It is so surreal.

Unity Dow

Everything is happening so fast. We embrace the gift of life  but most of all to be part of these interesting times. To say that the news that Unity Dow has joined the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) came as a shock is an understatement.

We were of the view that the ‘opposition’ parties would clean up their act, saw their blunders in the failure of the Umberella1, pick up the pieces and move on.We are, (as we have pointed out a trillion times), looking forward to a change in government for the sheer reason for an abundant democracy and alternative governance.

You don’t have to be a rocket Scientist to realize that 46 years ruled by the same party. We believe that the only way a country is efficiently run is if the leadership changes hands.  The BDP have done their part. Through our ancestors sweat, and our taxes they have a build a country from nothing. And this is the ticket they take to the freedom squares.

“We build the schools, the roads, the clinics, the hospitals. Keep us in power.” And instead of saying, “We will build more schools, more hospitals and more roads”, the opposition call rallies to discredit the party in power and fail to put something on the table for the electrorate. To make matters worse they continue to break into fragments splitting the votes to make the BDP the victor.

When I heard, She, Unity Down had joined the ship, my heart bled and my blood ran cold… But when we she gave us an exclusive interview, we understood that for a woman who has had it all, fought the government to grant Batswana children citizenship whether the father was a foreign national, became a Judge and looked for political pastures, her choice was with a party she knew would win.

We have typed until our fingers became sore, literally begging the opposition to form one and we mean ONE in capital letters, political party to offer alternative governance to our people… this has fallen into deaf ears.

At the beginning of the umbrella, we realized egos were going to go amok and suggested Unity Dow, and later on other women to assist in reducing the threat of male chauvinism creeping in to say, “I want to be president, why should you be the President”,  but no one listened.

When the umbrella crumbled we were not shocked because we knew all along that it would. We are living in the worst era of “Pull him/her Down” (PHD) syndrome.
Our “opposition” would rather all go down than let one of their own become President. And for that, some of us who have always and still advocate for alternative governance will continue to type until our keyboards break, in vain.

The more the “opposition” fight, the more we will lose competent leaders to the BDP. That is a fact. The youth are not interested in mudslinging politics, they want facts, accountability, and feasible policies on the table. Gone are the days politics was treated like a football match. Now voters want to know why they should vote you. If our opposition doesn’t smell the coffee soon they will only dream of ever ruling Botswana.

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