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Khama & Boko

Botswana National Front (BNF) President, Duma Boko has labeled  president Lt Gen Seretse Khama Ian Khama an alien who does not even speak the language of his people fluently. “Khama even has an alien voice,’ Duma said at a press conference where he announced that BNF MPs are to walk out of Khama ‘s  state of the nation address later this year.

The outspoken Duma revealed that his party was in the process of mobilizing other parties represented in parliament to urge their MPs to walk out as well and went on to condemn Khama for attending parliament only twice every year; during the state of the nation address and during the budget speech.

Questioning Khama’s   intellectual capacity to lead the country, Duma suggested minimum qualifications for people aspiring to the high office.” I think we made a blunder as a nation by not setting certain standards or qualifications for the presidency and now the office has become personalized and the entire society is being savagely remolded in the image and likeness of Khama. He has turned his own ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) into a benighted organization, suffocated by a fog of orthodoxy and political repression imposed on by his ruthless dictatorship”, Boko charged

In a scathing criticism of the way Khama handled the strike by public service sector, Duma said that the strike has demonstrated that Botswana is ruled by a president hell bent on engendering an unnatural climate of fear, distrust and conformity.

“He seems to have given blanket powers of repression to his security apparatus. He has asserted himself at the centre of our polity as the supreme ruler on whose word and taste everything is modeled. Khama seeks to suck our country into this political catastrophe. We in the BNF would like to warn and caution him now, as we have done before; we will not let you destroy this country.”

A lawyer by profession, Boko said that by neglecting the immediate and present welfare of public sector workers and people generally, Khama is seriously compromising the future of this country and the integrity of government institutions, the judiciary included. “We have reached as a country and as a people, a moment of profound re-evaluation and rebirth. The integrity of our institutions, the judiciary included is on a free fall.”

“We advise Khama that his time is up. His abridgement of the country’s civil liberties and the invasion of our domestic privacies have earned such resentment and loathing that if you do not stop, you are placing yourself in great personal danger.” Boko said.



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  1. ZELOLA 2011/06/18

    blah blah!! ke bo boko, admit it selatha bana gore ur intentions have failed,u denied being bhnd the strike now its clear that u are indedeed a power hungry alien ,nd hey u hv got guds to tell Khama to back off, well tell us who is really fit to be the president of this country , nd please exclude ur self from the list as well as shaleshando,tawana,ntuane as this are the second diseases discovered after polio

  2. Daniel Ben 2011/06/18

    I used to think that lawyers were very wise people..but lo, not this one D.Boko.He is ranting and venting his frustration on his failure to use the workers strike for his own selfish ends.He tried to sway the workers cause frm a legitimate demand to regime change and now it boggles him so much that things did not work out in his favor.Why is this president of bnf so bitter?Tell us by how much will u increase workers’s salaries during your reign?Tell us that u will give them,30%,40% or 10% per anum,coz increament is what they want.4gt about Khama and tell us about yourself and your party.Khama is doing His best under this circumstances.Tell us how much increament have you given your employees at your law firm as we speak?I think they also deserve increament coz they are affected by the same factors that unions have put forward as justification for increament to government.Please be examplery Mr.Your MPs can walk out for all we care,thats in their character.

  3. Rarefri 2011/06/18

    Duma Boko, you are a short sighted self conceited bombastic moron. You forget very quickly, the same way you forget to pay child support. Ian Khama has served this country long before you could even open a book to fill your mind with all the filth you are regurgitating to insult him. He took big risks at the helm of our army, after personally being their first commander. When you were sleeping in your dormitry feeling warm and cozy, this man at a tender age of 23 was leading the army to ensure our safety. If he did not accumulate all the degrees that you think should be demanded as prerequisites for him to be president, it’s because he was too busy protecting your behind so that you can reach the future where you are today. Shame on you for disrespecting him!When he was doing this it was for the entire nation, not only for the few criminals that can raise money to pay to be defended, like your clients. You have never done anything for our nation Duma Boko. At best you cost the state lots of money when they educated you at UB and beyond. And just because you can recite the dictionary faster does not qualify you better than Ian Khama. He speaks setswana quite well so I don’t know what you want from him. There is no doubt that Mr Khama is a loyal and disciplined individual as a person. We have examples of indisciplined people who toppled their fathers from power just for the sake of it.Does the name Joseph Kabila mean anything to you? When Sir Seretse Khama died in 1980, Ian Khama was already a mature man and if he was as power hungry as you paint him, he would have forced himself onto the presidency at the time. He did not. You know why? Because he has a conscience and he is a democrat. This man did not make the rules that are being used today to run the government. They have always been there but he just chooses to use them.
    On the other hand I want to caution the BDP and their followers that, they are too heavy for Mr Khama. Just because he is a strong willed person, it does not mean he should be left to make mistakes without being advised.This man needs people around him who have ideas and who care about his welfare as well. They have to know, he is only human, getting older by the day and very soon he will be tired of running a country of ungrateful people like bo-Duma Boko. If they(BDP) dont position themselves strategically, there may be a power vacuum should HE decide to suddenly step down or become incapacitated for whatever reason. Finally, Mr Boko if you are the best there is in BNF and they trust you with the presidency of their party, I think they are wasting their time. No one wants to listen to your pessimistic utterances about the future of Botswana.You have to come up with better ways to sell your party to the nation and stop attackimg those who have won the people’s confidence like Khama and his party. You are a pathetic waste of human skin and you should actually resign from there to go home and sort out your personal life.

  4. -Darkie 2011/06/18

    Kante BNF yone e loilwe he bathong!!??
    Always gettin bo MATLHOLAADIBONA for it’s presidency.
    Now it’s this Duma Boko who hoped to oust the govenment , a tshabela bana bale 4, and now he wants to fuel xenophobia, le gone on people he wishes were not Batswana. Cheap politics. Stop de-campaining Ian Khama and explain what u’ll do for Botswana.As ur assignment ke kopa gore o ye bala a book entitled ” The Audacity of Hope” by Barack Obama, and learn how to campaign.
    For now I don’t have a political party, but gore ke bonwe ko BNF under the leadership of this guy, mmnthoo .ag..sis man!! O dira se basimane ba se bitsang…toilet. Non-halal!!!
    O seka wa leka go senya our beloved Botswana. And ur are the very reason why this civil strike prolonged, because ur strategy was to brain wash the helpless.

  5. To Whom It Concerns 2011/06/18

    Obviously some comments we can tell which party line they are alligned to.

    But I think we should try to attack peoples views NOT their personal lifes, I mean comments like ‘selatha bana’ is wrong.


  6. To Whom It Concerns 2011/06/18

    I mean how do we as Batswana feel about the fact that we are led by someone who grew in this country and has inherited the leadership YET can’t even speak the native language.
    If any Motswana is happy about that then I suggest they have lost their personal dignity and intergrity.

    I bet you we are the only nation in the whole world led by someone who can’t speak the native language.

    SHAME ….I cry my beloved country.

  7. Chris M 2011/06/18

    How many people in various parts of the country can’t speak Setswana well and are born and bred Batswana? Has he been to North East, Kgalagadi etc? What are they called then? Should they be disfranchised from political participation over that or treated with scorn? In a democracy should the will of the people be respected or some arbitrary prerequisite decided by some cocky imbecile?

    Boko’s pathetic attempt at self-redemption after publicly showing how undemocratic warmonger who has no regard for our constitution or human life he is only serves to confirm what a mistake BNF made in electing him their leader. The conduct and diction of a leader is a window to his makeup as a person; his personally held principles, sensibilities and values! This unconstrained contemptuous and diabolical diatribe against a state president says a lot about this guy. I wonder who he really thinks he is impressing with such declaration of how disgustingly ill-mannered he is as a person! There is a certain etiquette expected of leaders! He talks so sickeningly about a leader given the mandate by people in a free election and yet does not provide evidence or proof regarding any of his claims, typical of a liar. In all this he is teaching people how to treat everyone, including him, yet in all that he hasn’t addresses a single issue to show in what way he can be a leader. His personal feeling about Khama are of no interest to us. Someone should tell this fool that we know this president and what he has and is doing! I wonder who will vote for someone like this if they really value their votes.

  8. lessmor 2011/06/19

    Chris M u can’t call sesarwa, sesobia, seyei, sekgalagadi and seherero SEYSWANA. In Botswana we hv tribe ba puo ya bone e bidiwang or e leng gaufi le setswana include Bangwato.

  9. lessmor 2011/06/19

    Chris M u can’t call sesarwa, sesobia, seyei, sekgalagadi and seherero SETSWANA. In Botswana we hv tribe ba puo ya bone e bidiwang or e leng gaufi le setswana include Bangwato.

  10. Chris M 2011/06/19

    Well, lessmor, this issue of language is so pathetic that I don’t see its importance. These people are Batswana but there are many of them who don’t speak the national language well. You see, this is one of the pathetic things used by politicians clutching on straws who see Khama as a serious impediment to their winning elections that they throw anything even as silly as this to him to try to put him in a bad light in the eyes of people. There are important issues to deal with in a positive way without avoiding facts. These people don’t deal with them at all. It’s so disappointing yet they are good at labeling our country a dictatorship or its democracy under threat without ever supporting what they are saying. This is damaging to our country but, of course, it’s nonsense. Just look at the last sentence in the article; it could be interpreted as Boko threatening the life of the president or inciting someone to do it. Would he be free to do this in a dictatorship and get away with it? Consider other nonsensical things he has been saying recently. This guy is mentally deranged and grossly irresponsible! He can’t even sort out his personal life yet wants us to believe that he can look after a nation. All that is contrary to destructive behaviour he encourages in our streets! As mentioned already, Khama served this country, and only this country, with honor, dignity and dedication for a long time and still does. What the hell has these people done? It’s okay to criticize someone’s policy but this is utter bull right here! If we follow this, this will be the best way to destroy our country. I actually believe that we are dealing with people who harbor racist tendency here! They are just not admitting it openly! Just consider a lot of what they say at their rallies! It’s sick!

  11. D e Dinosaur 2011/06/19

    Batswana re ya kae, did Boko have to insult Tona. Bua thaloganyo gongwe re ka go thopha. To BNF pliz be careful how u select people to represent u Mr Boko doesnt sound educated ke utlwa a ikgatha ka morwa kgama re thoka moeteledipele wa Botswana e seng wa dithapa

  12. imitator 2011/06/20

    Bnf will never have a chance to lead our country otherwise we will de dead alive.Boko or whatever they call you,there is nothing u can do just repent and let God teach you how to talk n how you can be a good leader.

  13. eagle 2011/06/20

    duma boko o duma bo-boko. His reasoning capacity is very small. He is arrogent, pompus. He does not know anything about Botswana. If ever BNF committed a mistake then it was by putting somebody of duma boko’s calibre there as the president of the party. He is an empty vessel just good at insults. One point to you boko; you must respect you father and mother so that your days can be prolonged(the bible). O tlhabisa ditlhong mo motho a ka ipotsang gore a ke ka fa o godisitsweng ka teng. You are so uncivilised. If I were you parent I will disown you straight away. You are a disgrace. Rre Moupo was a very good leader of BNF. I don’t think you like this country. Your hatred is right in the air.You must be put under scutiny. You are too dangerous for the safety of this country………………Ke eng ole makgakga ne monna?

  14. eagle 2011/06/20

    President Khama is more experienced than you can imagine boko. Ntsa e bogola poo. (THE DOG IS BARKING AT THE BULL)

  15. eagle 2011/06/20


  16. DINTHOTSAKABOMO 2011/06/20

    ths Boko wa lwala tota he is totaly insane botsenwa bo simologa fela gone jaana the guy needs help his close sources also admitted tht bare his foolishness and childish behavior is going to cost him a seat at the Parliament come 2014. i mean how dare he attacks our president lyk tht a bua dithonthokwane o kare ga a rutega ur education was a total waste !!! its a shame coz Boko hs totaly lost it and made a fool out of himself shame on u o thabisa ditlhong ele ruri. n rmbr charity begging at home u r nt a father figure n i bet ur kids r bttr off without u!!

  17. phunyamatras 2011/06/20

    Boko’s argument myt be sensible somehow only that he did not pick the right words to use, SHAME ON YOU EAGLE, i dont think ur views are always correct to everyone. Mme gone why is the current president attracting more attention than the previous ones we’v had?? sengwe se teng bagolo baa itse ba tshaba go se bua.

  18. beety 2011/06/20

    TO WHUM……….

  19. To Whom It Concerns 2011/06/20

    A lot of you seem upset about Boko allegedly insulting the president(BY QUESTIONING HIS INABILITY TO COMMUNICATE KA SETSWANA), yet in the process you insult Boko, a LEADER of BNF.

    As for you Chis M you have to comprehend that much as you feel obliged to heroworship the president, other people have the constitutional right to attack him and his qualities as our leader, assuming Botswana is still a DEMOCRACY!!!

  20. To Whom It Concerns 2011/06/20

    The language issue is not pathetic at all my dear friend.

    And mind you our president is from Serowe (correct me if I am mistaken but ba bua setswana teng)and NOT from North East and Kgalagadi districts.

  21. eagle 2011/06/20

    phunyamatras le boko, shame upon you guys. The reason why he is the centre of attension is because he is not afraid to take bold steps. If something is wrong he points out straight away. He hates corruption and many are so terrified that they are going to be caught. Khama is not greedy, so it is difficult for greedy fellows to fullfil their acts while he is the head of state. Khma is loved by many people , so it is a serious setback on the side of the opposition. Surely they will never make it to the top while he is there. They can’t campaign agaist him successfully. They have to try many ways of pulling him down, including duma’s insults and comments……….long life Khama my president long life…….Please keep on serving Batswana in which ever way you see fit and receive all the support from Batswana because of your work, my president.

  22. To Whom It Concerns 2011/06/20

    ‘Khama is loved by many people’ I for one would love to lay my hands on the public opinion survey in support of that.

  23. Bagolo ga ba tshabe go lo bolelela gore go nale eng ka the current president. GATWE O TSILE GO TSHIDISA BATSWANA SENTLE. HE HAS THE NATION AT HEART…

  24. ZELOLA 2011/06/20

    @TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, ur comments are of a lost soul yo o feletsweng ke tshepo,well to me is clear gore u were one of the hypocrites under the morula trees,so bona fa buti faore o tshela setswana o raya jang go gasagasa bana osa ba direle gase setso sa rena,fela ke go supa hloko boikarabelo,gaekake ya re a latha his boold wena ole mang akasekeng ago lathe, duma gase yookannang moeteledipele ,FELA KHAMA FOR LIFE!!ARE rese garogeng dipelo ikothaeleng seo lo se dirileng lo tla itshwarelwa

  25. ZELOLA 2011/06/20

    @COX keipotsa gore omogo afe agosengwe se segojang wetsho ka tona ya rena mo BOTS kana o fraa waga mma , kana dilo gadi tsebelwe kana o wa lekoko la Be More Deaf otshwana fela le di pit bull fadi aimile gadi sutiswe ke sepe lefa di bona selaga dikampa tsa utwa ka sone

  26. SokoD 2011/06/20

    Kene ke sa itse gona le dimatla so mo Bots! Look at dere comments,they evn write long story containin rubish. Nkabo ke sa nna motswana. Mazim ba beta.

  27. Ke itumela le ba ba ratang HE. He is the best president, that is why ba leka ka distrike go mo kgoreletsa go thusa Batswana. Let us be happy Batswana re rate rebo re tlotle lefatshe la rona. Go kgobana ka mafoko ga go thuse sepe. TLHONG BOTHO…. Modimo re itshwarele.

  28. Comfort maliks 2011/06/23

    Cheap politics by the president of BNF, he run out of campaigning ideas, now, what left from him are insults to the loved president.
    Boko might have read books and have the law qualification that he is now bragging about, but that does not mean he can lead our country, he is a retard when it comes to leadership.
    What does Zuma (S\A HE) have ,qualification wise? but the guy can lead a developed country like south Africa.
    Khama has done a lot to this country than this doltish opposition parties heads….

  29. Mmagwe Bobo 2011/06/25

    Boko bo a duma. O setse o hemile ke go bua ka morwaKhama, o akanya ene, o lora ene. VIVA IAN KHAMA VIVAAAAAAA

  30. seagal 2011/06/26

    Boko is just a pathetic guy and in the first place what does he know about leadership besides defending some criminals in courts. He can’t even be a man enough to take responsibility of his acts like raising his own children. Only in Botswana can of such irresponsible conduct be chosen a leader of a party and have balls to attack a responsible leader in office. I wonder what audiance they have at BNF to choose a guy like this for their boss. No wonder Rre Gaborone could not take it n moved to BDP. He prides himself with his education but can not think of his children to be equallly educated rather he dumps them for the government to look after them. Shame on Boko. As a matter of fact all he wants to bring here is BOKO HARAMA style of radicalism we see in Nigeria. He should shut the hell up n be a father to those children he abandons jaaka khudu. Ba rata publicity bo Boko ekare ba ko Big Brother house. We must as a nation look into how much bo Boko have influenced the strike and if proven then we hold them accountable and nail their b….ts. Pissed!!

  31. Pako 2011/06/28

    mo itswhareleng ha re ba kgaetse batho ba ba reng ke ba puo phaa thatz why ba latha bana jaana a re ian ene a reng…

  32. Mohammed 2011/06/28

    Duma Boko is sick….But Ian Khama is definately not doing somethings right and we need not live in denial for the sake of the future of this nation.AS a leader of the people you have to avail yourself address them any time whenever they need clarity without fail and Government’s first duty is to protect its people.But Mr Boko is on spot about Khama personalizing everything…re setse rentse dimatla fela rallying behind his ego as if he’s God

  33. Rarefri 2011/06/28

    Just as the state leader has immunity against prosecution while occupying the seat, we should have a set of ground rules concerning the kind of language people can use against such leader. In the past people used to say negative and at times rude things about the president and other leaders only at the freedom square. These days they say it anywhere, any time and to the media for that matter. It is so sad to see how all the opposition politicians have turned Ian Khama into their punching bag to say the least. Ke gore hela ha motho a se na go ja a kgora, o ta a bo a thoka se a ka se buang, a bo a re mma ke kgwela Ian mogosane!! This is not right. It shows that they have no respect for this office and yet they are all fighting to get there. What a shame!!!

  34. Nondos 2011/06/30

    Waitse nna ko go Ian ga ke batle,kate ba bare go rileng?? why do they always want to draw attention ka ngwana wa ga Kgama, heee? ba akanya ene,ba lora ene… wats up!!! VIVA IAN KHAMA VIVAAAAAAA

  35. KgarebeYaMarataGoLejwa 2011/07/07

    HEELANG NAARE BATHO BA HEMILE KAPA JANG HOW CAN SOMEONE BE BORN BY A MOTSWANA AND A WHITE WOMAN KNW ONLY HIS FATHER TONGUE !!AHH LE ITSE KO IAN a goletseng teng le teme ee ba neng ba e buisiwa when they were young how can people take the fact that Ian is nt fluent in setswana as an issue bangwe ba lona sala le feila setswana certificate tsa lona ke bo F KWA!mxem wena Duma Boko lesa go memorise dibuka tsa law obo ore gongwe o motho tsamaya oye go bata bana ba o ba latlhileng oba rue selo ke wena o lese go roga Tautona mogaka waga Khama !i min wait a minute who is perfect in this world ???people make mistakes and ya giving a space to breath they will catch up ahhh Batswana gatwe reeya kae re senang thong le go roga bagolo ??

  36. Ma-aud 2011/08/20

    waitse duma boko wa tlwaela oitseng wena agore o educated rrawe olese go dirisa gotlhoka goitse setswana gaga HE go campainer o ye go sapota poleple ya bana eo dirang bosigo le motshegare BNF ke eng tota nxa nonses party.fa HE a bua rona ramo utlwa if onale bothata le seo bona gore o diara jang.stop behaiving loke child golo moo ke bomatla batho ba senyegetswe ke d tiro becoz of you duma wareng ka seo law gae go tseye sentle kego bona ke wena alien o palelwa ke suport tinto ke wena…..

  37. Colonel Sue 2011/09/07

    Ga ke a rata monna Duma,o bolelele mma Boko gore Conel Sue are ga a rata.dnt forget gore o na le ngwana ko sekgweng yoo mo latlhileng.o itshware sentle monna osale moshaanyana..ha o bua onne o bona gore o bua le bo mang.o seka wa iketsa bo JULIUS,mo Botswana o a kgwatha Boy!!ijo!o abo o toga o re o kgonametswe.

  38. 340mls 2011/10/12

    Boko ne a bua mafatha a gagwe! A e Jeke Domkrag ka bodipa le gone!

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