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A teenage boy is reported to have raped his 37 year old aunt, after he failed to control his pressing need to sexually relieve himself.

The 19 year old lad of Makutla village is said to have followed his 37 year old aunt home on Monday and raped her once, without a condom.

“After accomplishing his mission the young man is said to have walked out leaving his aunt stunned and in shame”, said  Superintendent Vusumusi Jorowe of Tutume police station.

“We did not find any difficult in arraigning him, because he is known  and stays with his parents. When questioned the teenager said he needed to relieve himself and this is why he chose his aunt” exclaimed Jorowe.

Meanwhile, in a separate incident a twenty two year old unemployed man of Dakwe village hung himself from the rafters of his family house on Saturday .

The deceased who used a electrical cable to hang himself, left no suicide note to spell out the reasons for taking his own life.

“Suicide cases are really a cause for concern because since October last year we have recorded four cases all involving young men,” said Jorowe.

He said most possible causes for suicide are love relationships which have gone sour.

“Unfortunately there is very little we can do, to prevent suicides from occurring. We can only embark on public education, to advise the public to seek advise from social workers and family elders whenever they have problems”, he said.

No rape

No rape

31 Responses to “Nephew rapes aunt”

  1. mmapolakuku 2011/02/12

    bafana… o ja mmangwana ago,wa thola,o kare basadi ba le kanakana,ipuelele mr,o tlogele go benya..ask i will give u lessons tsa go ja mmele without raping,mo botswana tota rapist nkabo dibolawa because there is no need bokgaitsane ba pelo,ga batimane like ko saudi arabia.

  2. hmm i wonder why he choose the aunty.I gues its the way she dresses.bware

  3. Rarefri 2011/02/13

    It is not his aunty. She is the maid who has been bathing him and tickling his weeny for years. If she was the aunty she would have disciplined him the moment he attempted anything.I really have a serioius objection about the stories reported in the media. Of late we have heard of fathers impregnating their daughters, sons proposing to their mothers,policemen sodomizing young boys and now nephews raping their aunts. Really do we need all this information? Isn’t it enough to know that our society is rotten, has no morals and out of control? Do we have to know the step by step procedure of incest as well? What happened to the good old modesty and journalistic discretion? I AM SORRY, MAYBE THIS IS SELLING WELL. BUT IT IS ALSO DISENSITIZING OUR ALREADY CALLOUS SOCIETY TO REALLY TERRIBLE CRIMES. Let us be careful and censor what we feed our readers.

  4. nobh 2011/02/13


  5. Bampa Bampona 2011/02/13

    @Rarefri. I could not have said it better myself. We really reporting that will benefit our nation not this bullsh*t stoies.

  6. thefriendlyghost 2011/02/14

    Atleast I know of one paper that is not afraid to report how sick our country is thumbs up guys the voice team you are doing a good job finally rarefri you realise our country is sick nd lets let people know and may mercy will fall upon us and mybe these sick bastar*** will get help out there THE VOICE ARE DOING A GREAT JOB ATLEAST THEY REPORT WHAT ANY OTHER PAPER CANT…..

  7. thefriendlyghost 2011/02/14

    You know is a saying that say Mokoko o ja mo lapeng and bafana ba ko gae are just doing that you know geting it from relatives has now become a thing of satisfaction of the sick kids the raise why and how do think of your mother or aunt as someone you can sleep with its crazy

  8. tshabamo2 2011/02/14

    ae sane nnyaya,wena o batla thupa monna!!!

  9. obenah 2011/02/14

    aaaag bana ba malatsi a ke prob, m2 wa bone fela fa asetse ale mo di-teens ageing hela are “ee” o kgonne ka go robala…iketleng bonnana s yo tym wil arrive!Eseng mo go bo aunty m-m ke a gana.

  10. KHEBO 2011/02/14


  11. tlhanyane 2011/02/15

    ke gore fela basimanyana ba fa motho wa bone a ka tsena mo toileteng a bo a tshameka ka ntsutswane a bo a kgona go lopisa abo a itekanya condom jaanong ba tseela gore le kuku ba ka e eja…… mo ba feleletsang ba iteilwe ke nopa ya dira ga dibonwe ebe ba innela go thubetsa matlalo .. legale mosadimogolo gongwe le ene o ne a batla ……….!

  12. OTTO 2011/02/15

    AO! mona wa bo one o re o dira eng? o palelwa ke go ipuella mo balekaneng ba gago wa lesa go e tsaya ka dikgoka le gone mogo ur aunt man come on.

  13. eagle 2011/02/15

    a go abo gone go nolwe bojalwa. My president has spoken, more than once he has spoken stronly agaist over drinking alcohol. motho yo o ne a jewa ke mosianyana go rileng. O ne a batla………………….

  14. Her Excellency 2011/02/15

    KHEBBO, Aids,zantie le dilo tse di maswe di diragalela baitimokanyi ba ba tshwanang le wena jaana,okare mosimanyana yo o ka thubetsa mmagwaneago ka o go kgathile mo o bonang go re o go goditse,a mosimane a othaiwe a te a bakele go gwela gongwe le gongwe.Ga le na maitseo iobile ga le na self respect wena le mosimane yoo wa gago.

  15. musapenda 2011/02/16


  16. morobalo 2011/02/16

    boys….tlogela dizolo o kope thuso on ur friends gore kuku e jewa jang…

  17. teacher nthute 2011/02/16

    well said HER EXELLENCY.KHEBO is a child born out of wedlock. that is why a bua like that. wa ineelela mokashi ke wena.tota ga ke itse gore o ngwana wa ga mang.

  18. MAKGONATSOTLHE 2011/02/16

    Mosimanyana yo o a talela waitse,ga a boi. her excellency nd teacher nthute,.ga e ye modiga le di cousin kwa,ao!!!

  19. Maddie 2011/02/16

    hmmmm Voice publishes what people like to read…..after reading it first of all the news in the news paper stop criticizing!!!

    ….Yep I would like to know the weather in Botswana, I want to know the sensex, I want to know the budget + I want to know these kind of crimes DO happen in around US and it NEED not be swept under the carpet as if everything is so modest and by virtue etc etc CUT the crap…show us the reality!… Thank you Voice… Keep it going…. How many informed us about Homosexuality in Botswana – The voice. How many informed us about same sex marriage happening The Voice…. When you see the comments on the blog…ppl have written as if they are all Christians as those were the sinners and cannot digest the fact it is there in the society!!!! SEE what is there in between us… Let us Know TX

  20. Maddie 2011/02/16

    Did anyone read the Non- Mining sector lags behind….too much dependence on the govt! but economist Jefferies…..You might have brushed through and did not leave a comment……BUT this NO you read it line by line and wrote your comment waiting for Voice to publish one more like this…….lol

  21. KHEBO 2011/02/16

    @ Her Execelency and teacher nthute le jumpetseng gone mme, just calm down guys the commment is nasty but it depicts the truth about the incident

  22. Maddie 2011/02/16

    So how many of you guyz are born after your parents where married?? I am asking this coz I was born after a marriage.
    How many kids are raised here by your biological parents? Either d kids grow with the grandparents or aunts or step fathers. Ask yourself how many houses did you move inn and out….Most kids lose their innocense to Uncles, n step fathers in SILENCE….here.Now teachers at school have also started abusing kids.

    Here d 19 year old will get a thrashing on his back. Abroad he will get a psychologicalw councelling to find his behaviour pattern. Do not blame only d KID.

  23. Rarefri 2011/02/17

    Katse ha o e ruile e bo e hetoga e nna tibe kana phage, ha e simolola go ja dikokwana tsa gago, o a e bolaya. Kana o e tsenya mo kgetseng o bo o tsamaela ka yone ko nageng. Ha o tsena kwa o dikolosa ka kgetse e go hithelela e tsewa ke sedidi, o be o e tlogela koo. In many african customs, this young man should be neutralized or sent in exile to a far away place. The british used to send their social misfits to Australia. Jaanong ka lehatshe le hedile rona ga re na ko re ka kobelang diganana tsa mohuta o teng.

  24. spinach 2011/02/17

    botswana o a lwala. amen

  25. roy wa ga sesana 2011/02/17

    lwa bo lo reng ne the voice?,ngwana yo o robetse mmangwaneagwe? waitse…jaanong le ene mmangwaneagwe o ne a emela ngwana yoo go fitlhela a fetsa,le eseng go kua kgotsa go sia,kgang e ga e a felela.Gatwe a re o ne a batla go irelifa,waitse moshianyana yoo o tsotse mmangwaneagwe ditswalo,i would not be supprised kamoso a robetse mmaagwe,e le gore o ne a sa batle balekane ba gagwe ka goreng.E kgang ga se ya mapodise,o tshwanetse go bilediwa boomalomaagwe a betswe a kolobe,mme tota le mmangwaneagwe o batla go betswa,why a ne a emela ngawana,nyaa betsho…mmmmm!

  26. Her Excellency 2011/02/18

    KHEBO nnaka moremogolo go betwa wa taola wa motho oa ipeta so o ikage mothowa modimo, ere o akgela u must know gore there is a posibity ya gore that lady yoo rapilweng o ka ka bala our comments.ipotse hela gore o ya go ikutlwa jang ha a bona ka ha o kwadileng ka teng.

  27. Her Excellency 2011/02/18

    KHEBO nnaka moremogolo go betwa wa taola wa motho oa ipeta so o ikage mothowa modimo, ere o akgela u must know gore there is a posibility ya gore that lady yoo rapilweng o ka ka bala our comments.ipotse hela gore o ya go ikutlwa jang ha a bona ka ha o kwadileng ka teng.

  28. Caution!!!kana ministry of education o dirile syllabus e e rutang bana di sex styles nd positions so these kidz ga ba ise ba itse go phosha so they are forcely experimenting these styles on their anties coz at schools ba rutiwa ditsela tsa go ja kuku le ka e leng monate ka teng!!! if ba ne ba sa rutiwe ka sex gotlhelele ba ka be ba sa itse se pe ke go tshwarwa ke NOPA.

  29. busie 2011/02/18

    bathon ba modimo, a losea le ka itlhatswa madi ka mogolo o kanakana, go tlhabisa ditlhong tota, gatwe ke ngwana wa ga mang ne bathon?yo a ipolaileng yoo le mo opelele pina ya motlogeleng a tsamae klefatshe le le lone ke mathata,

  30. Mavasti Walter 2011/02/18

    hahahahahahaha!hei!ele ruri loso logolo ke ditshego ao ntsalaka jaanong o dira mo go tweng eng.ao rra hw cn u do tht o tlhabisa kgala ebile o digile le sone seriti sa gago le family ya gago. le wena u wanted the seven sex styles.aah!moipolai ga alelelwe motlogeleng a tsamaye o ikgethetse go tswamaya ka tsela ea tsamaileng ka teng.

  31. Mkholomi 2011/02/22

    What the eyes does not see the mouth does not water for!! ke eng se mmangwanaagwe a mo tswisitseng pelo ka sone nd ke eng ane asa mo kgalemele before he goes too far? batho ba ba robalane mosadi yo gaa rapiwa. Leave the boy alone o tiisa losika.

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