Batlokwa Royal Kgosi Michael Spokes Gaborone believes Soccer Expos are a great community building exercise and a way of unearthing raw football talent.


Speaking to Voice Sport at the Kgatleng Soccer Expo at the Buffaloes Grounds in Mochudi where he was referee in an exhibition games between Bakgatla Dikgosi and Religious leaders Gaborone said:
“Such events are not only about football.

People get to interact with each other and their leaders in an informal gathering, which brings them closer together.  Besides the football people can discuss other issues affecting their communities and map the way forward. It is also a chance to meet old friends and get people of all ages to spend sometime away from bars and other harmful pastimes.

I must commend Bakgatla for this wonderful idea.”Incidentally the Kgatleng Soccer Expo is part of the Bakgatla Ba Ga Kgafela Heritage Month, which has been held every September since Kgosikgolo Kgafela ascended the Bakgatla throne.

Gaborone, a respected coach and former Zebras mentor went on to say that the event is also a great way of tapping young talent and if spread around the country could help discover talent that would otherwise go to waste.
“The young boys who played against Centre Chiefs are an example of the talent I’m talking about. They might have lost but they gave their more celebrated opponents a run for their money.

I trust there are hundreds such players around the country and such events would give them the exposure they need and help carry our football to the next level. Clubs could also use the Expos for scouting new talent,” said Gaborone commenting on the Kgatleng Select XI’s 1-0 loss to Center Chiefs.

Mochudi Centre Chiefs legend Edwin Hlabagana Masire also believes the expo are a good initiative. “This is great. Clubs could use such events to get good players and cut on the money they spend on more often than not mediocre foreign players.

Some of the boys that played against us are far better players than some of the foreigners we have in the Premier League,” said Masire.Masire went on to say that if he had the power he would set up Soccer Expos all over Botswana to help build the nation and develop football.

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