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My hopes for an alternative government are dashed. We thought in our lifetime we would see an alternative government. In vain.

BCP LEADER: Saleshando

It is time for the parties  not in governance to change their name from ‘opposition’ parties to something more positive. Unity Dow said it all in a candid interview that even the word ‘opposition’ is a non-starter. And the parties are taking the name literally. They just oppose, oppose and oppose. To an extent where they even oppose themselves.

The past few weeks, the state owned media for a change gave ‘opposition’ space on the airwaves and even on print to discuss their in fighting. The ‘opposition’  party leaders sang like canaries as they plunged voters into turmoil with their sob stories of their falling apart structures.

A word of free advice to ‘opposition’ parties… Be cautious of free publicity on state owned national TV, radio and print media  about your inner problems.  If you are given space to share your views, discuss policies that will benefit your voters not about why you left this party to join that party..

Social networks have been aflame with disappointed future ‘opposition’ voters citing that their dreams to see another and a different government were dashed. More and more youth are claiming that it is lucrative to join the ruling party and also benefit from tenders and other benefits apparently reserved for Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) holders.

We have typed and pounded on our keyboards, crying to the alternative parties to unite, find a common leader to enable them to win the elections. Politics is not a sport, it is about the

FROM BNF TO BCP: Mabiletsa

welfare of the people. If the ‘opposition’ leaders are interested about the livelihood of Batswana I dare them to form one party with one leader to effectively fight the BDP for power.

What is so difficult about coming together with a common goal of victory. We were disgusted when the only issue that was sung at freedom squares was about President Seretse Khama Ian Khama. Even then, now that the voices about Khama are silent are hoarse and silent we warned the leaders that they were giving the incumbent President free publicity.

Now the favourite topic is about the faction fighting in ‘opposition’ parties and their new fashion of fighting each other instead of the BDP.
I am disappointed that high learned gentlemen like Dumelang Saleshando, Duma Boko and Isaac Mabiletsa have been discussing their issues in the media.

This is a crying shame and it leaves a big question of how our opposition will convince us of a better leadership. As far as I am concerned they are no different from the BDP as they are all on a path to riches.


I am sick and tired of singing the same song… We want change, with no support from those who are supposed to give us that change. Worse still is the

ALMOST 50 YEARS OF RULE: Smiling BDP is even giving the normally preserved airwaves and print space to opposition to lamast each other in public while they watch in delight

defectors from ‘opposition’ into the very same party they have been accusing of  corruption and every bad  and unprintable word in the book

Their defection to the BDP is testimony that they are after material wealth. They are vultures, worried about their own stomachs and not that of the electorate.
What a shame. Happy weekend!

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