Father queries maintenance as  child calls another man daddy
An unemployed father who was recently ordered by the court to pay P300 in monthly child maintenance has made a public appeal for financial aid to conduct a DNA test.
Frustrated and disgruntled,31- year-old Thapelo walked into The Voice offices to publicise his appeal for a donation of P 5000 for the DNA test. He claimed that he was made to financially support a child that he was not allowed to visit and who calls another man daddy and therefore he needed the DNA test proof so that if the child turns out to be his, he could seek visitation rights with the courts, he said.

“I am struggling to pay the P300 maintenance fee and I could even end up in prison for a child that although is supposedly mine, I am not allowed to see. A child that calls the current mother’s boyfriend daddy,”he said.
He continued: “When I want to see the child his mother tells me that his ‘father,’ her live in lover would not approve.I therefore want to be certain that I am financially supporting my child, not the new boyfriend’s child. My mother used to help me with money, but she too has stopped assisting me financially because she also has reasons to  doubt that she is supporting her biological grandchild.”
In a court application he was still to submit in court,Thapelo argues that he broke up with the mother of the child when she defiantly told him that he was not the father of her baby after he found her with another man in a bar when she was supposed to have been in confinement at her mother’s house soon after the birth of the baby,

“After that bar incident five years ago, she banned me from seeing the child. She even changed her mobile number and I did not know where to find her until she resurfaced this year to claim child support. I now pay maintenance fee but I still haven’t met the child,” he says in papers that are yet to be submitted to court.
The child’s mother has however dismissed Thapelo’s allegations as pathetic lies from an irresponsible man.
“He is trying to dodge his responsibilities. He is not telling the truth and he knows it. He is the one who made me pregnant and I would not have taken him to the Magistrate court if he was not the biological father,”she said.

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