CHILLIN OUT 28/10/11

Psst! Have you heard? Shaya has been informed that an opposition youth leader has been bought a very flashy car that is way beyond his means. Apparently the young man has hooked up with a very powerful man from the ruling party and the two are said to be enjoying wild nights of passion together. The two reportedly have been found together in a secret meeting in one of the learning institutions in Gaborone. Boy; opposition parties have their work cut out for them!


It is not too often that you get sit down, sipping on mango juice and watch top entertainment promoters go at each other, this is just how lucky some of Shaya’s sources can be.  Apparently the feud between Seabelo Modibe of Lekoko Entertainment and Gilbert PP Seagile of Gilbert Promotions took place at Café Rio during Slizer’s album listening session. Allegedly Modibe started off by telling all that artists should take his show (Mascom Booster Bash) seriously instead of going around the country holding shows.
“How can you turn down an offer to play at such a big festival in preference of a show at Mogonye hall,” Modibe is alleged to have asked.
This apparently did not go down well with PP who is promoting Slizer and he made it clear that touring the country makes more business sense than playing at the Booster bash. However the two are said to be big friends and remain buddy-buddy.

Talking about cars, apparently one lady got more than he bargained for when she asked her husband about the flashy black car he owns. The concerned wife is said to have asked her husband where he got the pricy car and in response the man whose ascendance to the top has been extra-ordinary beat him blue and black. News reaching Yours Truly is that the man also got his car from the promiscuous powerful man. the powerful allegedly has a raging libido and young man are what he needs; and he rewards handsomely for their troubles.

Perhaps with a delusional believe that she is now a hot celebrity just because she was part of the Big Brother show, a local girl is allegedly painting the town red.
Apparantly this cheeky girl is now a target for young CEOs who have fallen in love with her pert derriere.
Realising that she is attracting much attention from the males our dear sister allegedly has decided to have all the men to herself and is switching them regularly like cheap make-up.
Slow down girl Big Brother is watching

Shaya has been informed that local rapper famous for his gothic apperarance is failing to get his priorities right.
The young man apparently is landlords’ worst nightmare; he is all sleep no pay. The repper allegedly has a habit of not paying rent and is usually on collision course with his landlords.
Come on young man pay your rent; if you can’t afford it relocate to more affordable house.
By the way what is your problem; your black music not selling ?

Apparently there is a young man who runs a butchery in Phase 4 who thinks the world revolves around him.
This man who likes to associate himself with local celebrities and wants to be seen as having a lot of money is said to be treating his staff like dirt.
A fly on the wall told Yours truly that if his female employees don’t give in to his sexual advances they are fired right there on the spot.
According to the source the man is not really loaded but uses all the profits to sponsor his lavish life while ignoring the plight of his employees.
Another rumour is that he is dealing with cattle rustlers who supply him with stolen meat.
Be warned young man you can’t escape the long arm of the law.


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