HP this week announced it has established operations in Botswana with the opening of an office in Gaborone and the appointment of John Moir, a Botswana citizen, as Country Manager.


Commercial customers in Botswana will now have better access to HP’s broad portfolio of products and services, allowing them to transform their businesses by taking advantage of improved IT infrastructure and future- based cloud computing and connectivity services.

Governments can leverage HP technology to drive economic growth and stability by modernizing the delivery of services in key areas such as education, healthcare and e-Government services.
HP also intends to broaden access of its consumer printer and PCs in Botswana.

“HP is proud to establish operations in Botswana at a time when the county is emerging as a high-growth economy,” said John Moir.  “The deployment of HP’s cloud-based and connectivity technologies by Botswana’s government and local industries can help build a strong IT industry, which in turn generates economic growth and innovative solutions that can make a positive impact in the nation’s communities.”
Minister of Infrastructure, Science & Technology, Johnie Swartz said: “We welcome the direct presence of HP in Botswana.

We look forward to working with HP to drive improvement of our public services, such as healthcare and education, through the use of information technologies. HP has already made a marked contribution here in disease management through its partnership with PING and our Ministry of Health and I am pleased that this is now extending to more diseases and more districts.”

In addition to opening an office in Botswana, HP has invested in a series of initiatives here and across Africa aimed at enabling governments and communities to leverage information technology to achieve their socio-economic goals and contribute to responsible, sustainable market growth and development.

Demonstrating a commitment to investing in Botswana’s future, HP and the University of Botswana also signed a Memorandum of Understanding which will allow HP and the university to help develop the next wave of technology experts necessary to ensure Botswana takes full advantage of the economic and social benefits technology can bring to local people, enterprises and government.

Under the agreement, HP and the University of Botswana will create a program to help students transition from a fresh graduate to a young IT professional. They will also collaborate to develop a Sales University for talented young people who are pursuing a career in the IT sector.

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  • eagle
    September 26, 2011, 4:19 pm

    this sounds very good. HP products like computers have been used for a very long time in Botswana and have proved to be user friendly. I wish to see some products being manufactured here in Bots. That will make batswana IT people.There would be a lot of skills acquisition and a good chance for economic diversification. SADAC provides a very big market…-ntsu comment-…


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