Conversation from a combi

Voice reporter, Phillimon Mmeso recently travelled to Serowe where he heard a shocking conversation in a Route 1 combi from Boiteko mall to the main mall.  Two men were talking about unprotected sex with young Swaneng senior secondary school students and their fiancés.

DOUBLE COLAR SHIRT- Monna I made a terrible mistake on Saturday!

FLORAL SHIRT- What mistake are you talking about? Did your fiancée catch you with young girl?

DOUBLE COLAR SHIRT- No my man, eesh (holding his head with both hands) the girl removed the condom in the middle of sex

FLORAL SHIRT- What! What did you do? Did you stop?

DOUBLE COLAR SHIRT- No I was already on, there was no chance to stop. I only realized the mistake after sex my man, I am so stressed!

FLORAL SHIRT- What did she say?  Is she not doing form five at Swaneng?

DOUBLE COLAR SHIRT- I don’t understand that girl.  I told her that I have a fiancée and a child and she told me that she also wants to have my child. When asked her about studies she said she is about to write her examinations.

FLORAL SHIRT- And that girl looks sick maybe she wants to infect you.

DOUBLE COLAR SHIRT- Eesh that’s the problem but I drank monepenepe (traditional herb) I heard it cleans the system.  I urinated greenish urine and later it was yellowish.  So think I’m okay now.

FLORAL SHIRT- Let’s hope so, ah but that girl, I saw her on Sunday at the Jazz show with a girl I wanted.  Anyway have you talked to her since that night?

DOUBLE COLAR- She came to my house after the show but I insisted on using a condom.

FLORAL SHIRT- Nyaa tlhe monna!(No my man) you are still sleeping with her after that! You love her akere? What if she come when your fiancée is around?

DOUBLE COLAR-  I will tell her not to come because she knows mmaabo (fiancée) .

FLORAL SHIRT- The problem is that you gave her the key to your house.  Imagine if she just comes and unlocks the door because she now thinks she also owns the place. You are in trouble my friend.

DOUBLE COLAR SHIRT- Don’t worry she is a small girl, I will just give her two clippar  (P200).  I know her my man she will get excited

FLORAL SHIRT- These Swaneng girls are giving us problem neh! I have taken a break from mine.  The problem is that she loved naira! (Money)
They both burst into laughter

FLORAL SHIRT- To her I was a money maker! Every day was all about naira!

DOUBLE COLAR- You were in worse troubles my man! At least mine just loves sex and beer!

FLORAL SHIRT- What irritated me is that she was difficult when it came to sex, that is why I ditched her.

DOUBLE COLAR- There is that one who stays behind the old hospital. She is portable and not expensive maybe you should check her.

FLORAL SHIRT- Now you are talking, I want that girl’s number and she is smooth (holding his mouth) if I can get her!

DOUBLE COLAR- That one, just impregnate her or guys will knock you once she goes to UB!

FLORAL SHIRT- I will play my cards well, these small girls are easily enticed by our council houses and big televisions screens!

They both laugh aloud drawing the attention of the few commuters in the combi.

The combi stops at the bus rank and they drop off heading towards the Central District Council headquarters consumed in their lust for young girls.

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