Dubani-wa-Dubani was in Francistown over the weekend and caught this conversation between a Mochudi Centre Chiefs and Tafic supporter on a Combi to Block 2

Chiefs Jersey: Hello my friend. You have spilled Coke. I guess next season you will be playing on gravel.

Tafic Shirt: Tafic playing on gravel! You must be crazy. We will survive. I can bet you on that. All we need is a win and a draw from our remaining fixtures to dodge the axe.

Chiefs Shirt:You dream too much my man! I have long asked you to quit that loser team of yours and follow Chiefs. Come end season and you would be celebrating a double.

Tafic Shirt: If you were not so hard headed you would have long understood that I am a Tafic supporter for life. Even if it can happen that they go to the district leagues I would still follow them. Tafic is my life!

Chiefs Shirt: If that is so then you will forever be in misery. Tell me, when did your useless club last win a cup? I guess you haven’t won anything in 20 years!

Tafic Shirt:Stupid. We won the Coca Cola Cup in 2002 and if you had bothered to finish your primary school you would know that it’s only ten years ago.

Chiefs Shirt: Ten years is still a long time my boy. Come end of season and Magosi will have three trophies and three fat pay cheques. Millions Baba!

Tafic Shirt:I think you will win the league but not any of the cups. Trust me. You will swallow your boastful words!

Chiefs Shirt: I am not boasting. I am just stating fact mate. Chiefs will be millionaires at the end of the season! And your Tafic will be broke and preparing to get choked by dust in the First Division.

Tafic Shirt:We are not going to the dusty grounds sir but your team needs the money more than us and you know it.

Chiefs Shirt: Which team doesn’t? Your lousy Tafic needs it more. You need quality players and that means money Sir!

Tafic Shirt: And your Centre Chiefs needs money to help your chief Kgosikgolo Kgafela pay his legal fees and resettlement expenses in South Africa.

Chiefs Shirt: Now you are going too far my man. Do not involve our Kgosikgolo in petty football talk. Have some respect my man. Kgafela has nothing to do with football. He does not deserve to be insulted by supporters of a useless team like yours. If we were in Mochudi you would get four good strokes on your dirty back.

Tafic Shirt:Now do not insult me sir. Your chief needs help and Centre Chiefs needs to help him. After all they proudly wear black and white, the colours of the leopard skin which Kgafela proudly wears. It’s simply a matter of a leopard skin wearer helping another leopard skin wearer.

Chiefs Shirts: No wonder your team is losing. With support from insolent people like yourself the team is surely headed for the dust, like a dead man.

Tafic Shirt: My friend, wait till next season. Your chief will be drowning in debt and Tafic will be winning again. Trust me.

Chiefs Shirt: Mr. Conductor I am dropping off at the next stop. I am tired of this loser!

Tafic Shirt:Go well sonny and remind your team officials to help out Kgafela with the legal costs.Bye bye.

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