Where are the women?


Dorcas Makgato-Malesu

Why is women representation in our parliament so appalling?
How in God’s name is it possible for a country with an estimated population of 1 849 681 million to have only four women out of 63 members of Parliament. A total of 59 male MPs and a female Speaker.

This is because Batswana women lead the campaigns for men during the elections and shun other women. All they need is for a useless politically ambitious man to pat their buttocks and fondle their breasts. With a naughty smile of self-importance that they have been fondled by a married man, they campaign for him against other women, for him to sail through to Parliament. After all women don’t pat women on their buttocks nor do they fondle their breasts.

What has made the Eve flock to be so blind as to forget their worth, pride and their importance as carriers of the leaders and shields of our nation. After all women are the vessels that carry life.

Women are their worst enemy

Botlogile Tshireletso, Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi and (inset) Gloria Somolokae

I blogged ‘International Womens Day’ on March 8, to commemorate the daywhich celebrates women, on facebook.
Acclaimed actress , writer and Botswana Pop Idols Judge Kgomotso Tswenyego asked what exactly this day meant to us.
I replied: To celebrate with other women globally on the strides we have made as women, the challenges we have faced and overcome and the beauty of being the vessels which carry world leaders. I love being a woman.
No sooner had I blogged on did I feel an overwhelming feeling of despair, which I feel up to today.

I felt what I wrote was a fantasy and not reality.
We, women, are our worst enemies. What have we taught the girl children? We have taught them that women can’t be leaders and that it is a norm to date married men. Not only are some of the girl children products of stolen moments with friends’ spouses by the mothers in hide and seek relationships, they themselves don’t think twice about having a sexual relationship with a married man or their best friend’s boyfriend.
We have taught our young that we are worthless as we date married or occupied men without thinking twice about the implications.
Women even fight over men and this enhance their (men) belief that we are unworthy.

I am disgusted with women who sneak men with spouses into their bedrooms to have sex and boast that they are sleeping with taken men. What a shame!  Why should Batswana women follow these useless Fong Kongs who leave them holding the babies?
When the men are caught in these infidelities they treat the cheating ‘partners’ like rubbish, even claim the women are the seducers to appease their livid women.
Sisters and daughters, it is high time you celebrate your worth and support each other, not pull each other down.

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