BIG WEEKEND 27 April 2012


COSBOTS CEO Mr Thato Mokobi revealed to Urban Music Djs, producers and Artists last Sunday afternoon at the Village that his organization was on the verge of registering broadcasters with a view of collecting royalties.

Thato Mokobi

The process will start in May 2012 in which all five Botswana radio stations will be registered and monitored.

He emphasized that there was no turning back and that the broadcasters had no option but to comply. Failure to do so may result with closure of the offending broadcaster. He also said all other consumers of copyrighted material like bars, hotels, transport operators etc will also be registered.

He encouraged all artists to register their material as it was the only way that it could be picked up by the monitoring company his organization will engage to compile reports for payment. The trial monitoring phase may start in June and the full cycle will commence if all goes well in July.

The first royalty payments may be made by the end of the year. If the NBB/BTA does not force broadcasters to increase local content, most of the money collected by COSBOTS will be sent out of the country. Botswana artists stand to be the biggest losers if broadcasters do not increase local content, very sad situation!


E Ke Ntolo’s Matebele has been the biggest song in Botswana for the last two years.

Its’ reign as the top song in the country may finally be coming to an end if Ndingo Johwa gets his way. The popular folk singer has released what sounds like a monster tune called Pankaka. The tune is in his “The Very

Ndingo Johwa

Best of Ndingo Johwa” album.

The album was released in 2011, but it is only taking off now after he made a spectacular appearance on the recent Botswana National Sports Council Awards where he put on a sterling performance. The single caused a stir at the after-party and there has been talk of it on all social mediums since then.

It is an up tempo track that is surely going to win him a lot of dance floor lovers. Hopefully, he will release a video to support it. Matebele and Sawa Sawa can now take a backseat, we are now Panka-ting! The album also includes tracks like Debgwe, Nostalgia, Tjalibeki, Nata, Lingano, Ndobolo, Phondonyana, Makamu, and Uwee.


My Star entered the top 20 stage with a bang last week Friday.

At least half of the remaining 19 contestants performed well over par, sending the live audience into a frenzy one after another. Those who did not perform very well were also not that bad. It was a very good night for the show and an early sign that this could be a year when there is no obvious favourite to win. Three contestants were eliminated, making it the first night with the biggest casualties. Segopotso, Boemo and Mpho all were unlucky not to see the top 20 action.

The producers added a twist to the competition. Contestants were divided into several groups each singing a different genre…Jazz, Rock, R&B, Soul & Blues. This week, they will switch genres until the top 10 stage when the task song round begins. There may be other few surprises on the way according to the producers of the show.

On a lighter note, Monnamogolo is making fashion waves, Facebook and Twitter were awash on Sunday evening with fashion police over the 1988 jersey I am proudly wearing in this picture, ntlogelang ditsala, ke tshwere style, hehehehehe!


One of the most exciting annual events is back with a bang.

The interbanks activities always causes a buzz around town and this Saturday is expected to be no different when the pre-party gets underway at Duma FM Grounds. The much anticipated party will open doors for other activities planned for the next four weeks.

The party has already created a buzz on Facebook where close to 2000 people have confirmed that they will attend. With over 12000 people invited to the pre-party the number of confirmation is expected to have doubled by today.  On the decks would be the usual suspects Boogie Sid, Ricky Lamar, Khenzo, Toni Tonez and Kris K. tickets costs P50 and the party start at 4pm.

Next on the menu will be the beauty pageant on 5th May, the interbanks Games on the 12th, where all the drama will unfold. Ladies who have never kicked a ball in their lifetimes will all of a sudden try some Lionel Messi tricks. The final activity will be an after party on the 19th of May. The 2012 Interbanks host is the Botswana Building Society (BBS).


Tonight in Francistown at Monkey Lodge, there would be a Mendi epic battle of hip hop and house Djs and producers.

Saeboko Vs Skeleton and Dj Oats Vs A.T.I with guest appearance by Konkrete. On the decks will be Dj Oats, Dr Phoenix, Dj Lee Tex and Urban Rocco Djs. Also in Francistown at Lizard will be Easy B and Ricky Lamar. Tomorrow night, Apollo Diablo will share the stage with the last Channel O Africa hip hop king, Cibil Nyte at Fusion Entertainment to launch their albums.

The theme of the show is Rookie vs Veteran and it promises to be a fun filled show with the likes of Khenzo, Ricky Lamar and Phouboy also on the decks. Other artists to be featured include Stagga, Scar, Samba T, Konkrete, Bishop and Touch Twak. Apollo is releasing his third album while Nyte is dropping his maiden project since winning the Channel O Africa hip hop competition over two years ago.

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