Khama & Boko

Botswana National Front (BNF) President, Duma Boko has labeled  president Lt Gen Seretse Khama Ian Khama an alien who does not even speak the language of his people fluently. “Khama even has an alien voice,’ Duma said at a press conference where he announced that BNF MPs are to walk out of Khama ‘s  state of the nation address later this year.

The outspoken Duma revealed that his party was in the process of mobilizing other parties represented in parliament to urge their MPs to walk out as well and went on to condemn Khama for attending parliament only twice every year; during the state of the nation address and during the budget speech.

Questioning Khama’s   intellectual capacity to lead the country, Duma suggested minimum qualifications for people aspiring to the high office.” I think we made a blunder as a nation by not setting certain standards or qualifications for the presidency and now the office has become personalized and the entire society is being savagely remolded in the image and likeness of Khama. He has turned his own ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) into a benighted organization, suffocated by a fog of orthodoxy and political repression imposed on by his ruthless dictatorship”, Boko charged

In a scathing criticism of the way Khama handled the strike by public service sector, Duma said that the strike has demonstrated that Botswana is ruled by a president hell bent on engendering an unnatural climate of fear, distrust and conformity.

“He seems to have given blanket powers of repression to his security apparatus. He has asserted himself at the centre of our polity as the supreme ruler on whose word and taste everything is modeled. Khama seeks to suck our country into this political catastrophe. We in the BNF would like to warn and caution him now, as we have done before; we will not let you destroy this country.”

A lawyer by profession, Boko said that by neglecting the immediate and present welfare of public sector workers and people generally, Khama is seriously compromising the future of this country and the integrity of government institutions, the judiciary included. “We have reached as a country and as a people, a moment of profound re-evaluation and rebirth. The integrity of our institutions, the judiciary included is on a free fall.”

“We advise Khama that his time is up. His abridgement of the country’s civil liberties and the invasion of our domestic privacies have earned such resentment and loathing that if you do not stop, you are placing yourself in great personal danger.” Boko said.


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    June 18, 2011, 8:20 am

    blah blah!! ke bo boko, admit it selatha bana gore ur intentions have failed,u denied being bhnd the strike now its clear that u are indedeed a power hungry alien ,nd hey u hv got guds to tell Khama to back off, well tell us who is really fit to be the president of this country , nd please exclude ur self from the list as well as shaleshando,tawana,ntuane as this are the second diseases discovered after polio

  • Daniel Ben
    June 18, 2011, 9:32 am

    I used to think that lawyers were very wise people..but lo, not this one D.Boko.He is ranting and venting his frustration on his failure to use the workers strike for his own selfish ends.He tried to sway the workers cause frm a legitimate demand to regime change and now it boggles him so much that things did not work out in his favor.Why is this president of bnf so bitter?Tell us by how much will u increase workers’s salaries during your reign?Tell us that u will give them,30%,40% or 10% per anum,coz increament is what they want.4gt about Khama and tell us about yourself and your party.Khama is doing His best under this circumstances.Tell us how much increament have you given your employees at your law firm as we speak?I think they also deserve increament coz they are affected by the same factors that unions have put forward as justification for increament to government.Please be examplery Mr.Your MPs can walk out for all we care,thats in their character.

  • Rarefri
    June 18, 2011, 9:55 am

    Duma Boko, you are a short sighted self conceited bombastic moron. You forget very quickly, the same way you forget to pay child support. Ian Khama has served this country long before you could even open a book to fill your mind with all the filth you are regurgitating to insult him. He took big risks at the helm of our army, after personally being their first commander. When you were sleeping in your dormitry feeling warm and cozy, this man at a tender age of 23 was leading the army to ensure our safety. If he did not accumulate all the degrees that you think should be demanded as prerequisites for him to be president, it’s because he was too busy protecting your behind so that you can reach the future where you are today. Shame on you for disrespecting him!When he was doing this it was for the entire nation, not only for the few criminals that can raise money to pay to be defended, like your clients. You have never done anything for our nation Duma Boko. At best you cost the state lots of money when they educated you at UB and beyond. And just because you can recite the dictionary faster does not qualify you better than Ian Khama. He speaks setswana quite well so I don’t know what you want from him. There is no doubt that Mr Khama is a loyal and disciplined individual as a person. We have examples of indisciplined people who toppled their fathers from power just for the sake of it.Does the name Joseph Kabila mean anything to you? When Sir Seretse Khama died in 1980, Ian Khama was already a mature man and if he was as power hungry as you paint him, he would have forced himself onto the presidency at the time. He did not. You know why? Because he has a conscience and he is a democrat. This man did not make the rules that are being used today to run the government. They have always been there but he just chooses to use them.
    On the other hand I want to caution the BDP and their followers that, they are too heavy for Mr Khama. Just because he is a strong willed person, it does not mean he should be left to make mistakes without being advised.This man needs people around him who have ideas and who care about his welfare as well. They have to know, he is only human, getting older by the day and very soon he will be tired of running a country of ungrateful people like bo-Duma Boko. If they(BDP) dont position themselves strategically, there may be a power vacuum should HE decide to suddenly step down or become incapacitated for whatever reason. Finally, Mr Boko if you are the best there is in BNF and they trust you with the presidency of their party, I think they are wasting their time. No one wants to listen to your pessimistic utterances about the future of Botswana.You have to come up with better ways to sell your party to the nation and stop attackimg those who have won the people’s confidence like Khama and his party. You are a pathetic waste of human skin and you should actually resign from there to go home and sort out your personal life.

  • -Darkie
    June 18, 2011, 10:51 am

    Kante BNF yone e loilwe he bathong!!??
    Always gettin bo MATLHOLAADIBONA for it’s presidency.
    Now it’s this Duma Boko who hoped to oust the govenment , a tshabela bana bale 4, and now he wants to fuel xenophobia, le gone on people he wishes were not Batswana. Cheap politics. Stop de-campaining Ian Khama and explain what u’ll do for Botswana.As ur assignment ke kopa gore o ye bala a book entitled ” The Audacity of Hope” by Barack Obama, and learn how to campaign.
    For now I don’t have a political party, but gore ke bonwe ko BNF under the leadership of this guy, mmnthoo .ag..sis man!! O dira se basimane ba se bitsang…toilet. Non-halal!!!
    O seka wa leka go senya our beloved Botswana. And ur are the very reason why this civil strike prolonged, because ur strategy was to brain wash the helpless.

  • To Whom It Concerns
    June 18, 2011, 5:14 pm

    Obviously some comments we can tell which party line they are alligned to.

    But I think we should try to attack peoples views NOT their personal lifes, I mean comments like ‘selatha bana’ is wrong.



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