The Voice’s popular but controversial Page 3 Babes was the hot topic of debate at last week’s National Debate Championship held at the Francistown College of Education.The 14th edition of the annual event for tertiary and secondary school students saw Mater Spei College and Mophato Secondary go head to head in the final over the argument, “The Voice’s Page 3 Babe is a prick on the eye of morality.”
In a lively and entertaining encounter, the Mater Spei College team supporting the motion won the Voice sponsored trophy.Presenting the trophy former Page 3 beauty Yvonne Ben, said that she was happy to hand over the award despite the winning team arguing against the famous page.

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Amateurs to thrill at Performance Art Festival.
Four theatre and drama groups are set to put the Maitisong stage in Gaborone alight during the second annual Botswana Amateur Arts Festival tomorrow (Saturday).The following performing groups are set to enthrall the audience at the whole day event: Maruapula High School, Pioneers, Literary Art Association Botswana, and Art of the Soul.

Festival coordinator, Kabelo Rapinyana, said the Saturday event promises to be even more spectacular that last year’s. “The festival mixes creativity and talent to dish out a captivating and meaningful ensemble of drama. Groups  will be given a script to direct their own play and put on a production for a panel of judges and the audience,” a youthful Rapinyana explained.

Behind the scenes, the festival will also have workshops for the participating groups, adding a learning twist to the programme. “Workshops during the festival are geared towards improving participants’ knowledge and life skills. So the festival is as much a platform for learning as it is for entertainment.

The performers get to enact their passions, but also leave with something new learnt, for example, there will be a  money management workshop to be hosted by Barclays Bank,” said Rapinyana, adding that their ultimate goal as the festival organisers  was to develop theatre and drama to a point where it is not appreciated only as a hobby but as a profession, which can put bread on the table.The festival runs from 11 to 6 pm from the Maitisong Hall in Maruapula High School. Tickets are P 20 pula for either the morning or afternoon performances or 40pula for both.

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