after a welcome dinner to our guests, we headed out for a few drinks

Organising and working on the Gaborone Fashion Nite has been one of the most fulfilling projects I’ve thus far been involved with. Not only because most people were skeptical when we Koketso Chiepe stated that we’ll be bringing through Hollywood celebrities.

My highlight was behind the scenes, a lot of work that was put in to bring forth the first event of its caliber that Botswana has ever witnessed. Thanks to our sponsors Mascom, Brand Botswana/Bedia, Falcon Crest, Private Collections, Yarona FM, Footprints, Monametsi Kalayamotho, Lapologa/Gazette Newspaper for believing in bringing International fashion to my beloved country. For one that is so passionate about the industry, this moment couldn’t have been a better one, especially after many questions about me doing a fashion show, which I always explained thus, ‘I do not plan to get involved in any fashion event that would not be of the standard I’ve experienced internationally.’ I hope now you understand why.

after a welcome dinner to our guests, we headed out for a few drinks

Our Celebrity guests Sessilee Lopez, Yaya Dacosta, Joseph Seeletso, Kaone Kario and Indashio were the best to host, from the days they landed at the airport to all the fun activities they got involved in, such as, Bahurutshe Cultural Village, Mokolodi Game drives, Braai at the Gabs Game Reserve, exclusive dinners and lunches we shared around Gabs. The partying was off the hook too, as we danced the night away. Andiswa Manxima made a great impression with her production team as they worked on the models’ choreography and the designers’ wardrobes, which included the running of the program. Our local designers Mpho Kuaho and Botho Chalebgwa’s designs prove just how far Botswana has come, as for the models, wow!!!

rocking the VIP afterparty with Koki and Ghaddra of Lapologa

From the feedback that has been pouring through, we at Gaborone Fashion Nite would like to believe that the night was a success and thus look forward to the next event in October, with the assistance of more sponsors or better sponsorship, as we plan to make Gaborone the hub of international celebville. It is about time the entertainment and fashion world knew about us and scrambled to be part of our success story, not only our rich diamond industry or amazing tourism and the tasty beef, but the passion and talent of the youth in this country deserves more than applause. Recognition is what we are thriving for. Work hard and play hard is what we live by!!!

Fashionista’s Choice of the week

Indashio and Sessilee playing the fool after he tried his tradiotional

One could never be able to ignore the vivacious, energetic, colourful and fun Indashio. His creativity leaves one smiling at how free he comes across in anything that he artistically puts on his body or designs for the next person. Interestingly his celebrity status does not faze him, leave him with the cleaner on the street or a president of a huge organization, he knows how to make everyone feel so beautiful it’s a rare skill.

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