CHILLIN OUT 18/11/11


On her recent visit to Botswana Afro-Pop artist Lira bluntly said she was not concerned about the emergence of guitarist and vocalist Zahara whose hit Loliwe has taken the music scene by storm.
Lira said what she is doing is different from what the 23 year old is doing.
However a very prominent South African artist revealed to Shaya that Lira is simply trying to keep a smiling face at the sight of disaster.
Apparently she is worried sick because Zahara has done so much more in such a short time.
Lira, it has been reported in SA media that some of her Europe tours were a total flop while some had to be cancelled as the audience was not happy with her.
Apparently her promoters likened her to Miriam Makeba to lure unsuspecting Europeans who were disappointed when they got to the shows.
Shaya can’t wait for December 15 to make his ruling on these two talented artists.

If this was for me I would have been a millionaire a long time ago, in fact I would be owning half of Gabz City because it doesn’t take much; all you do is to drop your pants.
Have you heard about the swingers club? No! Well let me fill you in, you there are these wealthy Americans and Europeans who are out to have fun and they target married couples.
Apparently what they do is that they pay the said couple millions of dollars enough for them to live in the leafy suburbs in town.
Most of these couple drive top of the range cars, own huge mansions, businesses; all financed by the swingers.
They is a catch though, these guys use sexually as they please, your husband can be given to another man or woman and vise versa.
So if you can stand the thought of your wife/husband sleeping with someone else, go get your millions now.


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  • moodindigo
    November 20, 2011, 1:19 am

    This piece on Lira & Zahara is a great example of a problem with the internet and what often passes as journalism online – especially in Africa. From what I can tell, anyone can spout anything truthful or not and if not isn’t held libel for false or misleading information. The author creates a false (but sensational) headline, backs it up with hearsay, and presents their opinion as fact (which it is not). I hope Shaya, The Voice, and the parties behind this smear campaign designed to build one artist up by tearing another down will consider trying to rise above this kind of pettiness, small minded behavior (and frankly, “red journalism”). If artists and the business interests behind them are be taken seriously in country and beyond – this kind of thing has to stop. Just sayin’…

  • DON
    November 23, 2011, 9:49 pm

    @moodindigo.I agree i think there is room for both these artists and much more.Shaya surely come on!


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