Nephew rapes aunt


A teenage boy is reported to have raped his 37 year old aunt, after he failed to control his pressing need to sexually relieve himself.

The 19 year old lad of Makutla village is said to have followed his 37 year old aunt home on Monday and raped her once, without a condom.

“After accomplishing his mission the young man is said to have walked out leaving his aunt stunned and in shame”, said  Superintendent Vusumusi Jorowe of Tutume police station.

“We did not find any difficult in arraigning him, because he is known  and stays with his parents. When questioned the teenager said he needed to relieve himself and this is why he chose his aunt” exclaimed Jorowe.

Meanwhile, in a separate incident a twenty two year old unemployed man of Dakwe village hung himself from the rafters of his family house on Saturday .

The deceased who used a electrical cable to hang himself, left no suicide note to spell out the reasons for taking his own life.

“Suicide cases are really a cause for concern because since October last year we have recorded four cases all involving young men,” said Jorowe.

He said most possible causes for suicide are love relationships which have gone sour.

“Unfortunately there is very little we can do, to prevent suicides from occurring. We can only embark on public education, to advise the public to seek advise from social workers and family elders whenever they have problems”, he said.

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