Khama & Boko

Botswana National Front (BNF) President, Duma Boko has labeled  president Lt Gen Seretse Khama Ian Khama an alien who does not even speak the language of his people fluently. “Khama even has an alien voice,’ Duma said at a press conference where he announced that BNF MPs are to walk out of Khama ‘s  state of the nation address later this year.

The outspoken Duma revealed that his party was in the process of mobilizing other parties represented in parliament to urge their MPs to walk out as well and went on to condemn Khama for attending parliament only twice every year; during the state of the nation address and during the budget speech.

Questioning Khama’s   intellectual capacity to lead the country, Duma suggested minimum qualifications for people aspiring to the high office.” I think we made a blunder as a nation by not setting certain standards or qualifications for the presidency and now the office has become personalized and the entire society is being savagely remolded in the image and likeness of Khama. He has turned his own ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) into a benighted organization, suffocated by a fog of orthodoxy and political repression imposed on by his ruthless dictatorship”, Boko charged

In a scathing criticism of the way Khama handled the strike by public service sector, Duma said that the strike has demonstrated that Botswana is ruled by a president hell bent on engendering an unnatural climate of fear, distrust and conformity.

“He seems to have given blanket powers of repression to his security apparatus. He has asserted himself at the centre of our polity as the supreme ruler on whose word and taste everything is modeled. Khama seeks to suck our country into this political catastrophe. We in the BNF would like to warn and caution him now, as we have done before; we will not let you destroy this country.”

A lawyer by profession, Boko said that by neglecting the immediate and present welfare of public sector workers and people generally, Khama is seriously compromising the future of this country and the integrity of government institutions, the judiciary included. “We have reached as a country and as a people, a moment of profound re-evaluation and rebirth. The integrity of our institutions, the judiciary included is on a free fall.”

“We advise Khama that his time is up. His abridgement of the country’s civil liberties and the invasion of our domestic privacies have earned such resentment and loathing that if you do not stop, you are placing yourself in great personal danger.” Boko said.

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