to the stories we heard about her apparently telling friends and colleagues in Gaborone that she was an orphan, to me she was always well behaved. I don’t understand why she would do that when she communicated with me regularly. She came to visit me at Princess Marina Hospital when I was admitted on April 17, but didn’t tell us she was living with a man. My heart has been broken to pieces by the way Sadie was taken from us. Me and her eight siblings expected a lot from her.”

Meanwhile Sadie’s mourning friends and colleagues have talked of their shocking discovery of how poverty had made her vulnerable to sexual exploitation by older men.

Paying tribute to the ‘beautiful’ girl,’ her shaken boss at Statement boutique in Game City mall where she was employed as a shop assistant, pastor Joy Jacobs said, “Poverty has no shame. It exposes your nakedness and embarrasses you. All she wanted was a way out of poverty and the only thing she had was her stunning looks which older men didn’t hesitate to exploit. She needed guidance and I tried to offer counselling. I even offered her to move in with me, but it was too little too late I guess.”

Her 19- year- old friend who on Wednesday was battling to come to terms with the tragic news said. “She was a really beautiful awesome friend, a bright personality who was always smiling, always pleasant. She was a rare type of human being.”

The friend who asked to be identified only as Sweetie, Sadie’s pet name for her, told how she was shocked at finding out that she wasn’t an orphan. “I don’t know why she lied about her parents but she must have had reasons for that.”

Senyang’s family refused to comment but his friend and mentor Isaac Marumo, a Multi Media lecturer at Limkokwing University said he was still in deep shock about how the calm and gentle young man that he had known for almost five years had ended his life and that of his girlfriend.

IN HAPPIER TIMES: Sadie Kgopisi and Botho Senyang

He said they were brought together by the love of art, photography and graphic design adding that what he liked most about Squair, as friends knew him, was his great artistic talent.

“ I just cannot believe it. He was a calm, talented person who had a bright future ahead of him. He had bought equipment as he wanted to open his own studio. He used to talk about making it big in the industry but that will never be now,” said grief stricken Marumo.

Mogoditshane police station commander, Nkwebi Chilisa confirmed the incident and said investigations were still underway. Sadie will be buried in Mokatako tomorrow, (Saturday), while Senyang’s funeral will be held on the same day in Serowe.



45 Responses to “MURDER MOST FOUL”

  1. Cool Kay 2012/05/12

    waitse rona bomme sometimes re nna too ambitious, hawo! Ah legale go diragetse thato ya Modimo, may their souls R.I.P

  2. kubzaza 2012/05/12

    guy ya be nne a fila gre o spendile too much…. gal le wena mma i wish there was a way u got out easily mara guy ene ne a ntse a tile go go bolaa tota gatwe sale ka a nna le wena da minet u set foot inda city…. eish mara lyf le yone..

  3. Tubeless 2012/05/12

    The man is a shameless ruthless murderer. At 29 he was supposed to show more maturity than the 19year old who according to Botswana sexual consent laws is only 3 years old. The family of this man should be sued and made to compensate for the life of this young girl. They have raised a ruthless killer and they must be made to account for it. What could he have possibly lost if this girl wanted to move on with her life? Why couldn’t he report the matter if he felt he was being two-timed? My advice to all mothers who have daughters: Always involve yourselves in their love life and demand to see their partners. Anyone who behaves suspiciously, terminate the affair and call the police so they can lock him up. This man lured this girl into his house, slept with her and was so obsessed with her that he would not let her even to have outside friends, which is what this other guy was. May he rot fast and in hell!!!

  4. peterson 2012/05/13

    ke tsaya gore go supega ha nne ngwana yo ele seganana..mme hela ha kere diganana di bolawe

  5. lololo 2012/05/13

    Tota batho ga ba kgone go ithuta gore go ratana le motho ga se dikgole. If the girl found another guy who is better than him she was very right to tell him they must end their relationship. Someone cannot be in a relationship a sa rate. Whether he took her in as soon as she set her foot in GC does not allow him to be obsessed with the young girl. O sodile basimane ba bangwe lekgarebe waitse, ebile bone bane ba tlaa mo nyala. Modimo gaa kake a mo amogela he is going to hell.

  6. panty e ole turna o e sele 2012/05/13

    a mme gatwe sadie o ne a le obedient, at 19 living with a man in his house, batsadi le bone ba kgona go latlha bana, kgwaa mashi yo ke mo go katweng ne a nna le monna e bile a setse a bone ba dikoloi?

  7. logic 2012/05/13

    personallay,i think there are two people to blame in this scenario..the mother and that horrible so called boyfriend..if you dont love your child at home especially young girls,they will undoubtedly go into the world and seek for love.and others will be lucky to find true love,but unfortunately,in this sick world,most will just find sick men who want nothing more than to just use them as in the story above,therefore parents please love your children,and take a personally interest in their love lifes..also,there was no commitment from this man to this child since he had not married her and therefore this young girl had the right to walk if she wished..and at only 19 she was still a child and exploring the world like any young child her age..im sure this man did the same at her age and was maybe even worse..therefore i find what he did repulsive and without excuse no matter how anyone tries to justifies it..and im very sure that he is rotting in hell right now as he rightfully deserves.he should have gone to look for women his age and stop abusing young girls..there is no such thing as gore o jelwe because le ene o ne a dirisitse ngwana wa batho..it goes both ways..ah this is so heartbreaking,a young precious soul lost,may her soul rest in peace!

  8. Rarefri 2012/05/13

    I will ask you as you were the last to comment in this issue. Tota why is the age of sexual consent 16years? And does this apply for both boys and girls and is it not possible that only men voted for this age so that they can abuse little girls. I mean the girl in this case was only 19 and it seems like this man was already having an affair with her for over 3 years. Isn’t this an issue that social workers can take up and find out how it can be used to avoid similar tragedies in the future? This is not acceptiple. If this man took this girl into his home, the girl paid him with sex and possibly domestic chores like cooking and doing laundry. If she wanted out, he had lost nothing. He was 10 years older and ought to know better than obscess over the naive girl who was still exploring her world. I think the sexual consent law has to be reviewed. It is a disaster. If this girl had not died and ended up in the hodpital with injuries, she would not sign for herself to be operated as she needs a parent, but the law gave her the right to sleep with men. I think that is wrong.

  9. logic 2012/05/13

    Yeah thats a good comment and a good question,anyway the law may permit young people to consent to have sex at 16 because at this stage their bodies inevitably start to change and they will experiment with sex one way or another,what is important in this case therefore is parent intervention and guidance together with other stakeholders such as the social workers as u mention..if parents just take the sideline seat and leave their children in this complex world,to figure it all out for themselves like the mother in this story,it will lead to nothing but exploitation of children by others..maybe they are generally old enough to have sex at 16 but,they are not smart enough to make the right decisions about sex..parents who have been there done that should step in,guide and model,not just leave your children at the mercy of the vultures of this world because,they will never make it..what kind of parent leaves a teenage child to come to the city for years without cheaking on her and seeing where she stays?if she is alright and all that,no wonder she was calling her self an orphan!parentsshould be their childrens best friend and have the most influence in their lifes.

  10. peadar 2012/05/13

    All i can say is matlhotlhapelo. Why don’t we learn to be faithful!

  11. PUOPAA 2012/05/13

    Ao bathong,o tswa Serowe fa kae na re itse go bolaanwa ko bo Maun…

  12. gao123 2012/05/14

    PUOPAA ore buesie sente kwaa! akere makgwelwa aa bolaanelang kwano ke maxhobega a tswa kogo lona koo bo mweerikoo ba tshaba go ya ko magabone ba fake, rona re ijela tswii re sena stress sa marato.

  13. ogee 2012/05/14

    I do not see obedience here!who was she obedient to? If parents are not obedient to God, where will children learn obedience from? Parents should teach their children at a very early age, teach them meekness and the love of God. Teach them good behavior, chastity and modesty.
    ‘Those who love their children must first of all strive to cultivate their souls so that they will not be swallowed up by matter, but become capable of absorbing God’s Spirit. Therefore, condition your children at an early age to seek the true Kingdom of God in their heart. Thereby you adorn them more than regally, securing for them the greatest and best treasure for time and eternity.’(GGJ4/124)

  14. Colonel Sue 2012/05/14

    jst look at this boy’s eyz,u can see a SNAKE,thats y they say love is blind.if sadie was not in love with this monsta she cud had realised that this a live snake wanting to take her swit life bcz he was too jalas.on the other hand this snake wasnt happi bcz of what this beautiful young lady has done to him after so many years they hv spent together thru thiken thin.jst imagine helpin sum1 out of poverty to an extent of livin wit her in the city and suddenly findin out that sh is havin an affair sumwhr els!!!!BO-Kgaitsadi Le itlhokomele!!!!

  15. mumc 2012/05/14

    ke dumela gr monate le botlhoko jwa lorato bo itsewe ke beng fela.gr Sadie o monnye Botho o mo sodile botshelo ke di baka.Botho o ntse a mo tlhokometse jaanong o pallwa ke gr tanki ka o na le ba bueledi.Botho a moya wa gago o robale ka kagiso

  16. PUOPAA 2012/05/14

    @gao123 ,ijooo o tla nja nko esa butswa,nna mpa ke botsa fela…

  17. Ty_M 2012/05/14

    What Botho did is horrible but we need to take lessons from our previous experiences in our society. During my days at UB, i used to see men storming girls hostels and coming out with an omega, fridge, microwave, ….only to learn that the relationship has soured and the man is claiming back his presents given during the relationship. Batswana men attach a lot of sentimental value to things they exchange when times are good and are not socialised to give truely from the heart without any bondage. We even glorify this with words like “Monna o nkga le di tsagagwe”. Banna ba Botswana ga ba a tlwaela go becha. What i will advice our sisters is, if you looking for a man who in turn can help you financially, try look for west africans like nigerians, ivorians or better central africans like cameronians. This central and western african know how to give and handsomely, not di-6pack tsa cida & mokwejepe. This is so because it is within their culture and you dont hear a lot of rubbish about such kind of killing. Once a woman calls it quits they will better go away and drown their sorrows in a bottle of whisky.

  18. zweli Timothy 2012/05/14

    respect your parents gr modimo a go okeletse malatsi. hw can u hide from your own mother calling yourself an orphan. sometimes is a punishment ya modimo. while in the other hand l blame motsadi, ga godisa ngwana wa gagwe sentle aah batsadi baruti bana ba bone molao more especilly ba bomme mmmmm!!! re lapile tuu!!!. final wrong decision from the guy. ladies ba ba bantsi re thadilwe le rona but re a tshela.

  19. this story doesnt have the complete sides being told, so guys, please dont digest all that is written here. im not saying that it itsnt true, but there are more areas that are in need of accuracy.

    anyway, Sadie, to those that knew you personally, you will always be a gem to them, same goes to Botho. the public only knew of the two of you in this article. but you will be remembered for your positivity that you seeded in this earth always.

    much love.

  20. Here we go again!i thot this sort of crime had gone down.Sad very sad.i can only imagine this guys rage,stabbing yourself twice b4 hanging yourself.

  21. Ms queen 2012/05/15

    Ag shame to both of thm. First of all if sadi moved to gc 3 yrs bak it means sh was 16 an at tht age sh cud hav bin at skul completin hr studies. K mongw wa bana ba sa reetsen le fa go buiwa ka mosola wa thutho. Sh thot go ineela monna yo motona was th way to go.bt no it was nt. Women learn to work hard fo urself an rembr tht a man ds nt complete urself. As fo th parent hw did u sleep an wake up evridai o sa itse kwa ur kid a le gatan ten. le bangw ba batsadi ba ba selfish ba ba sa bonen go le molato gr a kid a ka tswa lapen a ya go inyadisa? child negligence e isa lebitlen wena th guy wat made u think killin th gal was gna brin u peac? Coz gone jaana moya wa gago wa kailakaila. U shud hav knwn beta coz u th adult here u ve seen it all an u ve known it all. U hav robbd th world a beautiful woman who cud hv bin miss Botswana tmrw

  22. Tshiamo Jacob 2012/05/15

    Gone mme mmagwe Sadie k eng ane asa ipotse gore ngwana wa gagw o kae oll these days 3yrs asa itse ko ngwana a nnan ten at the age of 16-19 hope okabo amo thokomela by then,batsadi susu o ilela susana gor etle ego ilele,wna mmagw Sadie ga tsile go go tlhola ko marina o tlhokile go mmotsa gr o nna kae obo ore she wz obedient,if okabo o mmoditse o ne atl bna gr wa motlhoka jaanon o bne gr k kgato e a nen a tshwanetse go etsa,mme legale botshelo k mathta,May Soul Rest In Peace Both Of U,we will 4rm ur story………!

  23. lady T 2012/05/15

    batsadi ba bangwe ga ba rate nnete waitse/ ngwana yo ga a kabo a na le a close relationship le maagwe o ka bo a sa re ke orphan ebile o kabo a mmoleletse mathata a gagwe!so o paletswe ke go mo godisa sentle

  24. Dave 2012/05/15

    Logic ga o bue sepe waitse. ngwananyana ga ten gone ne go ya go batlan go inyadisa go le kananyana?

  25. Tgirl 2012/05/16

    @Puopaa. Motse wa rona o tlhomola pelo mmata. Gompieno ga twe yo mongwe o letse a bolaile mosetsana kwa gooraSesoma, a bo a a nwa dichefi a re o a ipolaa. Ka maswabi o fitlhetswe foo a kgaratlha go swa go padile, ba sepatela ba di gopile, o kgaratlhela botshelo a le mo sepatela. Matlabisa ditlhong e le ruri. Ke ipotsa gore a ke lone lorato? Mme kana lorato lo tshwanetse go batla go babalela, go sireletsa, e seng go bolaya.

  26. gao123 2012/05/16

    moipolai ga a lelelwe, banyana ba today ke mathata. imagine hela o rata motho for his material osa iperekele, re rata short cut mo life, ga e bereke eoo papi this must be a lesson to all of you girls out there bo fashion fake wanna be, e sentse eta lela short gun mo goo tawana mo ba itsi sentle gore ngwana a batho ga a jewe obo o re omo kgwa jaaka segothola.

  27. Rraagwe Software 2012/05/16

    basimane ba a jewa golo ko gaborone

  28. easy tingz 2012/05/16

    ke blame batsdi 4 all ths? hw cn a 19yr old gal a ka tlogelwa gotwe wa go berekela ko gaborone? gpe y da gal a ne a reile b/frnd a re she’z an orphan? nana le ene hpe o bakile, le ko legodimong a ska promota polygamy or else o swela di finally

  29. boobza 2012/05/16

    People who are blaming sadie’s mom are shallow in their thinking. Nowadays at 15 children make their own decisions and you all know gore no amount of pleading from parents helps.
    Bana ba malatsi a ga ba utlwe batsadi, so U wanted sadies mom to loose her sleep over sadie? No ways. Its sad that she died this way, but it will hopefully be a lesson to all.

  30. SEMI DOLLA 2012/05/17

    tota monna enwa ga itsi go tshwara mosadi sentle,goreng a entse se? guys sumtyms r ruthless

  31. faithmoyo 2012/05/17

    sumtyms common sense is not so common, 3yrs of investment on this gal, by da tym she came to gc, she was dirty, smell, nobody saw her beauty. this poor exploited guy, sacrificed all his earnings to better this gal, now he has brought out the beauty in her, he is no more having money, this gal turns around and tell the guy, “u, stuipid old man, i have finished u, its tym i move on, am young and more attractive. thank u for what have u done”

    “she had found a new boyfriend, who owned a car and was more affluent than him.” so says the voice reporter.

    pple it pains, you realize your love was taken for granted and u were used by this ungratefull gal you picked from the damping site, your friends told you, this gal was only after your money but u never hidded to their advice, now she is calling you “stuipid old man”, telling u, am done with u, u can nolonger maintain my “dressing table”, i cant walk the streets of Old Naledi anymore, i now belong to Phakalane, combie seats scratch my buttocks, u cant afford the leather seats of the Bimmer! there is nothing you can do, am leaving, in your poverty.

    at this point, hearing such words, common sense, ceases to be common, ur eyes open and you see for the 1st tym what the thief in ur blankets has robbed you of, may be u didnt even assist your sibling yet u withheld nothing from this “gold digger”, it needs the grace of God, to gather those pieces of the broken heart. Rest in peace my brada.

  32. Ty_M 2012/05/17

    @faithmoyo, you make life sound like a big comedy with your theatrics.

  33. Sasloo 2012/05/17

    Proper Parent child communication and good parenting botsadi..if Batsadi bane ba rata ngwana wa bona ba ka bo ba bane ba itse kwa aleng, e bile gore o nna le mang? Nna ke bona Mmagwe ngwanyana a na le nyakanyaka fela, a 19 year old girl in GC a dule a le esi fela gore aye go batla tiro? Maaka a ma tala, mosimane yoo o filwe nyanyana go tswa ko gae koo Mokatako..Motho o kgona go tla sepatela a pallwa ke go ya go bona ko ngwana a kopileng boroko teng, kana nngwe ya one masika a a neng a molekola..nyaa mosadi o jewa ke sebe sa gagwe…Tlhokomelang bana batsadi le tlogele go jesa bana ka ditau.

  34. ANGEL EYES 2012/05/18

    It is found that often Poverty begets Prostitution,greed,loose morals, and yes even Crime etc.(money is the root of all evil) if one is removed from his/her surroundings of Poverty and appreciated to surroundings of a better life, one tends to lose their composure.they seek a more exciting, luxurious life.many young ladies and men fall into these traps and illusions of life,they sell their souls to the devil literally.

    with this it doesnt give an option to the partner to decide take away anyones life,with proper guidance and counselling this situation could have turned out positive rather than tragic.

    …”murder and suicide is never the answer, its just always safer to walk away.”

  35. Like 2012/05/21

    May your soul and the departed rest in eternal peace BATHO. The voice mistakenly mispelled your name now everybody refer to you as BOTHO here. There are those of us who knew who you were before that horrific evening.Only you knew the circumstances which led to that decision, now all we can say is to wish your soul to rest peacefully. You will be sadly missed, but beautifully remembered.Anybody can say whatever they want to say but we are made to believe that in the end of human existence there is going to be only one true judge and that judge will judge all sins equally.

  36. scavalecious 2012/05/22

    We don’t have to blame the mother because we children re dira mogo itsiweng ke rona fela sometimes.BOTHO o latotse motsadi wa gagwe a tshela,come on thats no it!!Being given the opportunity to be independant by the parents does not give us the room to do all these bad cohabitation acts.And also in my opinion this girl ga a tsaya tshwetso ee siameng(moving in with this man)unlawfully.GUYS A DECISION MADE WHEN SOMEONE IS STILL ANGRY,NEVER JUST BE THE ONE….what i can advise others who still kicking out there is that be quick to hear but slow to act..may their soul rest in peace.

  37. scavalecious 2012/05/22

    We don’t have to blame the mother because we children re dira mogo itsiweng ke rona fela sometimes.SADIE o latotse motsadi wa gagwe a tshela,come on thats no it!!Being given the opportunity to be independant by the parents does not give us the room to do all these bad cohabitation acts.And also in my opinion this girl ga a tsaya tshwetso ee siameng(moving in with this man)unlawfully.GUYS A DECISION MADE WHEN SOMEONE IS STILL ANGRY,NEVER JUST BE THE ONE….what i can advise others who still kicking out there is that be quick to hear but slow to act..may their soul rest in peace.

  38. Sasloo 2012/05/22

    O bolailwe ke go itatola motsadi..Ga re tsena ko ditoropong re lebala le ko re tswang..motho o yo nsteng jalo o tsewa ke phefo jaaka sethare se se senang medi..

  39. o hemile moshimane yo..

  40. Onkzay 2012/05/25

    Pple shouldn’t say go diragetse thato ya modimo,Ao!God does not wish us all those things!…really shocking how the value of life is depreciating nowadays.R.I.P

  41. Phuas 2012/06/01

    Waitse ke gore batho ba na le go iphitla ka lorato. Love does nt envy, love does not keep any record of wrong, love is patient, love is faithful e.t.c mo gongwe mo ga se lorato.

  42. skiripoto 2012/06/01

    nna kare bo rre re emise go becha ka ke gone mo go tla felelang go dira gore re dire dilo tse di maswe maswe tse. pecho e ka bo e nna ya batho ba ba nyalaneng fela. basetsana le lona le rata madi mo go maswe mo le a ineelelang motho fela yo go fetang ka ten years. dilo tse dingwe di a tena mo go maswe

  43. Rraagwe Elang 2012/06/04

    I fail to understand why this guy is castigated like this, some accusing him of using a young girl for his sexual desires, i dont condone what he did, hear me, in the olden days gals as young as 16 were getting married and they never ran from one man to the other coz the former ga ana sekotsekara kana kiribane now the people are trying to raise a lame excuse ya gore the girl is young and o dirisa banna ka gore ke dingwaga tsa gagwe. The guy is wrong for resorting to this lethal violence but the young girl is also wrong and people dont even blame the mother because the fact that the young gal pronounced her dead to even her closest friends and colleagues says a lot about this young gal, we dont know what she told the mother about her life in gc, how many of u young gals ba le mo gc ba e leng gore bo mama ba lona ba itse ko le nnang teng? To the poor guy rona re agile matlo monna mme e rile motho a re jaanong rra o a nkga we swallowed our pride mme ra boela ko batsading ba rona jaaka motsadi o mo itse ba re amogela with outstretched arms and now we are back on our feet on top of that we found gals far much better than those Business ladies!

  44. cosy 2012/06/09

    @Ty_M, a ware manigeria he? o katswa o sa ba itse, just becoz thy r not physical it dasn mke thm any better….ba kgona go ntsha motho diboko mo matlaseng, hows that cool?

    as fo Batho and Sadie ke bone ba itsen botoka gore ba dirane eng are ba iketleleng. baba blamang mmago Sadie mo iketleleng hle, gongwe Sadie na tshela gabedi, ko gae she was well bhvd ko tropo ele trooper, tats y she hd th guts to say she was an orphan. Batho ene le ene are mo iketleleng hle, we are all imperfect, hu wud not feel insulted after wrking hard on somthin and thn smbdy else gts th credit for it? i don condone wat he did but hey maikutlo akgona gogo hekeetsa nako tse dingwe. gape sadie’s approach was provacative ao ka raa yo mongwe are o mohlala ka gore o bone oa koloi, mara stil that ddnt gv him th rite to take her life. well, i dono th whl truth bhnd ol ds mara hela nkare lets stop th blamin and criticisin game….se diragetsen se diragetse are ihlobogeng.

  45. I knew her. Sad, very sad!

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