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Jesus of Nazareth and TB Joshua of Nigeria may have lived in differing times and places but this week readers on our Facebook Page brought the two together in a spirited log of comments.

Omphemetse Bk Sethora: I wonder which Bible those who are choosing not to believe are reading. Those that do not have faith in TB Joshua for sure are in the kingdom of darkness.

Zoe Setshwane: Are people saying “Joshua is the answer” instead of Jesus? Alas!

Phumzile Phumie Seane: Zoe, people are certainly in the dark.

Botlhe Jb Pansiri: I believe in God. How can a man like me be the answer to my problems?

Dinny Boston: Is Joshua now replacing the only Man who can walk on water?

Mercy Tapela: He is not replacing Jesus, he is a prophet just like other prophets.

Omphemetse Bk Sethora: Such blindness! It was never said seek Joshua as the light,that is the role of Jesus. Joshua is just a messiah. It would be better if those that knew less spoke less.

 Fifi Veronica Moketsi: He is a true man of God. And if you don’t believe his prophecies then you have no faith whatsoever in The Most High God. God speaks through him, he is not God nor Jesus. All the negativity is not going to change him but make him stronger.

 LaNeo Maphosa: Follow God, and follow Jesus- he is the way, the truth, and the light. Ministries and miracles are not that important.
Prophets and Profits
In tune to the discussion over the ever controversial Temitope Balogan (TB) Joshua our reader- Kgabo Sedibelo warned of profit chasing prophets:
I don’t think any human being should be making money using God’s name.

This man’s so-called prophecies make no sense. Anybody who has basic information on the things he said could make similar wild speculations and say he is prophesying!

This man was communicating with the late Malawian president, so he knew he was sick but predicted his death as if it was a prophecy but did nothing to help him! When Jesus saw hungry people, he didn’t ask for payment before he could feed them! He just increased the food to feed them! Joshua would ask for payment and ask you to wait for some help down the line! Crazy! Jesus refused when the devil offered him riches of the world if he knelt down to him.

These false prophets have confused so many people that they are now presented as the gateway to God? Amazing! How many people are pledging 10% of their earnings to these people for as long as they live? Is that God’s instruction for people to do this in His name?”
Cry Not Beloved Children
Coming to the rescue of school children threatened to be failed by frustrated teachers, readers this week angrily branded teachers as “evil” and vowed to support the Government should the teachers implement their plan.
Rarefri: If this is the consensus that all teachers reached, and if in fact everyday of their being, they plan to sabotage our children’s education, I believe they are evil. More evil than the term stands for…. Don’t make children suffer just because you can’t negotiate with your employers.

DON: This is ludicrous. I agree times are hard and Government is not helping but this is madness! If these teachers go ahead with such a crazy idea, I would totally support Government for hitting back with any drastic measures.

Rabie: I can not believe what I am reading. These teachers are heartless. Fight with Government not with the children.
Tubeless: They should be fired and never rehired. They are cruel and should never be trusted with the lives of our children again. We invest a lot of money on the kids and the teachers happened to have convinced us that they are qualified to teach. Now it turns out, all they want is the money. They don’t care what happens to the kids. They will even plot a scheme to make them fail. This is not acceptable.



30 Responses to “JESUS AND TB JOSHUA”

  1. Prophets and profits indeed!Since Rre yo o kile a tla kwano ka 2005 or so at the stadium,ba kae ba a bathusitseng?lets have real testimonies besides on tv.Ke raya ba ga rona kana!Its all about marketing!This phenomenon is not unique to Africa,in the western world some charlatans get so rich becos of vulnerable people’s pledges,they buy hectares of land,build huge churches and start small communities within.People quit their jobs to vouch and push their causes and then lo and behold infidelity,incest,adultory,statutory rape,drugs etc becom the order of the day inside starting from the top…Ba ga rona,lets keep our heads screwd on tight and not lose them.Modimo o gongwe le gongwe and anything can happen despite how much you pray.As they say distance is not a barrier.

  2. snaye 2012/04/21

    most of us people are blind.there are people who are sent by God that do his work.All the people that were either healed ny Jesus were the people who believed in God,who saw the miracles he performed and believed gore he was a true son of God..TB Joshua was sent by God to do his work,to teach,heal and save many lost souls out there.a church needs money to maintain itself.why dont you talk of the many people that Joshua donates food to,the many disabled people he has sent to schools,universities,taken care of……our lack of believ is leading us oneway….HELL!

  3. Le seka la dirisa Jesus and TB Joshua as if they are the same without facts.Nobody is going to Hell for failure to believe in mordern day prophets but we will go there if we do not believe in biblical doctrines.So says or implies….MATHEW 7:15-23 and 2 CORINTHIANS 11:13-15.

  4. sorry modern!

  5. Tgirl 2012/04/23

    Baebele e bua gore e tlaa re mo motlheng wa bofelo bangwe ba tlaa lela ba bua gore, “Morena, a ga re a ntsha mewa e e maswe ka Leina la gago? A ga re a fodisa batho ka leina la gago?” etc. Ke bone boJoshua ba go buiwang ka bone ba. FALSE PROPHETS. Ba ikhumisa fela ka go bakela batho mahutsana, ga go na bomodimo bope mo go bone. Lemoga gore Satane le ene o na le maatla, though he is not all-powerful like God. Joshua o dirisiwa ke Satane, full stop.

  6. lololo 2012/04/23

    Mphetiseng fa tlhe bathong: IS TB JOSHUA NOT USING THE BIBLE?

  7. spinach 2012/04/23

    He uses the bible but he is a false prophet. read Holy Quran 14:24 o ikutwele

  8. mojenje 2012/04/23

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! o mpolaisetsang ditshego spinach. Nnyaa ruri Quran 14:24

  9. mojenje 2012/04/23

    Ga monna wa mohumi a ne a lela a le mo molelong o o chesang, o bolela le morena gore ke eng o sa nthome ko lefatsheng ka ya go tsebisa ba ba tshelang gore ba rorise modimo.MODIMO O ARABA KA GORE; fa le sa reetse bo moshe ,Judas le baporofete le ka reetsa mang?

  10. M.I.R.A.C.L.E 2012/04/23

    Father Prophet T.B Joshua is a true man of God,those who oppose him shall pray for the spirit of wisdom and understanding,the spirit of counsel and might,the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of LORD.

  11. spinach 2012/04/23

    @ M.I.R.A.C.L.E prove to me that he is a true man of God and i’l prove to you that T.B Joshua is a con-artist.

  12. spinach 2012/04/23

    TB Joshua is a false prophet who was part of a conspiracy in the death of President wa Mutharika. Mutharika had been killed by his enemies who used TB Joshua’s pronouncement to divert attention from them. TB Joshua’s involvement in this tragedy smacks more of a plot than a prophecy. baebele yare no one can predict someone’s death. I just hope Uncle Bob is not scared wherever he is

  13. Chris M 2012/04/23

    TB Joshua is a false prophet! Nigerians use anything to get into your bank account or cash deposit! They get you to give them your money using any and every trick available to them! They can pretend to be pastors, prophets, government officials, company directors or CEOs, speak in strange tongues, dance on their head, even call themselves Jesus to mollify you to part with your money, and they take it! They are cunning thieves, well drilled on their game! Whenever you are dealing with a Nigerian and he wants your money, that’s a red flag for you to get away, pronto! We are so trusting in this country that we are easy prey! This guy is a liar! It doesn’t matter what he says or who says what!

  14. Chris M 2012/04/23

    I agree with you spinach! Malawi should ask FBI to help investigate the death of Mutharika!

  15. roy wa ga sesana 2012/04/23

    Kgang e ya ga Joshua e dingalonyana ka gore batho bangwe ba ya teng ba lwala mme ba fola.Mo nna ke sa go tshwareng ke gore batho ba ya teng go batla dikhumo tsa madi.So ba ya teng ga ba boa koo ke bahumi within a twickle of an eye.Ke raya fela betsho.Ke na le go ipotsa gore fa ekete batho ba lebile madi kgotsa dikhumo go feta Modimo,fa dikhumo tseo di fela ba tlaabo ba dira jang.Se sa feleng se a tlhola.Kgang e ngwe ke gore se se dirang gore ba hume ka bonako jo bo kalo ke eng?A mme tota ga se gore go na le se ba se dirang go huma se e tlaareng ka moso ba bo ba se duelela ka matshelo a bone?Ke mpa ke botsa fela betsho. SA BOFELO, KE BADILE BAEBELE MO go JEREMIAH 23 VERSE 9-40.Fa le ka e bala le ka tsaya se Rara a se buang ka baporofita bangwe ba mmaka.Jaanong ka Joshua ga re itse,a re leseng di gole mmogo re tla bona ka motlha wa thobo.But gone it brings a bit of concern.Ke lame betsho.

  16. cheerful 2012/04/24

    amazing how people are gullible with these so called prophets-
    There is also a Kenyan who travels the world claiming he can make barren women have babies and it has been proven that he is connected to a hospital in Kenya stealing babies

  17. modumedi 2012/04/24

    TB Joshua has never had a prediction that came to pass. Nostradamus has better track record than him and he wasnt even claiming to be prophet.

  18. mmaptopto 2012/04/24

    i suggest we ask God Almighty to guide us, e sere gongwe ra tloga ra leofa betsho. who are we to judge?nna ke boifa Modimo gore kana!n everytime fa ekare kea jabetsega, ke tsholeletsa matlho ame ko ene gore a nthuse ke dire kafa go tshwanetseng!nka lla gore kana fa nka shwa fela ka gore ke buile boleo ka morongwa wa gwe. gone e the bible says e tlaare ka motlha wa bofelo, go tlaabo go kopakopane. so its betere if you ask the Creator gore amme ruri o ga ntatlhele ka lemena.ammaruri kea lo raya, God will show you gore a o mo tseleng kapa che.ke itse se ke buang ka sone.

  19. Rraagwe Software 2012/04/25

    Im sick and tired of these false prophets. Last year i recklessly spent my savings because they said the end will be on the 21st of May, 2011. Somebody tell that Joshua guy to stop with his silly prophesies. Nna ke lapile

  20. Chris M 2012/04/25

    @Software Hahahahahahahaha! What did you do?

  21. cheerful 2012/04/25

    Some self styled prophet told a lady that end will be May 2012!!! She took it seriously.Laughed because there she was still planning to purchase property
    Perhaps they should be called PROFITS!!! not PROPHETS because they rake in alot of money through their fraudulent claims!!!

  22. cheerful 2012/04/25

    The law should descend on these PROFITS (!) like a ton of bricks and make them return all the possesions and money that have taken from people and then lock them up and throw the key away and make sure that they do a days work

  23. cheerful 2012/04/26

    and those possesions must include those babies that were abducted from the Hospitals – and those that have worked with these profits to abduct the babies must also face the music

  24. What i know is that TB Joshua is a man of GOD and a true prophet of GOD.If you are not from a living church,you still observe man made laws,doctrines,yes you will say he is not a man of GOD,and most individuals just speak agaist him,but had never watched him Live from TV even for 5 minutes.
    The kindom of God is in the demonstration of power but not in words,Continue to heal the sick,helping the poor,sending those children to universities,donating wheelchairs,bringing families together ,prophecing etc,none can take that from you.

  25. You can not see spritual things of GOD when you are still in darkness,bound by religion,tradition,fornication,alcohol,adultry,sprits of lust,jelousy,consulting witch docters etc,when you have this things no that you are of your father the devil,thats why you judge the servent ogf GOD,so repent and find a living church which does the things which were done by the Savior himself,where demons are cast out,people are raised from wheel chairs,the womb of the barren are opened,cancers are healed,break throughs after break through etc,thats what Jesus said it will happen when he is sitted on the right hand of the father,and more miracles than he did will follow.
    BUT FALSE PROPHETS ARE THERE EVEN IN OUR COUNTRY,but we only pray to GOD to open the eyes of his children so that they can differentiate and see this things.Hosea 4:6.

  26. Moratwa 2012/04/27

    I love him, his teachings, miracles…healing, casting out demons, breakthroughs everything.

  27. michael 2012/04/27

    This shows just how people don’t fear and respect GOD. How can u all people say that about a true man of GOD TB JOSHUA.Aah nna le mpaletse tota jaanong waitse.Le kgakala thata le bogosi jwa legodimo.aaaaaaaaah bathong and u say u know the bible!U DON’T!!!!!!!!!!!Snaye may the hand of the lord touch u man and blez u even beyond I speak joy, health and everything u hav eva wanted. Praise God. We r livin in the END DAYS but they don’t know, um hapy u 1 of those hu knows.God iz wandaful nna I thank him everyday for men like TB JOSHUA.

  28. cheerful 2012/04/27

    Wonder what sort of house this PROFIT lives in and what car he drives!!!! and what clothes he wears!!!! think am right. Mansion, Posh car, Designer label clothes!!!!! and these are the ones telling people to give up all their material things if approached by someone like him know the very words to say to them!!! Maybe will start a church and call the church of what is happening!! Alleluia!!

  29. cheerful 2012/04/27

    and they got their PR right!!

  30. cheerful 2012/04/27

    Instead of watching them preaching from the pulpits and television screaming Thou shalt not commit adultery, thou shalt not steal, God said someone in the congregation is going to give me WAIT FOR IT … A VEHICLE (so said one PROFIT) people should be observing them what they do behind closed doors when they are not in the public view ALLEUIA!!!!!!

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