• What a life!

I have resorted to walk with my eyes down if I happen to visit a mall.

I don’t want to see the desolation that is prevalent in peoples faces. The sombre and sad expressions leave my blood cold.What is it that has befallen a once vibrant society to walk like zombies in a haze of despair? The answer lies in the crashing economies around the world. There is simply a shortage of Pulas and thebes.

There are times I sink into reflection and my heart goes out to those whose monthly wages are barely enough to cover their fare to work.  But this misery  is nothing compared to the poverty I saw in a Zimbawean district last month. I thought I had seen it all when I saw  small Basarwa kids too tired to ward off flies from their faces.

I was not prepared to see children who walk over seven kilometres to school daily—in this day and age. I felt horrible that I complain about the high rise of fuel when 10-year-olds have to wake up at 04h00, to walk  over seven kilometres to school, come from school to till the land to help aging grandmothers who don’t have the energy to hoe the fields anymore.

I felt disgusted to be part of a society and a world here the gap between the have you and have nots is so huge. To hear the lucky ones complain about a badly done manicure while those who breathe the same air don’t have money to buy a loaf of bread.  To be part of a world where the children are bribed with treats to eat their food while other children have never tasted orange juice.

For some of these children to ride in a battered van is a treat as they have never seen the inside of a mercedez benz, let alone an aeroplane. We live in difficult and challenging times where the whole world is grappling with a high cost of living but when we complain about trivial things we must think of those who are going to bed on an empty stomach.

When an aspiring future leader told his girlfriend to pawn one of her children because he can’t maintain him, I scoffed at his arrogant attitude. But deep down, I felt the anguish in his messages, the helplessness of having nothing  to offer. This is turning some into evil creatures for where there is no money there is no hope.

Let us embrace the little we have and embark on changing  our mindset to improve our work ethics and be part of those who will keep our country afloat due to hard work and the desire to succeed.
Happy Easter and remember to drive safely, love safely and drink moderately.

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